In the Wet

In the Wet

SUMMARY: It’s hot; Kathryn can’t work. PWP, the result of a Shared Quarters challenge.
DISCLAIMER: *sigh* nearly forgot this, shows what I think of TPTB!


The heat was stifling. Sweat dripped from each pore. Her top hung loosely over her and her auburn hair clung to the back of her neck. The ceiling fan spun around and around but with little effect. She was trying to work but it seemed as though the small computer she had was only adding to the heat.

To her annoyance her lover lay on the couch, looking superbly cool under the circumstances. “Aren’t you hot?” she finally asked.

He looked nonchalant. “No,” he replied calmly. “Should I be?”

She rolled her eyes at him. “Chakotay,” she growled. “I am boiling. I am so hot…”

“Yeah, I got to admit the view is impressive from here.”

She wanted to get up, walk across the room, and kill him. She would have done if it hadn’t been too much effort. “How the hell are you not hot?”

There was a sigh. “Kathryn, I will admit, it is a bit of a warm night but I am quite comfortable. You forget I grew up here. I’m used to it.” He paused. “Is it not like this in Indiana?”

“Indiana is cold compared to this,” she told him as she attempted to continue writing her report. After the third spelling error was made in the same sentence she groaned and shut down the computer. “That’s it,” she announced with a flourish as she stood up to get yet another glass of water from the replicator that she had insisted be installed in their new home. “My brain is officially fried. Starfleet will just have to accept that as my reason for not getting that report to them on time.” She downed the clear liquid in one swift gulp and attempted to pull her white top away from her again. “Ugh,” she muttered, glancing down at herself.

As she was turning back to place the empty glass in the recycler she felt two arms encircle her. “Chakotay,” she moaned as his lips began to dance across her neck. “It’s too damn warm for that.” She could already feel the water begin to form a pathway down her spine from being pulled up against him.

“You need to cool down,” he suggested in a low tone. “I have just the thing.” He began to walk backwards, still keeping her in his arms. Kathryn staggered and tripped over his feet. Silencing her mutters with a kiss he then lifted her into his arms and carried her out of the main room of their cabin.

She thought he might be taking her through to their bedroom and her heart sped up at the thought, as it always did, of them making love in the very near future. Since their first coming together six months previously their lovemaking had yet to falter. Rarely a day had not gone by since that momentous night when they did not indulge themselves. Memories of that first night consumed her thoughts, how he had felt inside her when finally she had let the barriers drop, had let him into her life completely. It had been a long-needed release for both of them and neither had got much sleep that night. Kathryn smiled at how it had first happened, at their homecoming gala, in a quiet corner of the gardens of the hotel where the event had been held and as she remembered those events she felt the familiar wetness develop between her legs.

With a start she realised that he had stepped into the shower. He dropped her down and while she was still staring at him, Chakotay turned on the cold-water tap and drenched them both in ice-cold water. She stared at him, struck dumb in shock from the sudden deluge.

Grinning, Chakotay reached down and in one swift move had pulled off the now translucent white tee shirt from her shoulders. The water now crashed down her skin, falling between her breasts in rivers. The discarded item was tossed to a corner of the shower cubicle where it was shortly joined by his own shirt.

She swallowed, awe-struck by the water forming rivulets down his skin. “C-cold, Chakotay,” she finally managed to say.

He shook his head. “Never satisfied, are you,” he smirked. “Well, let me warm you up.” He leaned in close to her and kissed her. His tongue sought entrance to her mouth and she gave him it. Her arms crept over his shoulders as he pushed her back against the cool tiled wall. His fingers grasped at the opening to her shorts and with a slight struggle he managed to get them to drop to her ankles whereupon she stepped out of them and kicked them away. He then took off his own shorts.

Kathryn was powerless, just able to cling onto him as she was held against the wall. One of his legs pushed between hers raising her up a little as if to ride it. She leaned her head back and groaned as his mouth plundered one breast while his fingers kneaded the tip of the other. “Oh, Chakotay,” she whispered, closing her eyes and revelling in the feel of his attack.

His mouth switched to the other breast while the hand slid down her skin. She shivered involuntarily as he stroked a particularly sensitive spot at her waist and then gasped as a finger slid between his leg and her body, entering her core. “All wet,” he muttered. “And very, very hot,” he continued, raising his head from her breast and leering at her.

He slid a second finger into her, lowering his leg as he used his hand to keep her legs apart. “Please, Chakotay,” Kathryn pleaded, not being able to get out more than a whisper. She pushed herself up against him, feeling his hardness repel against her stomach. With a slight shift of her body she enjoyed the feel of it roll against her, hearing his own groans of pleasure. She pulled a hand away from his shoulder and slid it between them, grasping that hardness.

“Kathryn, I…” he staggered out as she began a gentle stroking of his shaft. “No, I…” She heard him pause and opened her eyes. She blinked, seeing the intensity of his gaze. “I need to be in you,” he murmured.

The water continued to fall over them but neither of them could feel the benefit of the cold water anymore. Their own bodies had created an intense heat that couldn’t be decreased. With a groan Kathryn felt herself lifted up by strong hands around her waist and then lowered gently onto his waiting shaft. He paused then, staring at her, before beginning to thrust in and out of her at a frenetic pace. She clutched at his backside, trying to force more of him into her, to fill her completely. “Ah, Chakotay…” she groaned.

He grunted and thrust faster and Kathryn found herself spiraling out of control. With one last ounce of remaining thought she pulled her head away from the wall, so that she would not be banging her brain against the tile, thereby causing injury. Her last coherent thought was that she was losing it before she screamed out loud at the explosion within her. “Oh… ahh… Chakotay,” she managed to get out.

She was still coming down when she noticed his change in breathing. His eyes were closed, a look of concentration adorned his handsome face and his actions were getting more intense. With a huge grunt he climaxed, spilling himself inside of her.

Spent, they sunk to the bottom of the shower, letting the water wash over them as they caught their breath. Holding her in his arms, he smiled and placed a quick kiss upon her brow. “I love you, Kathryn,” he told her. “I’m so glad you came with me out here.”

“I would never have been able to exist without you,” she murmured. “You know I’ll go anywhere with you.”

“You being here means a lot to me.” He kissed her again. “Thank you.”

“I love you, Chakotay,” she told him. “That’s why I’m here.” Slowly she stood up and stretched. Feeling his eyes upon her she exited the shower in search of clean clothing.

Seconds later she stood in the bedroom and realised the old uncomfortable feeling came back. “Ugh,” she muttered as she felt the sweat trickle down her back. “I hate this heat.”


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