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LNEB Links

Official Stuff

The Official Leonard Nimoy Webpage is gone.

Leonard Nimoy's Photography Page

The Official Leonard Nimoy Fanclub

Where to find out when Leonard is on TV

Alien Voices Webpage

Trivia Tribute's page on Leonard Nimoy

While on Bonanza

Leonard announces that he has retired from acting. Refers to THIS article.

Articles, Interviews, etc.

Mr. Spock is Dreamy!!

An Article--has letters to and from Leonard/Gene Roddenberry

An Interview with Leonard Nimoy, a Real Audio file.

Article from Oct. 29, 1999

Star Online Chat Transcript; March 4, 2003
Star Online Chat Transcript; May 13, 1999



Greater Talent interview

Religion and Ethics interview

TrekWeb article Which refers to THIS article.

Fun Stuff

Send a Leonard Nimoy e-card from Blue Mountain

Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner are Spaced Out (music albums)

Test your Leonard Nimoy Knowledge

The Vulcan Language Institute

Find out if you are compatible with Leonard Nimoy (from

Leonard Demonstrates Magnavox Videodisc player

Fan Pages

more to be added...