Other Voyager Fiction

I started out writing J/C fanfiction but have branched out to writing about other characters on Voyager... You'll find those stories that I've written here

B'Elanna drabbles Written for the Daughter of the Empire contest
A Time to Mourn PG After a tragic accident Chakotay comforts B'Elanna, even though he too is hurting.

A Conversation PG A conversation between two captains
Breakfast in Bed G Response to a Janeway/Picard group challenge where Janeway gets to order Picard around

Dinner with Icheb PG Naomi worries over dinner with a friend
A 25 word story Feelings change
What Friends Are For PG The friendship between Naomi and Icheb has become strained. Can a Q sort things out for them?
A Very Special Prixin Twenty years after the events of Caretaker, Voyager is still in the Delta Quadrant. Even though Neelix left them many years ago, the Talaxian celebration of Prixin is still held annually. This year Naomi is attempting to convince Icheb to attend the party with her. But that turns out to be the easy part.

Saying Yes PG Chakotay's thoughts over Seven asking for a date.
The Start of Something PG Seven has something to ask of Chakotay. Set just before Endgame.

The Things We Do PG-13 (but with a side chapter rated NC-17) Kathryn sees a new side to her former first officer's best friend

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