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Awakenings: How Extraterrestrial Contact can Transform Your Life

The new bible of the “abductee” phenomenon.
Author: Mary Rodwell
Retail: 16.99
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Awakening: How ET Contact Can Transform Your Life

Many people around the world, from all walks of life, believe themselves to be in regular contact with beings from outer-space.
Mary Rodwell, trained mid-wife and therapist, works with individuals said to be having these remarkable experiences. Mary says that their experiences are not the product of an over-active imagination, but are in fact real, and happening to normal, healthy people. "Some people are aware of it, but many are completely in the dark."

The process of waking up to this reality is not always easy, but the results of successfully traversing the boundary are positive and life changing.
Are you ready to ask: "Am I experiencing alien contact?"
This book will help you find out the truth for yourself!