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Jesmihr's Kirk/Spock Fanfiction

The stuff you need to know ...

Welcome to my Star Trek TOS slash site, featuring my original Kirk/Spock fanfiction. Be forewarned: I write stories that postulate that Kirk and Spock have a romantic - aka sexual - relationship. And I'm pretty explicit about the things they might do with each other, both on and off duty. If you are under 18, homophobic, prefer to picture Kirk and Spock as plastic action figures who have no sex lives, or have a problem with people who develop weird obsessions and then spend hours honing them, you should go elsewhere. If, however, you are over 18 and have perfected the kind of jaded tolerance that practically screams, "Yes! This is one bizarre kind of site. Let me in, so I may immerse myself in its strange but benefical slash plasma," ... well, then I welcome you. All I ask is that you certify your age and readiness to read on by signing in below:

I am over 18 and am up for whatever you can dish out, Jesmihr. Please let me in. I promise I won't litter, I won't do odd things behind the links, and I won't yell things out about my retinas burning. Let me read, I beseech you.

Bring on the NC-17 K/S!

Thanks, and welcome. Oh, if you are under 18 and/or have retinas that burn easily, you can always enter


to read some nice, tame poems and some K/S stories that are rated PG to PG-13.

I welcome feedback!

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