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August 2003

The Great Divide Motorcycle Trip

Mexico to Canada via the Continental Divide

Inside this story:

Living in Texas it just seems more logical to start at Mexico and finish in Canada.  Our group schedules an annual one week ride, so this trip was substituted in that time slot, the week before Labor Day.  With time limitations the route would be picked up next year at the ending

point this year, somewhere in Colorado.  We will reverse the original route as laid out by Michael McCoy for mountain bikes and published in "Cycling the Great Divide."

"The best trip I've ever taken", that was the line that hooked me on this trip.  I've ridden many, many trails in New Mexico and Colorado but the idea of a straight through route was intriguing.  Then, a more recent article about travel writing brought me to the keyboard. 

Point of Interest

  • 1100 Miles of mountain roads!
  • Desert to High Alpine environment and scenery.
  • Very few cars, houses, tourists…. Very remote.
  • Rode 150 to 170 miles per day.
  • In the saddle 7 to 8 hours per day
  • Camped 3 nights, motel 3 nights

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