As much as I adore the JC pairing I have to acknowledge that there are other pairings, potential and canon, on board the USS Voyager. Here are some of those other pairings and websites for those pairings. Its absolutely amazing that one show could spawn so much creativity. Wonderful :)

VOYAGER ROMANCE - For all pairings onboard Voyager



THE JA DEBRIEF - Janeway/Ayala

NO KIDDING - A Janeway/Kim group

P7COLLECTIVE - for Paris/Seven of Nine fans

DAY OF HONOUR - A Paris/Torres group

The Official P/T Collective Archive

RESISTANCE IS FUTILE - a Kim/Seven group

If you know of another m/f Voyager pairing that has a site or group and it is not listed here please email me with a link so that it can be included here. Thanks

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