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Romulan Vastam'al Assault Shuttle

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Last Revision: 03/11/03

H-22 Vastam'al & H-13 Temar Mosarum Assault Shuttles

"Vastam'al" translates to "Little Wing" in Romulan. This is a small support craft that is designed to be ferried as fighter escorts for larger capital ships, and for planetary defense. Due to the scarcity of warp resources within the Romulan Empire these craft aren't equipped with warp drives, leaving them dependant on their host craft to travel from system to system.

"Temar Mosarum" translates to "Night Wind". This is an upgraded Vastam'al outfitted with warp drive, cloak, and basic medical and damage control systems. This shuttle is reserved for covert missions, as there are extremely few of these craft available in the Empire.

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