Shan-Lyn has an ambience in a category all her own. Versatile in many genres of
 music, she's been crossing thresholds, integrating and   experimenting with genres,
 always keeping the elements of   ethereal and earthly combined.
 In her own words:

  "I love the thrust of the deep drums from past, that still echo within my soul,
   yet simultaneously, I carry the sounds of the ethereal beyond, from the vast
  stillness that often emerges out of the deep layers of my subconscious, where my
 soul drops its veil on occasion. I have had these two 'genres of time' - past and
  futuristic - pulsing and clashing together and against each other, and now I can
  no longer keep them contained. I intend to reflect the strong energy currents of
  both Past & Future within my music. And I'll continue to be the 'observer' in
  the Present."

  Born and raised in Northern Maine, one would easily think she'd go along
  the lines of every Acadian folk-lorist.   Well, not surprisingly, she's not only
  integrated this in her genres but has dared to venture where probably no Acadian
  has ventured before.

  Her primal influences came from her great-grandfather and grandmother, both
  accomplished musicians in their days, with fiddles, pianos, accordians, guitars,
  harmonicas, flutes (and other various instruments) adorning the overall family
  household atmosphere.

 Later in time, one could see her combining the roots of her ancestry, along with
 folk, blues, jazz, rock, classical, tribal (mostly Native American influences), trance,
 eventually sprouting forth a very unique and strong futuristic essence.

 "I'm usually always first drawn to my roots, which are primarily Gaelic and
 Breton, having surfaced in the Acadian culture, and from that point is where
 I depart to explore. Music is sacred to me, hence, I appreciate it in its most raw
 and humble form....that which can move souls. Percussion drums, fascinate me."

 Soft-spoken by nature, she triumphs over a surprised audience with an
 astonishing reverberating voice which strongly resonates to the heart force.
 The spirit is definitely there.

  Yes, Shan-Lyn is a futurist who enjoys crossing thresholds.
  Who would have thunk?