By Arti Morty

Disclaimer: Paramount….Paramount….Paramount…only the story is mine.

Rating: NC - 17.

Summary: I was waiting for someone to write it for me…and ended up writing it myself.  Janeway and Chakotay swap bodies…let the fun begin.

Author’s Note: This is my first NC 17.  Be gentle with me.  If you’re under 18 please pass on this one.


“Oh Boy.”

As soon as the mild whine and hum of transport faded away Kathryn Janeway knew she was in trouble.  Something felt wrong, slightly off, like waking up in a strange bed, or in a strange quadrant, or eating Neelix’s jam fancies.  Tilting her head she looked up and across in an attempt to locate her first officer.  He wasn’t there.  That is, Janeway eventually located him by adjusting her gaze - downward.

Blinking her eyes she took in the black uniform with red shoulders, the slender hips, the pert breasts, the bold auburn bob and finally a pair of startled blue eyes looking back from a very pale face.  Kathryn took a deep breath that seemed to go on forever and nodded. If this was Kathryn Janeway then she must be……

Chakotay’s first thought was that he had been cloned in transport.  Because right there, beside him, was another Commander Chakotay, wearing the same look of near-hysteria that he must surely be wearing. He was a lot taller than he had expected. And then he looked down, lifting a pair of slender white hands and turning them over and over.  He knew those hands, not as intimately as he would have liked, but he knew them.  He couldn’t number the times he had looked on mesmerised as Kathryn Janeway had woven her spell with them. Yes, there was no mistaking those hands and until recently they had belonged to Kathryn Janeway.

There had been a transporter malfunction and this time there was no evil clone from a parallel dimension, no odd alien hybrid (thank the gods for that) just two very frightened Starfleet officers, now in the wrong bodies.

“Kathryn?”  Chakotay reached out with a trembling hand and touched her forehead, tracing the lines of his tattoo.

She gazed back at herself with wide frightened eyes and nodded, slowly.

“This isn’t right…can’t be happening…Chakotay, that is you isn’t it?” They spoke in whispers, trying not to alarm the transporter operator, or each other.

He too nodded, an abrupt drop of the head so uncharacteristic of Kathryn Janeway, so typical of Chakotay.

Sue Nicoletti stood at the transporter controls and wondered what was going on. She was fairly sure that this amount of whispering and touching between the two commanding officers could not bode well.  It had taken a near death experience to unite Tom and B’Elanna. If these two were getting it on Sue was certain that the Apocalypse was nigh

“Captain?”  The young ensign appealed to Chakotay.  “Is everything alright?”

“Yes, Lieutenant.  You’re dismissed.”  He waited for the doors to swoosh shut behind her and turned to face himself. Time seemed to stand still for Captain and Commander alike as they contemplated the enormity of their predicament.  And the possibilities.

Chakotay moved first, stepping well inside Kathryn’s comfort zone.  She could see that he was trembling, that his eyes were moist. Seeing those blue eyes close over she reacted instinctively, lifting a strong firm hand to his pale skinned face, moving to brush a wayward strand of auburn hair from his forehead.  She wanted to reassure him, tell him that it would be alright.  She would take care of him, and together they’d find out what had happened and put things back to rights.  Instead she touched him with small featherlike movements, holding herself back, trying to suppress the small trickling flame of desire that had begun to move through her veins.

He opened his eyes when she withdrew her touch and he could see the hesitation there, and the desire in her rich brown eyes, eyes that couldn’t hold a secret.

“Don’t stop,” he whispered, his voice taking on the dusky, heady quality it often had in the presence of a certain commander….  And even though the voice was hers, had been hers, she could feel her body responding to its siren call.  Her heart rate picked up speed.  She felt strong, dominant, assertive in this large, powerfully masculine body.  Must be the testosterone, she warned herself.  But whatever the explanation, the physical results were compelling, intoxicating.

The Captain noticed Chakotay studying her.  Behind those lowered eyelashes peeked wide, dark pupils.  His lips were parted invitingly, his skin flushed.

“My turn,” he whispered.  “Close your eyes.”  She wanted to protest, to cry out, to run.  But there was nowhere to run.  She was trapped in this body and it appeared to have a mind of its own.  The passion was like a drug to her, and she couldn’t turn away.  She closed her eyes and shifted her feet further apart, trying to get a feel for her new centre of balance.

Kathryn swallowed nervously past the lump in her throat, and clasped her sweaty hands behind her back.  She couldn’t help but smile at the image this created in her mind of her first officer.  Chakotay often stood this way; it was typical of him.  Only Chakotay could make the ‘at ease’ position appear so natural.

Why wasn’t he touching her?  The suspense was unbearable.  Beads of sweat were sliding down her spine and pooling against her waistband.  The small downy hairs on the nape of her neck stood on end as though touched by a ghostly breeze.  It was the sound of his breath that told her of his proximity.  Low shallow breaths.  And with the breath came a familiar smell, the scent of her own arousal, now coming from Chakotay.  She gasped at the powerfully erotic images that had been triggered by this most delicate of fragrances. Her own aching need made her face flame with embarrassment.  She kept her eyes shut tight against the sensory onslaught.

She heard Chakotay groan and realised that she had made the sound herself.

“Compelling isn’t it?” she heard him whisper.  When he finally touched her the room span and she saw fireworks.  A finger was all that it had taken, one finger trailed gently along the long hard length of her arousal and her world had moved, her reality shifted. What had previously been a wild, untamed desire now burned and pounded through her veins until she thought she might scream with need.

