A bit about me

Here I am, somewhat younger than now.

I grew up in the northern part of this province of Alberta in Canada, on a 'homestead' farm in the Peace River country.

Where I led a life eating berries....

And playing in the mud.

Oh what a happy little devil I was.

Here is an early photo of my parents, here with my German grandmother, or 'Oma'.

Somewhat more typical pose of dad, just off the tractor. That rough looking character beside him is my English grandfather, who worked for Standard Telegraph and Cable, London England, in a suit all his life.

Eventually I got a sister, Karen, (this picture from Banff, where we spent our first few winters)...

....a little brother, Felix....

.... followed by a little sister, Annemarie.

The farm was mainly grain, wheat, barley, canola.

With some sheep, goats, chickens, the occasional pig, cow, duck, flock of geese, etc.

Some of the lambs had a tough time when first born and had to be brought into the house to be warmed up.

While some were big enough they didn't have a lot of problems.

Some of our pets. Bob, the dog started out little.....

.....but didn't stay that way.

A few of the many cats over the years

The front yard with the low winter sun.

Northern lights

Sunset over the grain bins

Overall a very nice place to grow up.

more to be added