Why did you take my son?

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The Andrew’s family, live in rural England and experienced lifelong ‘Contact" with non-human extraterrestrial beings. Ann Andrews wrote about her family’s experiences, in her book" Abducted" ( London Headline Press 1998) In November of 2000 her family visited Perth, Western Australia. They came not only to visit me, but as director of ACERN, wanted to connect with my support group. We had been corresponding for some years and I had read their story in Abducted. Abducted is a classic account of a family’s Contact experiences, primarily focused on Jason, Ann’s youngest son. In her book Ann also mentions a deeply personal ‘encounter’ one which had been troubling her for many years, and involved what’s known in Ufological circles as a "missing pregnancy syndrome.’ It was a "missing pregnancy" Ann asked me to help her explore with regression hypnosis when she came to Perth.

I had built up a bond of trust with Ann and she knew I had the skills to help her. Ann was just 3 months pregnant when one morning she found she was no longer pregnant. Ann ‘instinctively knew ‘something very profound, and ‘other-worldly’ had occurred. Flashbacks of the experience, enhanced her belief her ‘child’, had been taken by ‘extraterrestrial beings " she believed he was still "alive" living with "them" As a researcher I have heard of many similar accounts where women have told me similar experiences. I have written about such phenomenon, in my book Awakening.

Ann’s story though is unique, as her evidence for this was not just the loss of the pregnancy and subsequent trauma. Also there were strange medical anomalies surrounding the "missing pregnancy", which could not be explained by her GP. And although she had told no-one of her pregnancy except her husband, both her youngest son Jason, and her own brother later mentioned they had seen this third child in strange experiences of their own.

When Ann’s third pregnancy was confirmed, she was told that it would be dangerous for her to continue with the pregnancy and she was advised to terminate. Ann had not yet made up her mind what she was going to do, when unexpectedly one night Ann had a traumatic ‘dream’ where she felt her baby being taken from her and the following morning awoke, feeling unwell, noticing blood in the bed. She knew something had happened, a miscarriage? But apart from blood there was nothing else. Her doctor soon confirmed she was no longer pregnant but couldn’t explain the fact that there was no foetus? Ann didn’t dare share with him that she had experienced an ‘otherworldly encounter.’ Her "dream" with terrifying "flashbacks " of her ‘baby’ being removed through a painful medical procedure and of "strange beings" taking the child. Ann had been deeply traumatised by her experience and told me that she felt "immense anger and hatred for ‘them’ believing that for years that ‘they’ had done as ‘they" wanted without care or regard for her." Ann said she had to find out "why did they take my son?" Ann had come 12,000 miles to find the answers.

A hypnotic regression gave Ann answers, answers she had not expected. To me Ann said "That day of the regression changed my life, in that I saw ‘them’ in a totally different light which reflected in my understanding of this whole phenomenon in the following years. It also brought me peace and love for a child I had never known. Our strange relationship is as strong as ever." So what was it that Ann discovered through that session that changed her worldview so dramatically in what we now call "the Missing Pregnancy syndrome?"

It’s important to state, both Ann and Paul are very practical ‘down to earth ‘ people, they work a farm in rural England. The paranormal events they experienced went way beyond their own personal education and understanding. And like any concerned parents, when Jason, ( their youngest son ) had experienced years of ‘terrifying dreams’ they took him to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist could offer no explanation but stated Jason was not mentally ill. They were given NO explanation for the unusual marks on his body that accompanied these supposed ‘dreams’. Nor could they find anyone to explain the frightening poltergeist activity, moving objects, and strange harassment around their property by what seemed like "covert governmental forces." (See Abducted)

A TV program on hypnosis, gave them the clue they were looking for, when someone on the program talked about seeing "aliens’ They found that Jason showed "classic symptoms" of abduction experiences. This gave them the incentive to contact a well-known Ufologist/researcher, policeman Tony Dodd. Tony provided support for the family during the many months of integrating this reality. Ann learnt that not only was Contact real but this "contact" now revealed involved the whole family, including her eldest son Daniel. Then many confusing experiences throughout all their lives were finally beginning to make sense. .

But with Ann’s "missing pregnancy, Ann felt there was no-one she could talk to, it was deeply personal left her feeling very isolated, confused and angry. And even more difficult for her, was when Jason told her he seen ‘his brother’ on the craft. Jason, had slowly comes to terms with his extraterrestrial connections and was angry with her that she ‘struggled to acknowledge Nathan,( the name she had given this baby) Jason said, to her that Nathan wanted to meet her. Ann clouded by her own deep pain and anger, felt Jason didn’t understand. She still believed the ‘Aliens’ had used her, and taken her baby without her consent. So how could she then meet her son, when they had taken him that way?

Over many months Ann had confided to me that she needed a clearer picture not only because she still experienced painful ‘flashbacks’ when "Nathan" was taken. She wanted to understand more about why he was taken, and why she hadn’t seen him herself? She knew there was more to be revealed than her limited jigsaw of memories from her conscious mind. To explore deeper levels and hopefully the subconscious would provide some answers. Hypnosis is a technique that can do this, the subconscious gives individuals access to deeper understanding, allowing them to finally integrate and heal.