“Dear God,” she groaned, dropping her head to stare down at his hand where it rested lightly against her thigh.

“Tell me Kathryn - what do you feel?”

“It’s exquisite, unbearable - the power.”  Her eyes snapped upwards, locking onto his, a desperate realisation bringing with it a moment of stinging clarity.  She looked at herself. “I want you.  I need you Chakotay.  It’s like a fire, a pain….I’m burning inside.”

Chakotay nodded and took a couple of steps back, allowing a wry smile to hover at the corners of his delicate mouth.  “You’ll get used to it.”

“Wh…What?  What do you mean?  Chakotay?”

“I find a cold shower works wonders .  Or you could try my boxing program.  A couple of hours with Boothby and you won’t have the energy to spare for sex.”

“No, Chakotay.  You don’t understand.  I want you.”

He chuckled, tugging at an earlobe as he did so. “Could be that I’m the Captain now.  And if that’s true then I may have to think about setting some parameters…”

“No!” She was shouting but she didn’t care.  He couldn’t be saying this, doing this.  He was aroused too, she knew he was.  How could he switch it off like this?  “Don’t do this…please. Please Chakotay!”

“Don’t beg Kathryn.  It doesn’t suit you, or me.  I may have come close a couple of times, but I never begged.  If it’s that bad, go back to my quarters and do something about it.  You’ll find it’s not too difficult once you get the hang of it.  Could be fun.”

“Why don’t you show me?”  She raised her chin belligerently.

“You just don’t give up do you?”

“No, Chakotay.  Call it a Janeway trait  if you like. I’ve never backed down from a challenge and I don’t intend to start now.  Just you remember that.” Her hormones really were running wild.  It seemed incredible to her that she would be here, under these circumstances, demanding her first officer satisfy her sexually. Taking a deep breath Kathryn made a conscious effort to slow her heart rate and gather up the loose threads of her self-control.

Chakotay sprang lightly down from the transport platform and moved to access their recent transport logs.  His fingers flew across the console as he activated a simple level four diagnostic and checked for anomalous readings in the pattern buffer.  When he looked up from his work the Captain had joined him.

“I’m sorry Chakotay.  I wasn’t prepared for the strength of your hormones… this is all new to me.  It’ll take time, but I’ll learn to control myself.”

“I understand Kathryn; believe me, I understand.  But if it’s all the same to you I’d like to find out what the hell went wrong and see if we can’t get things back to normal.  Or what passes for normal around here anyway.”

“Have you found anything?”

“No.  Perhaps you should take a look.  There’s a chance it was a transporter malfunction.  It’s also possible that we’re looking at some kind of outside interference, maybe from the nebula itself or even the space station.”

He stood to one side as she checked the results of the diagnostic and ran a few scans he hadn’t even considered.  So now Kathryn knew exactly how it felt to want someone so badly you couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, couldn’t move.  Maybe now she would finally appreciate the kind of control he was capable of. Spirits, he’d made an art form of it…the careful, wise and considerately lust-free first officer.  Starfleet’s finest.

“Why now, why us?” She muttered.


“If it’s something on the space station, why didn’t it effect anyone else I wonder?  We weren’t the first away team down there.  And no one else has reported any problems.”

“Could we be looking at a random event you mean, or is it something more sinister?”

“Anything’s possible, Commander.  There’s certainly something off here.  A deserted space station hidden inside a nebula...no crew, no bodies, and no sign of a struggle.  Hell, there was even food still on the tables, active files on the computer, and now this.  There’s more to this than meets the eye, and I intend to find out exactly what it is.”

“So, where do we go from here?”

“Well, I hate to say it but it looks like our next stop is sickbay.”

The pair turned and headed for the doors.  “And just what is it you find so amusing Chakotay?”

“Let’s just say that this is one physical I’m actually looking forward to.”

“Oh, this day just gets better and better…”


“Chakotay,” Kathryn whispered a few moments later as they moved down the ships corridor, “I think it would be best if you took the lead.  We seem to be attracting a bit of attention.”

“Actually Captain, it’s not me they’re looking at.”


Chakotay cleared his throat. “It’s your walk.  Not very masculine.  Too much hip swinging.  And then there’s the loose wrists.  You’re messing with my macho image here, you know.”

“Point taken Commander.  How is it they’re not looking at you?”

“First off, I’d say it’s because I’m the Captain, and no one stares at the Captain.”

“And secondly?”

“And secondly, you always were a little butch….”

She sighed, “I did ask for that didn’t I?  Remind me next time you get that glint in your eye - I don’t want to know what you’re thinking.”

An hour later the Captain and Commander were sat together on a biobed in sickbay comparing notes.

“So how did you enjoy your physical Chakotay?”

“You really don’t want to know,” he said with a glint in his Irish eyes, “remember?”

“I guess you’re right.  And before you ask…it was awful.  I knew I was in trouble as soon as he started putting those rubber gloves on.”

“Why do you suppose a holographic Doctor needs gloves?”

“He doesn’t.  He clearly enjoys the look of terror on the faces of his victims. And Commander, you might have warned me about the underwear situation.  I had no idea you favoured the natural approach…”

The Doctor approached them with a medical padd in his hand.

“This isn’t one of those delightful April 1st pranks is it?  Last year I spent an hour performing an autopsy on a deceased alien life form only to discover it was a stuffed Talaxian fur-fly.”

“I can assure you Doctor, this is no joke.  Have you found anything?”

