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Medal Of Valor Recipients

Staff Sergeant Roy L. Cuenca
638602 Philippine Army

The MEDAL OF VALOR is hereby awarded to Staff Sergeant Roy L. Cuenca for outstanding courage, steadfast and conspicuous gallantry in action, greatly risking his life in extremely dangerous situation above and beyond the call of duty while serving as Cadre Commander of CAFGU Active Auxiliary Salvacion Patrol Base, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 29th Infantry (MATATAG) Battalion, 4th Infantry (DIAMOND) Division, Philippine Army during a fierce firefight against one hundred heavily armed communist terrorists/New People's Army at vicinity barangay Salvacion, Tandag, Surigao del Sur on 200430 October 1991.

Staff Sergeant Cuenca was critically wounded on his buttock when the enemy under the command of Commander PAWING, the Vice Commanding Officer of the Communist Party's Main Regional Unit, Northern Mindanao Regional Party Committee launched a surprise attack by unleasing heavy volume of fires from 40 mm grenades. Despite the wound on his buttock and through his presence of mind, he ferociously fought the enemy, rallied his men and ordered systematic maneuvers and strict adherence to fire discipline by firing only at sure enemy targets to conserve ammunition.

With his valian and resolute chivalry and unnerving audacity, Staff Sergeant Cuenca repeatedly repulsed and subdued the enemy's continued attempts to overrun their detachment. Although outnumbered, Staff Sergeant Cuenca was able to hold his ground for almost three hours of heavy firefight with the enemy.

Through his fortitude, he was able to repel the enemy that caused them to withdraw leaving behind nine dead bodies, one caliber 30 BAR, one M203, one caliber 7.62 M14 rifle, four caliber 5.56 M16 rifles, one caliber 30 M1 Garand rifle, one improvised anti-tank landmine, one medical kit and voluminous subversive documents of high intelligence value.

By his laudable feat and indomitable bravery, Staff Sergeant Cuenca upheld the finest traditions of Filipino soldiery that earned distinct credit and honor not only for himself and the Philippine Army but also for the Armed Forces of the Philippines as well.

[ Reference: GENERAL ORDERS NUMBER 976, dated 21 December 1992, General Headquarters, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City, Philippines. Signed by LISANDRO C. ABADIA, General, AFP, Chief of Staff and OCTAVIUS S. DAUZ, Captain, PN (GSC), The Adjutant General. ]

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