Friends in the Alpha Quadrant

If it wasn't for the fans there might not be a J/C. Okay, so the tptb would have us think that there still isn't but we know better! Without the fans there would definitely not be JetC. So, without further ado (or rambling on my part), I present to you just a few of the sites out there!

The Personal Fan Sites

Groups and Collectives


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Where Are Our Fellow Fans From?

While you're here... fill out the form and let us know where you are... who knows, there might be another J/C fan close to you!
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Personal Fan Sites

Angelina's site

Anne's Rose Garden




Emily's J/C Trails

Jessica's site


JoJo's fic - housed on this site!

Kadith's Weyr

Kim's Kaleidoscope


Tammy's site

Meg's Holodeck

Megna's JetC Fanfic Page


Night Flights


home of Mistress SaRa



Groups and Collectives

dark J/C fic

Koffee Klub

One of the many JetC ponds!

J/C Newsletter

Shared Quarters


Awesome Author Award

J/C Madness
Home of the Queens of Smut!

Love Through the Years contest

Picnic Prose Prize

Purple Comet contest

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