He nodded, his gaze moving back and forth between the two officers.  “Indeed.  Your memory engrams, and brain wave patterns have been transferred.  On the other hand, there is no evidence of any physiological change.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Doctor,” Kathryn snapped.  “Of course there’s a change!  He’s got my body…and I want it back.”

“Have you any idea what you are saying?  I’m a Doctor, not a philosopher.  You can’t seriously expect me to be able to pinpoint the physical location of the human soul.  My readings are clear on this.  Chakotay’s brain is still in his own head, his heart is also in the right place.  If you would be so kind as to tell me which part of your body I am to locate your living spirit, I will be happy to swap it back for you.”

Chakotay drummed his fingers against his knee and then stood to face the Doctor.  “This is getting us nowhere.  If the transporter can cause us to switch bodies or souls, then it can also be used to reverse the procedure.  Something unusual had to have occurred to our matter streams during transport.  During a transport the subject’s pattern is reduced to a quantum level.  And I’m no scientist but I do know that at a quantum level anything is possible.  It has been proven time and again that matter and energy and movement, even thought, all blend at a sub-atomic level.”

“You’re right, of course. The miracle is that anyone actually survives transport at all. Needless to say I shall certainly be requiring the assistance of our inestimable chief of engineering.  Perhaps between the two of us we can determine what went wrong.  May I also recommend you take the time to discuss your situation with Mr Tuvok?  Who’s to say that a little existentialism won’t compliment our medical and engineering endeavours?  The Vulcan people have long held the belief that a persons ‘Katra’ can be separated from the body and have even performed ceremonies to re-unite body and soul after death.  As was the case with Ambassador Spock.”

Chakotay agreed, “Could be worth a try.”

Janeway was a little less enthusiastic.  “I think I’d prefer to leave the Vulcan religious practices as a last resort.  The truth is Doctor, I want you to keep our predicament to yourself for the time being. If word were to get out about what has happened …let’s just say I want to avoid any unnecessary hysteria.  It’s going to be difficult enough for the Commander and I to continue to provide a stable command presence on Voyager without any outside interference.”

“And what about Lt Torres?  It will make her job a lot simpler if she knows what she is looking for.”

“No.  Sorry Doctor, I’d rather you didn’t.  She can make a start on a level one diagnostic without knowing what’s happened.  If nothing turns up in the next day or so then I’ll certainly let her know what’s going on.”

“But this doesn’t make any sense…”

“What the Captain is trying to say Doc, is that we both need some time to ourselves whilst we can still get it. It’ll be easier to face the crew once we’ve had some time to adjust to our new…to our situation.”

“Ah, since you put it that way, I think I understand.  I’ve been insensitive to the psychological trauma you must be experiencing.  I was so concerned with your physical well being I overlooked the emotional impact.  Rest assured, I will leave no stone unturned in the search for a solution to your dilemma, and I will respect your wish for confidentiality.  In the meantime might I suggest you both try to relax and get something to eat…you both know the drill.”

“Don’t worry Doc, I’ll keep an eye on her.”  The earnest remark, coming as it did from the mouth of Kathryn Janeway, as she gazed adoringly at her first officer caused the Doctor no end of amusement.

“Where to now Captain?” Chakotay enquired as they headed out of sickbay.

“I don’t know about you Chakotay, but I could use a hot coffee and a long bath.”

“Or a long coffee and a hot bath?”

“Either way works for me.  Oh, I’ve been thinking.  It makes sense for us to swap quarters eventually but right now I’d be happiest if you could bring me over a fresh uniform and disappear for an hour.  Bath first, food later.”

“Aye Captain. But don’t stay in too long.  I wrinkle easily.”

“Tuvok to Captain Janeway.”

The Captain tapped her chest, “yes, Tuvok?” Then threw up her hands in disgust when she realised that the computer didn’t recognise her voice or her comm signal.

Chakotay chuckled and activated his own badge. Not that he needed an excuse to touch his chest.  “Janeway here.  What can I do for you Tuvok?”

“Captain.  Lt Torres has just informed me that you have ordered a level one diagnostic on the transporter systems.  Am I correct in assuming that you wish also to delay Voyagers scheduled departure from the Celeste?”

“The Celeste, huh?  Very poetic, Tuvok.  Yes, you’re right.  We’re not going anywhere just yet.  I’ll talk to you again when the results are in.  Janeway out.”

Kathryn stared at her first officer, hands on hips, head to one side.  “I can see this is going to be a problem. As far as the computer is concerned, you’re the Captain.  I’m going to have to give you my command codes and vice versa, otherwise we’ll be running the risk of not having a valid code between us.”

“Kathryn, I’m not sure that I want that kind of responsibility.  You’re making me the Captain.  Why don’t you take the pips and I’ll transfer command to you?”

“What and have the crew believing you’ve pulled off a bloodless revolution?”

“What are you saying?  You want to give me command of Voyager so the crew don’t think I’ve got command?”

“Chakotay, my advice on making sense of the existential paradox is the same as my advice for understanding the temporal paradox….don’t even try.  Come on, let’s go.”

“After you.”

“No..after you.”


Kathryn wrapped the towel around her waist and caught sight of herself in the bathroom mirror.  God, had Chakotay ever looked this smug?  She had just had the best bath of her life, hadn’t wanted it to end. It was an experience she wasn’t likely to forget in a hurry.  Who needed a partner?  Running her hands through her close-cropped hair she sighed dreamily.

“God I’m gorgeous,” she whispered and grinned at herself stupidly, and then felt herself becoming aroused by the sight of her own dimples.  So this was the true meaning of Narcissism.

