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Pensacola Volksmarch Club


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About Us

Pensacola Volksmarch Club
PO Box 30024
Pensacola, Florida 32503-1024


July 1, 2005 - July 1, 2006

President: Annette B.
850-438-3906 or

Vice President: Elizabeth B.
850-457-2763 or

Treasurer: Wilma S.
850-944-9033 or

Secretary: Miriam T.

Membership Chairman: Pat S. 850-474-9012 or

Specialty Sales: Paulette K. 850-455-9960

Publicity: Cheryl G. 850-484-9111

Trail Master: Drew Ervans & Elaine S. 850-432-8947 or

Madam President


Pensacola Volksmarch Club is a lively and growing recreation club sponsoring activities for walking, biking, swimming, and occasionally skating. We have planned weekends of sanctioned events approximately every four to six weeks. Groups gather frequently on weekends for informal walks throughout the Florida Panhandle and often for one-day trips of car pooling and caravanning to weekend events in other areas such as Mississippi and Alabama.

The club maintains a telephone tree and email contact which announce activities to all walkers on our Volksmarch list. Groups get together frequently on weekends for the purpose of healthful exercise and friendship, sometimes travel, and often food!

The Pensacola Volksmarch Club general membership has a meeting at the call of the President, which is usually on the third Tuesday of the month at a designated location.  Those who wish to eat, meet at 6:00 pm and others come in for the meeting from 7 - 9 pm. Programs of interest to all are held quarterly. The anatomy of the group includes ages 5 years to those in their 80's, civilian, military, retired, and simply anyone who is interested in healthful and friendly walking activities. A small portion of the membership is avid about bicycling! They enjoy many outings and also trips to out of town activities for bicycle enthusiasts.

Annual membership is $15 the first year and $10 for annual renewal per individual. Persons under 16 years of age do not pay. If you would like to be informed of our activities as they occur please contact our President. You may also request Information from our Membership Chairman.
American Volkssport Association member #240  
Member Der Internationale Volkssportverband

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