Therapist's Corner

PUFOI is extending an invitation to professional therapists, certified hypnotists and counsellors that are well-versed with the UFO and experiencer phenomenon, and who wish or would like to become involved in giving private consultations with experiencers who are requesting help or assistances.

There are two primary fields/areas which PUFOI offers for licensed therapists and counsellors:

For the therapists interested in partaking within these two type of services, please write to:

Therapist Registration

     1.   Include your name;
     2.   Your qualifications (a brief bio);
     3.   Your contact information , as to how you can be reached;
     4.   Other surplus information which you would like to include in your profile.

Note:   PLEASE specify under which category you would like to be included in:

     a)   Public
     b)   Private

After reception of a therapist's information, PUFOI will then send a receipt of acknowledgement under the heading which the qualified therapist (or "support group") has chosen to be placed in.

PUFOI wishes to extend its gratitude towards all therapists, certified hypnotists and counsellors that have joined our "listings".

Thank you!

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