The door-chime sounded and Kathryn looked down critically at her state of undress and shrugged.  It was nothing Chakotay hadn’t seen before.  “Come in,” she called out, and headed into the lounge area to meet him.  She froze when she saw B’Elanna Torres standing in the doorway, padd in hand, mouth open.

“Chakotay?” hissed B’Elanna, looking around the room wildly for the Captain.

“Damn,” muttered Kathryn, attempting to fasten the towel more securely round her hips.

“I….er…I was looking for the Captain.  I’m sorry Chakotay, I didn’t realise….”

“It’s alright B’Elanna.  It’s not what it looks like, I promise.”  Impulsively, Kathryn walked towards the startled engineer and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder.
B’Elanna looked down nervously at the small amount of fabric separating them.

“What are you doing?”

“Oh.”  Kathryn was forgetting what a dazzling hunk of manhood she was.  She took her hand away and headed back towards her bedroom.  “If you’ll give me a minute I’ll find something to wear and then I’ll explain everything.”

B’Elanna watched him lope into the Captain’s bedroom as though he belonged there and emerge wearing a peach-coloured satin dressing gown.  It was way too short for her liking, and made Chakotay look utterly ridiculous.  She stifled a laugh by biting her bottom lip.

“Adorable.  Now spill it big guy, what’s going on?”

“Nothing’s going on.  I just felt like a bath and Kathryn let me use hers.”

B’Elanna clearly didn’t believe a word of it. She crossed her arms and leant back against a wall.  “Kathryn is it?  And how come you look so damn pleased with yourself?  Come on Chakotay, it’s me..B’Elanna, remember.  We never kept secrets on the Liberty, why start now?”

“You’re right.  But I’m afraid that the truth is going to be even harder to swallow.  Have a seat, this may take a while.  Can I get you a coffee?”

“Now you’re starting to sound like Janeway.”

“Funny you should say that Lieutenant…”


By the time the door chime announced Chakotay’s arrival, B’Elanna was completely dumbstruck.

“Come,” Kathryn called, taking their cups to the recycler.

Chakotay entered, carrying a new uniform with him and noticed B’Elanna seated on the couch by the windows.  Shaking his head at Kathryn’s attire he grinned what once would have registered force ten on the dimple scale.

“Have I come at a bad time?”

Kathryn looked up and waved him in, adjusting her hemline as she did so, “not at all Commander.  I’m afraid I had to let B’Elanna in on our little secret.  It was either that or let her go on thinking we were having an affair.”

“Actually it was my guess that you were a closet transvestite. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” B’Elanna turned to what looked to be her Captain. “Chakotay?”

“Afraid so, B’Elanna.  How are you taking the news?” He sat down beside his old friend and gave her an encouraging smile.

“Forget about me.  This is a nightmare. How are you doing?”

“Can’t say it’s getting any easier…but it could have been worse.  Remember Tuvix?”

“Don’t joke about it! This is really giving me the creeps.”

“Do you have any ideas about how this could have happened?”

“Well, Chakotay, now that I know what I’m looking for I can recall our scans of the nebula and the Celeste, see if there was anything else unusual going on at the time of transport.  And I do have another idea. Have you considered the possibility that Q is somehow involved in all of this?  I hate to say it, but it does sound like his style.”

“Perhaps.  But if it was Q, he’d be here gloating, spouting Shakespeare, growing tattoos and prancing about like an Andorian at a Mardi Gras.”

“You’ve got a point there. But I’d keep an eye out all the same. So, Captain…Commander...” B’Elanna rose, acknowledged the two officers and turned to go,  “as Tom would say, take it easy, and I’ll let you know the second I find something.”

“So…..Kathryn,” continued Chakotay, eyeing Kathryn’s sexy after dark wear, “how did you find my penis?”

“With a magnifying glass.”


“You asked for it mister.  And for your information, it’s mine now…all mine.”

“I guess that answers my question.”

Kathryn leaned over conspiratorially, “Between you and me Chakotay, I’m not so sure I’m ever going to give it back….  All jokes aside, how are you coping?”

“Well, let me see….I’ve had odd cravings for coffee, my hair is a mess, and I couldn’t get the bra on…all up, it’s not too bad.”

“You’re not wearing a bra?”


“I wish you hadn’t told me that.”

“Do I turn you on?”

“You have no idea.”

“Oh, that’s where you’re wrong, Kathryn.”

“Something tells me we’ve been here before.  Listen Chakotay, about what happened in the transporter room before…”

“Forget it.  It could happen to anyone; beaming back into someone else’s body after an away mission to a deserted space station hidden inside a nebula somewhere in the Delta Quadrant….”

“I wasn’t trying to apologise.  I meant what I said, you’re still in trouble.”

“This is a little weird Kathryn.  I mean, you don’t look twice at me when I’m a red-blooded card-carrying male but all of a sudden I’m in your body and you want me?  Am I missing something here?”

As Chakotay spoke, Kathryn took up the uniform he had brought with him and returned to her room to put it on.  Ridiculous to be embarrassed about dressing in front of him, but she couldn’t help it. “I know, I know…weird is part of the job isn’t it?  And if you were accusing me of narcissism…at the moment you’d be right.  I could spend all day watching myself in the mirror and never get bored.  Maybe it’s the testosterone.  Who knows?”

“I’m flattered, or I would be if it were me you were talking about. Tell me, do you find any other women attractive, or just yourself…er..me?”

