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Welcome to Far From Home, my revamped website. I chose the title because, in many ways, I am far from home. I hail originally from the United Kingdom, but moved to the United States five years ago. In those five years I have lived in three different states and somehow I don't expect to stay where I am now for the remainder of my life!

What can you expect to find here? Well, I have interests in many different areas and you'll see those reflected in this site. I spent a lot of time at work, and when I'm not at work I'm often to be found on the computer. If I'm not online it's because I'm in front of the television cross-stitching, or away from home seeing some of this rather large country.

My strengths, if there are any *g*, lie in words, not pictures. As a consequence, my sites are not graphics-intensive. I am grateful to friends who enjoy playing with graphics and offer their skills to me.

One last thing, this site is best viewed in Explorer. I don't have Netscape, but apparently it's a bit cramped if you use that browser!


About me? - If you really want to *g*
Sal's Stitching - Find my cross-stitching projects here
Personal Pictures - Some photos of me on my travels through life
Across Space and Time - My online fandoms involve science fiction shows such as Andromeda, Stargate: SG-1, and Star Trek: Voyager

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