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Hoosier Outer Space Settlers

Hoosier Outer Space Settlers -- Enriching the Solar System with Midwestern Sensibilities!

Are you the right stuff??? If not, bring dip.

Fairy Tales on The Mars Frontier -- Children's Theater Script
Fort Wayne's Shoestring /HOSStage Theater

The community showed no interest. If you find this interesting and would like to restart meetings, please contact us at (260) 484-5946

HOSS meetings are the second Saturday of the month at 6:30 pm in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
The March 9th meeting
is at the home of Jeannette and Tom Jaquish at 1423 Louisedale Dr., south of Coliseum and west of Sherman, (260) 484-5946.

This month's meeting will be preceded by a workshop to make the HOSS St. Patrick's Day Parade entry. That workshop runs from noon to 6 pm -- show up anytime and then stay for the HOSS meeting.

After the potluck dinner, we will have a Tech Lesson on pressure control in a space suit, and surviving meteorites in your Moon, Mars or orbital habitat.
We will inspect the parade entry just built at the parade workshop and tidy up the details of who will do what in the parade.
The HOSStage Children's Theater next performance will be discussed, and we'll take nominations for the next movie for our Is it Science? Movie Review Team to review.

Please come. All are welcome, especially children, who will have plenty of toys, mind puzzlers, educational computer games and gym mats to play with.

DIRECTIONS: 1423 Louisedale Dr. 484-5946

Take Lima south.
After crossing Coliseum, Lima splits, becoming Northrup and Wells; take the right hand branch onto Wells
Take first right (west) at the Pepsi sign onto Louisedale
Go all the way to the deadend. We are the third house from the end on the south side, right at the intersection of Patrick and Louisedale. The house is light yellow with a green turtle swing.

Take Clinton-Northrup-Lima north
Go left (west) on State
Go right (north) on either Wells or Sherman
Go left (west) on Louisedale.
Go all the way to the deadend. Third house from the end on the south side. Turtle swing.