“Fair question…confusing but fair. Just you. It’s a confidence thing.,” she replied.  “I know that body…my body….better than you do.  I’m comfortable with it and I know for certain that I could blow your mind.”

Chakotay grinned, “Sounds like a plan.”

“What about you?  Do you find yourself attracted to any of the guys?”

“Oh…I don’t know.  Tom perhaps.” He was teasing but was surprised by Kathryn’s vehement response.

“Don’t you dare! Whatever happens Commander, no matter how long this thing lasts, no matter what the temptations, Tom Paris is off limits.”

“Take it easy!  You know, I could be chasing shadows here but I always felt there was something between you and Paris…two fleet brats together and all that.”

Kathryn sat up and pinned him with a death glare that Chakotay’s body had never been capable of previously.  “What I’m about to tell you doesn’t leave his room.  Understood?”  She took a deep breath, “I believe Tom Paris to be my brother.”

“Excuse me?”

“The facts are sketchy at best, but let’s say that Owen Paris is not an easy man to get along with.  He was away for long stretches at a time and his wife had a fondness for the drink, and for a man in uniform.  After Daddy died I read through his logs.  There was a lot left unsaid, but the timing was right.  I think Owen knew from the start that Tom wasn’t his, couldn’t possibly have been his.  That may be the reason he was so hard on him, why he found him such a disappointment. And there’s more…”

“Go on, I’m listening.”

“Well, there’s Phoebe.  Chakotay, you’ve never met Phoebe…they’re very alike and not just in looks.  I can’t say that it didn’t hurt like hell when I realised what had happened, but somehow, with him dead and gone, it seemed to me that Thomas Eugene Paris was a gift to us, to me - someone for me to cherish and watch over. I’ll never forget the first time I saw Tom, I was trying so hard to play it cool, and all the while I wanted to hug him and tell him I would be there for him…”

“So that’s why you went to so much trouble to rescue him from New Zealand.”

“From the penal colony.  I’ve nothing against the country.”

“But the slipstream drive…you and Tom…”

“Oh, you mean the offspring thing?  Just as well they looked like giant lungfish.  You can hardly blame me for what went on there.  Tom was terribly upset about it and I did my damnedest to make him laugh about it instead, told him the whole thing had been my idea. Actually, I don’t remember any of it, and I’m glad I don’t.  When you really consider the potential for disaster, we were lucky to have survived.”

“He always did get away with murder around here.”

“Not always Chakotay.  He’s also the only crewman I’ve busted down a rank.”

“Does he know?”

“No.  And I mean to keep it that way.  His relationship with Owen is difficult enough without throwing Edward Janeway into the mix.  Besides, my father’s dead now, and Tom still has a chance to make peace with his.”

“And you think it would be incest if I slept with him?”

“I really couldn’t say.  All I know for sure Chakotay is that it sounds bad…My body…my mind...either way I’m his sister, right?”

“So what you’re saying is that we’re his sister?  Or perhaps you’re his brother…”

“Stop!  You’re giving me a headache.”

“Care for another coffee?”

“Funny thing is, it doesn’t taste so good any more.”

Chakotay flashed her a wink, “Try the herbal tea, you’ll get along famously.”

“To be honest, I’m starving.  How about we replicate ourselves a feast?”

Kathryn ate well, even though Chakotay insisted she maintain his vegetarian diet. He had picked at his food without any real appetite. When they were finished and the table was cleared Chakotay stifled a yawn.

“Get some sleep Chakotay.  That’s an order, even if you do have the pips now.  Feel free to use my bed. I may be gone a while.”

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to give Astrometrics a look.  If I can run a few scans of the nebula, a spectral analysis…who knows.  Then I’ll take a look at the away team reports. Don’t worry, you’ll be perfectly safe here.  If I get tired I’ll use your quarters.  We can’t risk another incident like the one with B’Elanna.”


“Hey!  Chakotay!  I was just on my way to get you.  I was thinking you’d forgotten all about our boys night.”  Tom Paris had hold of her arm and was dragging her towards Harry’s quarters.  He hadn’t given her time to protest.

The first thing she noticed in the darkened room was the big screen at the front.  And what was happening on it.  In wide-screen, stereo-surround, glorious technicolour.  Oh my…Tearing her gaze from the sight of so much heaving, groaning flesh she scanned the room for familiar faces. In the many chairs arranged before the screen sat Harry Kim, Joe Carey, Mike Ayala, Jenny Delaney, Gerran, Noah Lessing, Harren, Ashmore.…

“Hey!  Down in front!” someone called and Kathryn sat, abruptly. Her eyes returned to the screen of their own accord.  Up down, in and out…by the look on that man’s face he was either in great pain or about to experience a religious revelation.  No, wrong on both counts…Janeway wondered briefly where they had managed to find this kind of pornography in the Delta Quadrant.  Obviously some enterprising crewman had brought it along with him.  Very considerate.

“Dear Lord,” she gasped, “I had no idea they came that big!”

Tom laughed and thrust a drink in her direction.  “Yeah right Chakotay!  Who do you think you’re kidding? That’s no phaser you’re packing down there!”

“More like a compression rifle,” added Ayala, giving her a nudge that almost spilt her beer.

Kathryn’s eyes dropped to her lap.  Damn! It has a mind of its own…

“Relax would you?  It’s nothing we’ve not seen before, and you’re in good company,” grinned the blond lieutenant, slapping himself on the thigh to emphasise his point.  Good point.  Kathryn closed her eyes.

