New Zealand 1990

Arrived Nov 6th in Auckland. Hitched around the north island. New Zealand was originally just a free stopover for me on the way to Australia, but I ended up extending my stay and enjoying NZ immemsely. Tremendous natural scenery, exceptionally friendly people, lots of exciting things to do.

And they didn't make me eat any marmite or vegemite! Amazingly enought they sold it in jars as big as 1.25 kg.

Hiking the Tongariro traverse.

Blackwater rafting (through caves) near Waitomo, which was great. Tempted to go absailing as well nearby here.
Put off by the cost, but still regret that decision.

Next the south island. Much wilder, lots of empty roads, colder.

Hiking the Able Tasman track.

Hitching is not so good in the south due to the lack of population, so grabbed a place on a cheap camping bus tour of the south. The 'Flying Kiwi' would be my home for the next three weeks.

Traveling with these characters.  A lot of fun.

Hauling out the campstove

Day trip to Mt Cook National Park.

More hiking, this time on the Routeburn track.

Bungee jump near Queenstown.

Still gives me shivers.

Hiking the Caples track.

Fox Glacier

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