"Look at the stars,
        and you will find
                      those of near, yet from far.
    The visions they hold,
          of realms untold.
   In dreams fore-known
                   they'll touch your Soul." 
                         - ©SLF

We all know that music is a universal language.

From the primitive drum beats of eons past, to the more recent unfolding of our musical inherent capabilities, music and rhythm hold no boundaries upon any life form...wherever that life form may exist in all the universes combined.

Music is the universal language of "transcending". It is based on frequencies which find their way to the most inner core of our souls, which we, in turn, express.

Indeed, the sounds of Life.

However, not only music has a language of its own. We, being StarSeeds, understand this too well.
We all know, inherently, that "communication" can flow out of us with the greatest of ease in various ways or another.

Art....writing....exploring the mysteries beyond the scope of simply our earth vision.

Though this planet serves us to exist, we still need to connect to the knowledge and echoes of our ancient Star ancestors.....and in this manner, we unfold as we reach out towards evolution.

Do you have a song you would like to share? From your starseeds inherent?

Or maybe even a vision?
Science Knowledge?

Whatever it is that "stirs" you so deeply with an incurable passion to explore, send it our way, and we'll post it with all credits due to you.

It's time for you to show your true "Star Stuff"!.

Otherwise, it's worthless in a closet....

Join us in our Conference Room for Real-time communications!

Spaceships - by "Federico Fasce"


© 2005 StarSeeds Unite Int'l. All Rights Reserved.

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