Tom took the seat to her right and propped his feet up on a low table. “Actually we’ve got a real treat in store for you tonight.  I managed to dig up an oldie but a goodie…one genuine red-headed fireball with black boots and a whip!”

“I beg your pardon Lieutenant!” Kathryn snapped, forgetting herself for a minute.  She was not at all sure she appreciated the implication.

“Not Lieutenant, ‘Tom’, remember?  No ranks, and no secrets.  We’re not here to judge you, just to have a good time.  Leave the pips at the door.  What’s wrong anyway Chakotay?  The celibate life starting to get you down?”

“Not that I can see,” joked Baytart as he passed by to refill his glass.

Kathryn took a deep breath and did her best impression of a Chakotay chuckle.  If she made it out of there alive she was going to have words with the Commander!  Redheaded fireball indeed!

On the big screen a very flexible young woman was having her every orifice probed by several sweat-soaked sexual dynamos with a boundless supply of enthusiasm and staying power.  Kathryn resisted the urge to time them. “How do they last that long?” she croaked.

“It’s cinema Chakotay.  Those guys get to do this all day long, over and over again.  Kinda makes you wonder if you’re in the right profession doesn’t it? He’ll finish soon though, film’s almost over... ah, there you go!  Yeh, work that thing…”

“Ooooo..,” Kathryn clamped her hand over her mouth to stifle a low moan as she watched stud number one jerking himself into a frenzy and shooting an impossible amount of glistening fluid across an enormous set of heaving breasts. She squirmed in her seat, acutely aware of her increasingly restrictive uniform, and the desire to get rid of it and free herself.  She longed to feel cool air against her heated skin, to be able to touch herself intimately and work off some of the dull thudding ache that pulled at her groin. Her eyes watered.

“So how was your dinner with the Captain?” Tom wanted to know.

Kathryn cleared her throat and tried to focus on his words. “Fine,” was all she could manage.

“Getting to you, huh?  She can be a real tease at times.”

“No Tom, the Captain isn’t a tease, she just comes across that way sometimes.  She doesn’t mean to.”

Tom shook his head. “Man, she doesn’t ‘come across’ for anyone.  But if she did, it would be for you.  You know that, right?”

Kathryn was grateful for the distraction.  “What makes you say that?”

“What makes me say that?” Tom made a great show of scratching his head and pretending to give the question serious consideration. “I don’t know…could it be the fact that she can’t keep her hands off of you? Or the way she watches every move you make? How about the time you got lucky with the Borg chick ?  Janeway was jumping out of her skin she was so mad.”

“But what makes you think I have a thing for her?”

The entire room erupted with laughter. Harry choked on his popcorn.

“You’re one funny guy, you know,” Tom said, wiping his eyes.

Chakotay’s comm badge chirruped.  “Janeway to Chakotay,” it announced.

The room went quiet and Tom hastily muted the audio on the skin flick.

“Chakotay here Captain.  What can I do for you?” She winced as Tom flashed her a salacious wink.

“Ah... Commander.  I just remembered something..” Oh, I just bet you did, Kathryn thought. “Weren’t you supposed to be going to Astrometrics?” Chakotay blurted out, obviously panicked by his discovery that the Captain was in Harry’s quarters, enjoying a boys night out.

A slow grin crept across her handsome features and she motioned for Tom to cancel the mute on the audio. She smiled further at the audible gasp from Chakotay as the comm system relayed the cries of a particularly vocal participant as well as some rather ordinary mood music.  Tom shook his head, his eyes widened in astonishment at his commander’s unexpectedly wicked sense of humour.

“Of course Captain.” She waited for an astonishingly loud groan to subside. “ I’m on my way there now. And Captain…I’ll be seeing you later.”  Kathryn stood up, threw back the last of her drink in a manly fashion and shrugged.  “Sorry fellas, looks like I’m going to have to pass on that red-head Tom.”

“Didn’t sound like that from where I’m sitting. But that’s OK Commander, ‘cause I don’t mind a little redheaded action myself…”

Kathryn turned to him angrily only to be defused by a charming smile.

“Just kidding! Jeez, don’t be so touchy!”


Seven was working late in the Astrometrics lab when Kathryn Janeway arrived.

“Seven, shouldn’t you be regenerating?”

“Lieutenant Torres has requested a detailed scan of the nebula. I am almost finished. Is there something I can do for you Commander?”  Seven was looking at him with a set of piercing icy blue eyes.  Kathryn blinked.  She knew that look; she’d just seen it on another woman’s face, in technicolour.  It was hunger.


“This may be a good time to discuss another matter.”

Kathryn shifted, uncomfortably aware of her semi-aroused state.  What must Seven be thinking?

“Of course Seven.  What’s on your mind?” Keep it professional.

“I have certain feelings for you, Chakotay. And I can see that you also find my presence…stimulating.  The time is right for me to begin to explore my humanity more fully; in particular - human relationships.”

“Seven, are you asking me out?”

“Yes.  I would very much like to embark upon a sexual relationship with you Commander.” She was getting way too close for comfort.  Damn, she could put someone’s eyes out with those things!

“Hold it right there Seven!  I’m afraid that what you’re suggesting is out of the question. Don’t get me wrong…I’m more than happy for you to continue to explore your potential, broaden your horizons, spread your wings….whatever.  But you will have to do so with someone else.  Understood?”

“Yes, I can see that I was mistaken.  My apologies Commander.”

“That’s perfectly alright Seven.  It will be our little secret… no need to embarrass you by mentioning the matter again.  In fact, I have some advice for you.”