In 2000 Ann’s family came for a 6-week holiday to Australia. They connected with my support group and spoke to members of the ASPR/UFORUM (Australasian Society for Psychical Research) at Murdoch University. See photo…of Andrews Family and ASPR committee members.

Finally during their stay I worked with Ann to explore the ‘truth about her third son. It proved to be one of the most moving and powerful sessions I have ever facilitated.

I knew Ann, dreaded this session, even though she had come so far to explore it. Her whole body shook as she began to speak, she was terrified of what she may discover. I too felt like a surgeon doing the most delicate of surgery and hoped what we uncovered would be helpful to her. Would it be a horrendous picture of ET abuse as Ann had believed? The very last thing I wanted was for Ann to be in a worse emotional state than before.

I asked Ann about her conscious memories of the event, before we began the session. Ann had been nearly three months pregnant, when this experience occurred, and had recently been told by her GP that to continue with the pregnancy could put her life in danger, so Ann was forced to consider termination. This information, proved to be very important to what she discovered in regression.

Ann had one very positive recollection, remembering, that after the "procedure" and her baby was removed, one of the ‘beings’ a tall gentle being, (she later recognised as the ‘soldier’ man) stroked her forehead, saying that they would look after "him." I was very interesting as this did not fit with ‘beings" that were unfeeling, as Ann had believed.

Slowly and painfully Ann was clearly struggling to explore her memories of that time. Ann’s physical body shaking, with choking sobs recalled the night ‘they ‘came. How ‘they’ took her to the ship while she waited for the procedure. (Ann struggling to revisit her experience needed much gentle support and encouragement to continue. I made suggestions for her to view it detached from her body) Ann then saw her baby taken from her, and told me "they" moved the baby to another room, where she saw it placed in a special receptacle, she knew he was alive.

It was very hard to remain detached, Ann’s description of her experience was so heartrenching and any mother would relate to Ann’s pain. Her emotion was so profound, for me it totally negated any suggestion that this was a ‘confabulation’ of events, as is often suggested with regression work. (In other words a ‘construct of the clients imagination.) The experience and its impact almost too difficult for her to verbalise as physically her body shook. I knew that I had to keep her on track,( despite her distress) so we could finally learn why this had happened. To bring her back to a fully conscious awareness this at the point would just awaken and reinforce all that she had originally believed ie. That Et races were cruel and heartless, and had no concern for human rights or feelings.

I called to "the part of her that knew’ the subconscious part, and asked why did ‘they ‘(the Et’s) take the baby? Ann spoke firmly and clearly. She recalled a special room she had been taken to and the ‘soldier being’ was there, radiating love and concern. He had explained to her that for them to take the baby was the only way to save the baby’s life. If she had gone ahead with the pregnancy, then both she and baby would have died. (Ann already knew this from her "human doctor") The "soldier being " also confirmed to her that the decision was hers alone.

Ann, knew she couldn’t risk a pregnancy and leave her husband Paul alone to cope with raising two small boys, so made her decision. Heart-breaking she agreed to let them take him, but made "them " promise they would take the best care of him, love him, really love him and to tell her son that she loved him too. She felt she had no choice if she wanted to save her son’s life as well as hers. It was only when the ‘soldier’ man promised her she consented. She knew that although her son could never be able to live with her, he would at least live. This promise Ann had consciously remembered, as the ‘soldier man" ‘stroked her forehead’ saying they would look after him."

There was one last thing to do for Ann, I said " now would you like to see your son?" Ann nodded through her tears, and as she did so, her face lit up with the most amazing smile. She said, " I see him I see him," she described Nathan as having long hair and with a tooth missing and then said he is standing with the ‘soldier man, holding out a red rose to me"… Ann said she embraced him, " he is telling me he knows all about us as Jason often talks to him." I watched in awe, as tears of absolute joy framed Ann’s face. Then I brought Ann into a more conscious awareness and we hugged as she cried. Ann had been shown what she needed to heal and move on. We talked about this for a short while, until Ann was calmer, and when I felt she was ready, I left her alone to become composed and to integrate what she had learnt.

Ann continued to have more amazing experiences whilst in Australia. and her family left with vows to return particularly the boys who loved the lifestyle, and friendliness of the people. They said they had found true friends and acceptance here and this was what they would miss the most. We too had learnt so much from them, and their courage and honesty. My journey with Ann and the family continues and they are now good friends as well as companions along this incredible journey.

A full account of this is in Chapter 10 of my book Awakening.


My thanks Ann, Paul and family for their sharing part their incredible story. My especial thanks to Ann especially for having the courage to share such a intimate part of her story with us all. What we discovered that day was part the amazing enigma of our intimate relationship with our Extraterrestial visitors. And that we are still only scratching the surface of what our connection with our galactic neighbours are showing us.


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