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USS Minerva

Launched March 10, 2002
Disbanded September 7, 2004
Re-launching July 1, 2006 (TENTATIVE)

A Starfleet Vessel of Exploration and Defense Commanded by Captain Krol


The USS Minerva is an Athena-class starship. She was constructed at Utopia Planitia Fleetyards in mid 2377. Her naval registry is NCC-36181. The Minerva serves in the Federation's Exploration/Frontier Defense Division, headquartered out of Starbase 47. The great vessel is named for the Roman goddess of wisdom and war.

Length: 425 m
Beam: 150 m
Height: 54 m
Decks: 16

Normal Cruising Speed: Warp 9.5
Maximum Cruising Speed: Warp 9.7
Maximum Rated Speed: Warp 9.99

Fore and Aft Burst Photon and Quantum Torpedo Launchers
One forward facing rapid-fire Quantum Torpedo Launcher (underside of primary hull, just fore of the Captain's Yacht)
12 Experimental Type XIV Phaser Arrays

Heavy Duranium/Tritanium double hull with 15 cm of Ablative Armor
High Capacity Structural Integrity Field
High Capacity Shields

Hall of Fame

Athena-Class Overview

Deck Chart


Other Pictures of the Minerva

Support Craft

Officer Rank Chart

Enlisted Rank Chart

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Starfleet Personnel:

Position | Name | E-mail Address
Commanding Officer | Captain Krol, son of K'Targ |
Executive Officer | Commander Be'Karlsa |
Chief Security/Tactical Officer |Character Name To Be Announced|

Starfleet Marines:

Position | Name | E-mail Address

Leave of Absence:

Position | Name | E-mail Address

Open Positions:

Chief Engineer (ChEng)
Chief Conn Officer (CCO)
Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Chief Science Officer (CSO)
Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO)
Assistant Engineering Officer (AEO)
Assistant Security Officer (ARO)
Assistant Tactical Officer (ATO)
Assistant Medical Officer (AMO)
Assistant Operations Officer (AOO)
Assistant Science Officer (ASO)
Strategic Operations Officer (SOO)
Ship Pilot (SP)
Shuttle Pilot (ShP)
Weapons Specialist (WS)
Computer Specialist (CS)
Warp Core Specialist (WCS)
Communications Specialist (MS)
Navigation Specialist (NS)
Propulsion Specialist (PS)
Astrometrics Officer (AO)
Throwaway Ensign of the Week/Month (TEW/M)

Cerberus Squadron
Squadron Commanding Officer (SCO)
Squadron Executive Officer (SXO)
Pilots (up to 10)

Starfleet Marines
Marine Commanding Officer (MCO)
Marine Executive Officer (MXO)
Marine Demolitions Expert (MDE)
Marine Engineering Officer (MEO)
Marine Pilot (MP)
Marine Field Medic (MFM)
Starfleet Marines (Enlisted)

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