“If you were to give Ensign Kim a call any time soon, and suggest a friendly encounter with him, I’m sure he’d be more than happy to oblige you.”

“Thank you for the advice.  I will contact him shortly. Goodnight.”

“Dismiss…er…goodnight Seven.” Kathryn silently berated herself.  It hadn’t been her place to refuse the ex-drone’s offer.  She consoled herself with the certain knowledge that in her position Chakotay would have done the same thing. No way was he interested in a relationship with Seven of Nine, anyone could see that. She took a moment to check over Seven’s scans of the nebula.  Nothing out of the ordinary there. She thought of Chakotay lying asleep in her bed, perhaps wearing one of her satin nighties and smiled.  Time for bed.


Kathryn hesitated at the threshold of her bedroom and listened out for signs of movement.  All was quiet.  She considered for a moment how surreal it felt to be creeping into her own bedroom so as not to disturb her own sleeping form. Removing her boots and uniform, she sighed.  It felt wonderful to be free of the restrictive Starfleet-issue fabric.

The room was in darkness but she could see Chakotay by the coloured light of the nebula.  His satin-clad form was turned away from her, sleeping on one side and bathed in a gentle green and orange hue. He looked so peaceful lying there that Kathryn felt a momentary pang of guilt for what she was about to do.

On the other hand the cool sheets looked so inviting, and there was the little matter of the skin flick he’d completely failed to warn her about. Kathryn moved into the bed behind him and reached down to slide a hand beneath his provocative sleepwear. His skin was velvety soft and so very inviting.

“Hmmmm,” he sighed and rolled onto his back, pushing up gently beneath her questing fingers.

“Shhh,” she quieted him, taking the opportunity to move even closer and place a series of moist open-mouthed kisses along his throat and collarbone. She could feel his body begin to come alive beneath her hands.

She watched, fascinated as Chakotay returned to consciousness.  He reached a languid hand down to his groin.  Nothing.  His eyes snapped open, a look of terror stamping his delicate features.

“Chakotay…it’s alright, I’m here.  It’s Kathryn. There was an ..an accident remember?” Kathryn breathed a sigh of relief as she watched him search his memories for an explanation. “Don’t be scared, just relax. Take a deep breath.  Everything’s going to be alright.  I’m here now.”

As she spoke Kathryn had pulled him into her arms, rocking him gently against her broad chest. He must have been terrified. She wanted to reassure him, to be there for him, to comfort him. Except that she couldn’t drag her eyes away from his breasts.  The urge to hold and fondle them was too much for her.


“So soft…so beautiful…,” she whispered.  “I…have a problem Chakotay.” She gave him a playful prod to illustrate her point.

“Spirits …. You’re hard as a rock.”

“Uh huh. Have been for hours now. ” She grinned down, looking into his wide eyes and registered the telltale signs of desire there, and something else…sympathy.  “Think you can help me?”

“I don’t know…” he hesitated.

She shifted her body until she lay over him, taking her weight on sturdy elbows. Reaching down she brushed his lips with hers tenderly, revelling in the sensation of his silky smooth lips against her own.  He groaned, deepening the kiss and running a hesitant hand up and along her spine.

“Please, Chakotay.  It won’t hurt, I promise.  I need you.” She lowered her head to nuzzle at his warm, full breasts and heard his breathing change, picking up a notch in tempo.  She nudged his thighs apart with her knee and settled herself between them.

“Gods, Kathryn, I’m not ready for this.  Please don’t.”

“I’ll just put the head in, alright?”

Chakotay laughed. “I knew that line would come back to bite me.”

They lay together for a while, sharing a chuckle and a rare moment of bonding, her forehead resting against his, just holding hands.  But Kathryn needed more from him.

Taking her weight on one arm, Kathryn used her free hand to test his arousal.  He was wet and ready for her.  She smiled as he moaned and wriggled against her fingers. She was winning the battle.


“Yes.” He answered simply, stunning her with the look of trust and adoration in his eyes.

She entered him slowly, crying out in surprise at the feel of him surrounding her, welcoming her, drawing her in further.  Chakotay’s head rocked back and forth on his pillow.  She could see that he was torn between watching her face as she moved above him and closing his eyes to savour the amazing sensations coursing through his body. Kathryn longed to feel what he was feeling. It had been a long time since she had felt the heady completion of a man’s penis buried deep inside of her.  And she wanted that man to be Chakotay she realised, she had always wanted it to be Chakotay.  He was everything to her. He completed her.

She tried to be slow, to be gentle, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that his body would need time to adjust to her size and strength. Within seconds, however, what little control she had disintegrated and she found herself pounding into his slick, tight core reaching desperately towards her climax.

“Damn….Chakotay…so sorry…I can’t….oh, dear God…”

His orgasm caught her by surprise, rippling through her eclipsing her own sensations of heat and intense physical pleasure.  He cried out once, shuddering and gasping beneath her.

“I love you, Chakotay,” she called to him through the delirium, and then she too was coming, filling him with her seed and dropping her head to rest against his shoulder as a wave upon wave of bliss engulfed her.

“Wh…what did you say?” she heard him asking.

Kathryn smiled.  “I said, I love you, Chakotay.”

“Do you mean that?”

She raised her head and nodded, a dimple appearing in one cheek, her velvety eyes suddenly serious, “I do.”

“Then…then this isn’t just a one-night stand? Kathryn, are you sure?”

“Believe it.  Whatever happens, from now on, we’re a couple.  That is,” she teased, “if you’re interested?”

