On our way

This is the route we would follow north from Harare to Nairobi for the next 4 weeks, on Encounter's  'African Genesis' tour.

First stop, lake Kariba. Seemed more like a lake in the interior of BC than anything.

Complete with the houseboats. Very nice. Africa is so rough and tough, isn't it?

Of course, being Africa, swimming had to be done mid lake or the Bilhariza or crocodiles would get you.

And you could see elephants when you anchored the boat for the night.

From Kariba we entered Zambia, which appeared pretty much empty, just forests with the occasional village to be seen under the trees.

As Zambia is known for problems we headed through quickly, spending the nights in guarded compounds. Note our 'formidable' guards.

Once into Malawi it was time to relax by it's big lake. Warm water, beautiful beaches....

Of course, being Africa, there is always some drawbacks...