Well, it is certainly easier traveling in Africa than I thought, at least in the countries I was in. Lots of tourists go there, they all roughly go the same routes, and  things are fairly well set up for them. There are taxis, buses, trains, guesthouses, etc, whatever is needed. Getting ill isn't much more of a problem than any other exotic part of the world and while you have to watch what you do and where you go to some extent, most people are friendly and helpful.

On the other hand compared to Asia the local culture here was less varied and interesting and once past the activities and the animals there seems to be less to see and do. Plenty left to see though, it's a big continent.

I would hesitate before going on another mainstream overland-type tour. Whereas the locally organized tours I've been on previously in New Zealand and Indonesia have been filled with backpackers who've travelled for a while, this tour had mostly people who came straight off the plane and got on the truck. This caused a lot of trouble at times as people were stressed by things that normally don't bother backpackers that much and the feuding and complaining could get a bit much. That said, most of us got along really well. But if I could do it over though I would go for a locally organized South African or Zim tour.

At the end of it all I had a great time, a lot of memories, and the satisfaction of seeing a lot of things that I had only seen on television first hand.

Standing beside my tent in the Serengeti, looking up at the unfamiliar stars, and thinking to myself, yep, I wanted to go to Africa and here I's a feeling that is hard to beat.