If I’m interested? You are unbelievable.  Yes, I’m interested.  I just wish…”


“Well, in some ways I’m glad that this has happened to us.  It seems to have brought us closer together. But it isn’t right.  I’m a man, whatever my body looks like, and there are things that I wanted to do with you, to share with you…”

“I know, I know.  Me too.  But I do love Chakotay, and if we can hold onto that love and continue to support each other, then we’ll survive this mess, whatever the outcome. Can you do that for me Chakotay? Do you love me?”

“I love you Kathryn, and you know it.” He reached up and brought her lips down to his.

“Now go to sleep and quit molesting me.”

“You sleep, I think I just lay here and watch you for a while,” Kathryn murmured, giving his ear a tweak.


The following morning Captain Janeway called a meeting of the senior bridge crew. They met in the briefing room and sat in silence as Chakotay went on to explain about the transporter incident of the previous day and its unusual consequences. Tom, Harry and Seven looked decidedly queasy.

The Captain stood and began to pace around the table as she spoke.  “I know how this sounds, but we’ve all experienced some strange phenomena in our time in the Delta Quadrant.  This won’t be the last.” She paused behind Chakotay’s chair and rested a hand on his shoulder.  “B’Elanna has already been in contact with me this morning with some news on the Celeste.  Before she makes her report I want to stress to you all the need to maintain our command structure.  The Commander and I may have swapped bodies, but we are still in command of this vessel.  We will continue to serve this crew and make every effort to ensure our eventual return to the Alpha Quadrant.” She smiled as she felt Chakotay reach up and place his hand over hers. She nodded to B’Elanna, indicating for her to start her report.

“I’ll keep this as brief as possible,” B’Elanna began, swivelling her seat to face the crew, and straightening her posture. “If you want the details, they’ll be in my report. The reason the Celeste appeared to have been so recently vacated is because her crew never left.  I found evidence of a low-level temporal distortion and guessed, correctly, that they are using individual temporal shielding devices, not unlike the Doctor’s mobile emitter.

They have been there all along just fractionally out of sync with our own time index. With a few modifications to transporter’s mobile pattern enhancers and a field generator I was able to erect a self-contained subspace field on board the Celeste.  The Doctor has already beamed down to the station and has spoken with its inhabitants. I’ll let the Doc take it from here.”

The Doctor stood up, self-importantly and indulged in a little preening before embarking on his report.  He loved an audience.

“Thank you Lieutenant.  I’m sure we all appreciate your keeping the technobabble to a minimum.  In short then, I have met with the locals and they, as was to be expected, are an exceedingly reclusive and insular bunch.  I was unable to determine if they have a specific leader but those I did manage to converse with were quick to deny any involvement in the Captain and Commander’s current predicament.  Needless to say, I chose to give little credence to their protestations. I’m certain they know more than they are letting on.”

The Captain spoke up, “Alright people, any suggestions?”

Tom cleared his throat. “Let me go down there Captain.  I could talk to them, see if they are willing to trade for the information we want.”

“I strongly recommend against letting Mr Paris beam down to the Celeste,” interrupted the Doctor. “I haven’t ruled out the possibility that the Captain’s genetic make-up was responsible for what happened to her. It would be inadvisable for anyone with the same genetic make-up to venture down there.”

Tom’s face registered his confusion. “What?”

Captain Janeway sighed and rubbed her eyes. “Damn.  I’m sorry Tom, I hadn’t meant you to find out this way. It looks like the cat’s out of the bag.”


“Can we talk about this later Tom?”

“No, I want to know what’s going on.  What’s the Doc talking about?”

Chakotay moved to protest but Kathryn held him back.  “It’s alright, Commander. Tom, I’m your sister…half-sister.”

Tom blinked and looked from Kathryn to Chakotay and back again. “You’re sure?”

Kathryn nodded and watched a tentative smile light the face of her helmsman.

“We’ll talk about it later Tom, that’s a promise.  For now, let’s try to keep our minds on the job.”

“OK, sis.”


It was eventually decided against Tuvok’s protests, that the Captain and Commander would return to the space station and plead their case.  The alien crew had attempted to deny their involvement once again but Janeway was able to talk them round to confessing the truth.  The technology they had used on the command team (the Quantum Flux device) was nothing more sinister than a means of entertainment for a small population with too much time on their hands.  They regularly swapped bodies to the point where few could actually recall where they had originally belonged.

They had followed the command team on their original away mission, as they moved through the Celeste and had listened to them talk and interact.  It was their idea or hope that the QF device could be used to bond the two strangers together and help them to confront the feelings they were so obviously harbouring for one another. Happy that this had indeed been the case they agreed to reverse the process.


Susan Nicoletti looked up from her workstation as the annular confinement beam dissipated, leaving the Captain and Commander standing on the transport platform.
She shifted nervously as the pair shouted joyously and began to embrace.  When Chakotay pulled the Captain in closer for a passionate kiss she decided it was time to go.  Sue had no idea what had gone on aboard the Celeste but was happy to have missed out. Whatever it was obviously made the Apocalypse look tame.

Chakotay stood back and looked down at his Captain. “Any regrets Kathryn?”

“Regrets Chakotay?  Hell yes.” His expression turned guarded but not before she glimpsed the flicker of pain cross his face.

She cupped his face in one hand and sighed, “I regret not having sex with you on top.”

His blazing smile made her catch her breath. “You do?”

“Most definitely.  Care to give a try?” His expression was unreadable.  “What?”

“I was wondering what it’s going to be like, having Tom Paris for a brother-in-law.”


The End

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