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Who are we?

For those of you who don't know us, here's a little bit about us ...


Vertically challenged and proud of it.
This runaway from the real world is also known as Chunki Munki, and for obvious reasons. Short, dark and hairy, he's on everyone's wanted list at the Chanel laboratories.
Most likely to say "Path? Who needs a path?"

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Finally joining her wandering boyfriend Down Under in July, where she will soon begin work and pay for his terrible addiction to cocunut sun tan oil.
Known as Stumpinski in Polish, she fancies herself as Eastern Europe's answer to Kylie.

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Toby, the poptop Toyota Hiace joins the wandering twosome!! He's big, bright, carries a 2.0L engine and a has a working fridge! What more could you ask for in a friendly wee van!
Hmmmm... 4-wheel drive would be nice.

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