Music Meditation

Beyond The Veil

I am a musician. I would not know what my Soul would do without this knowingness. I love to venture with certain sounds and music. It is very liberating for me.

Being the explorer at Soul and Heart that I am, I can journey into the wonders and vastness of even unfold many past-life visions.

Aye, it is like looking through a translucent never ends.

At the start of this journey, such unfoldings would just naturally happen. More and more I became acquainted to my Soul's mapping, and then I found that I could summon these past lives at Will, without fear.
Venturing deeper into my own time, I discovered why I am what I am today. And why some Souls seem to touch me more than others....yet, I do have the full realization that all souls count.....

This is the most fundamental: "ALL SOULS COUNT"


Atlantis Beckons

One will need "Windows Media Player (9)". These are personal home recordings and nothing really fancy, so if you're expecting something professional, well, it's not here. :-)