Q: Is UFO-PSI a merchandising company?

A: No, it is not. It is a non-profit organization, that helps other companies. You can find the list of companies on the 'parter links' page.

Q:  But UFO-PSI has a storefront. Is this not a merchandising company?

A: Again, UFO-PSI assists other companies that may want to sell their products. It is just the 'intermediary'. It accepts funds then transfers these funds to the company that wishes to have their products sold and advertised.

Q:   What if I'm not satisfied with the product/merchandise that I've purchased, or have some issue, like merchandise not arriving, etc.?

A:  If such matters arise, then UFO-PSI will seek to contact the company that it deals with directly. It will do everything in its power to reach that company and to keep the clients informed of any ongoing progress.

It will seek to bring the clients closer to the company that is actually responsible for the merchandise being sold and shipped, by initially providing contact details, such as e-mail addresses, location, tel.numbers, etc.

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