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The Use of Hypnosis in Abduction Research

By Mary Rodwell


Hypnosis for recovering ‘hidden memories’ in my opinion proves an invaluable ‘tool" in Abduction research. Its critics suggest that the hypnotherapist can lead the client into false memories. But I believe this only relevant when the hypnotist lacks experience. I wish to demonstrate through this article how hypnosis helped a young man to gain memory after a motorbike accident and through hypnosis we discovered it was preceded by an encounter with a UFO. I think this case is a classic demonstration that neither the hypnotherapist nor the client was seeking this ‘specific’ information, and this gave the information credibility for surfaced "unbidden" during the session.

Some individuals are conscious of their contact experiences, but others discover it through a personal "trigger’ event. But, those who are aware of their experiences ‘struggle ‘ to accept its reality, imagine the shock when, exploring a different issue "unsolicited material" suggests "contact "and furthermore, is directly related to another traumatic experience?

David came to me looking for answers to a motor bike accident, which left him with memory loss, and wanted to recover memories of the accident and the ‘unexplained scar." on his abdomen?

I told him I was unsure how successful we would be after a head injury, but would try.

I include only the highlights of this hypnosis session. We begin with the normal ‘induction’ to hypnosis, and go to the day of the accident.

Mary What day is it?

David Sunday.

Mary What time did you wake up?

David Nine am.

Mary What happened next?

David I played pool, then worked on my motor bike then I decided to take it for a ride.

Comment: It was promising we had specific details David had not previously remembered.


Mary "What direction did you go?"

David "Out the back gate, to the left, walking to the reserve, to take the bike there and back."

Mary "What's the weather like?

David "Sunny"

(David continues to give a quite detailed account of pushing his motorbike across the road, over pipes, the old rail track etc).

Mary "Where do you go after that?"

David "I go home."

Mary "You go home?"

David (silence)

Comment: David had skipped ‘over’ his accident completely. I tried again from the beginning.

Mary "What do you see next?"

David "A yellow jeep!"

Mary " then what?"

David "Ugh! A knife, a knife!"

Mary "What you are seeing is a knife?"

David "Nothing around it, just a knife."

Mary "What is the knife like?"

David "Wooden handle, a big steak knife."

Mary "Is it being held by anyone?"

David "No, just floating."

Mary "What are the surroundings like?"

David "Just black!"

Mary "Just black?" What are the surroundings, like if you turn on a light? (This technique can work if for some reason the client is fearful!)

David "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Mary " Can you see anything?"

David "Just eyes to the top left."

Mary "What do they look like?"

David "Can't tell, just outline. Still black."

Mary "What's the face like?"

David "It's side on."

Mary "Turn it around. What's the face like?"

David "White, no mouth, pointy chin."

Mary "What's the hair like?"

David "No hair."

Mary "What's the shape of the head like?"

David "Round, pointy chin, black eyes."

Mary "Is the face close to the knife or separate?"

David "Separate."

Comment: I ask David for details. He struggles to answer.

Had David moved forward in time to the hospital episode? He said he was indoors, but it’s all black. He sees two figures, and said his eyes were being examined. There is a bright light and he’s aware "they" are taking his clothes off. They draw lines, marking him, from nose, lips and middle stomach, the "knife" still floating. He sees an arm and the knife coming down, he felt he was being watched. Later "they" seem to be pricking his feet. He starts to feel drained of energy very drowsy. He feels his hair being stroked and has a paralysed feeling. He feels hands on his neck and thinks they are feeling his pulse. He feels hands over his face; huge hands, as big as his head. A long tube is put into his stomach, it comes from the ceiling all the way into his stomach. Something goes through the tube and hurts. David says he is being moved towards a white coloured door, he cannot move as he is strapped to the chair, and sees "joker's shoes and hat".

Comment: The unusual scenario can " point" to a screen memory. Experiencers often see "clowns" which can be an "ET being, " so I ask what he means by his comment about the "joker's hat"?

David Like the three-way hat those jokers wear. It goes three ways on their head with balls on each end.

Mary Are you seeing that on your own head?

David No, someone else's, in the white light, near the door.

Mary Can you describe them again?

David Round head, pointy chin, black eyes.

Mary Where are you?

David Still in the chair, white light all around, there are three in the room.

Comment: David says the light shines in his face, something mechanical goes over his face, clamps his jaw and holds his eyes open. It feels like it's scanning, he says. "I can't close my eyes, it hurts." The machine goes back into the wall, the chair moves into another room, and he starts to feel scared.

Mary "What are you scared of?"

David "The blackness,"

Mary "What happens next?"

David A tree, earth, my left arm is above my head, right one by my side. My legs are all twisted. The bike is two metres to my right. It's really wrecked, the handlebars are bent and smashed. My helmet's still on, visors smashed. I wake up, take my helmet off, see the bike, pull it up, and start pushing. Bit of a creek, across the road, opens the gate. Mum is standing at the pot-plant watering. She drops the hose and screams; "He's fallen off!"

Mary "So that's when your mum takes you to hospital?"

Comment: Was David mixing his hospital experience? But some of the details were puzzling; the joker's shoes, for example. I had been given an account of a strange medical-like experience with unusual beings? But after this David tells me of his walking home and details of his medical treatment in hospital later? But the question remained, how did the accident happen in the first place, and what about the ‘strange scar?

We retrace his steps once again……

David "Something stops me. I don't usually stop here."

Mary "So what's stopping you?"

David "I'm looking at the scenery."

Mary "Anything else?"

David "I see a "sphere" above the trees, to my right above the school. It's got this glass bottom, round silver bit that runs around it, and on top it looks the colour of the sky. It starts to move as if it sees me. It stops; I see the jeep, no one around, nothing, no wind, and no smell. I just see those eyes."

Comment: Finally, confirmation something very unusual had occurred; a sphere and the strange, eerie lack of noise, often known as the Oz factor.

Mary "Where is the sphere?"

David "Forward, right at two o'clock."

Mary "How big is it?"

David "Seems big, real close."

Mary "Can you see it clearly?"

David "Just see the glass bottom, colour glass, clear glass colour."

Mary "Are you looking at it, does it come closer?"

David "Everything's still."

Mary "Are you stopped now?"

David "Yeah!"

Mary "Do you remember stopping the bike?"

David "Yeah, I had my finger on the kill switch."

Mary "What's the sphere doing?"

David "Hovering.

Mary How close is it to you?"

David "Above the gravel road."

Mary " What happens next?"

David "I get lifted."

Mary "How does this happen?"

David "Dunno, floating."

Mary "So is the bike smashed as you get lifted?" (I am still trying to find out how the bike accident happened).

David "No. I just move off my bike. The bike falls over. I am off my bike somehow."

Mary "Go back to your bike. How do you get off your bike?"

David "I lift my left leg first. I am standing at the right of my bike; my right hand is still on my handlebar. I let it drop. I let it go."

Mary "So you drop your bike?"

David "just dropped. I'm a few metres away from the middle of the road (heavy breathing). I'm looking around me, it's as if what is above me is not really there, as if I don't see it. Then I am drawn to something on the road. A little black box, a mini-remote or something. I push it; something above me opens up. I feel lifted, I look up and I look at glass. It's the space. I go inside, the remote disappears. It's huge, like there are no walls, like I'm just sitting in the sky."

Mary "Look what you are standing on?

David "Just like glass, but springy. I lay down."

Mary "Can you see the corners of the room?"

David It's round. I go into blackness again. I see that funny face again.

Mary "Did you have the accident before you went into the sphere?"

David "No, I dropped the bike. I walked into the middle ".

Mary "What is happening in the sphere?

David lining me up. Fit the clamp, taking something from my stomach, a hard ball, like a stone or something."

Mary "Why is it there, what does it do?"

David "Dunno, they were getting something from me."

(I am trying to ascertain whether the accident happened before or after the incident with the UFO.)

Mary "Did this accident happen after you were in the sphere?"

David "Yes."

Mary "Go to the time after the sphere incident where is the bike?"

David "Just behind me."

Mary "Is it damaged?"

David "The handle-bars and the grip [are]."

Mary "How did they get damaged?"

David "When I dropped the bike."

Mary "Why did you drop the bike?"

David "I just forgot I had the bike. I got drawn to something and got off. I step off the bike, hold the right handle bar, let it drop to the left, while I am walking away."

Mary "The bike gets damaged as you drop it?"

David "I leave the [handle-bar] grip on clutch. The grip gets torn like, knocked. The handlebars aren't bent, only a little. It gets more damaged when I have fallen off it."

(So at last I have the information we were looking for. The bike was only minimally damaged through the UFO encounter, the major accident happened later.

Mary "Can you see how it gets damaged?"

David "Coming home, I hit the pipe, the bike hits the ground hard. I fly a couple of metres forward, and I am lying in the dirt and my left hand the bikes behind me. And the petrol's leaking."

Mary "Is this after you have been in the sphere? (I am checking this information)."

David "Yes."

It is possible David dazed after the UFO/contact encounter did not see the obstacle that caused his motorbike accident.

David was very shocked by what he’d remembered! But later told me he experienced "unusual dreams" smelt strange odours, had feelings of being "watched and observed" and always felt very "different. He had seen black helicopters and suffered "regular nose bleeds" and was unusually psychic. This suggests that David has been interacting with ET beings for some time.

David’s case, illustrated that even after head injury we can recover memory, and secondly how important the hypnotherapist is informed of the ‘abduction’ phenomenon, because of the ‘screen’ memory can ‘cover up’ what actually happened.

David case was unique in that he was able to recall memories after a head injury and also aboard a UFO make this a fascinating case. "Abduction" memories can surface "spontaneously" through hypnosis for other issues, which make it invaluable for such work.


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