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April 10, 2002
Hey everyone. Like my new layout? I was trying to get away from all those colors and junk. Anyways, this page will be exactly like the last one with all the things like photo album, journal, guestbook, etc. So, sit back relax and enjoy: THE STORY OF JAKE.

The Story of Jake
Seven Years. Seven Years it took, just to get a dog. Begging, pleading, making those what if i... questions, just for the little white fluffy dog to come and rip up everything in our house. But I am jumping to conclusions...let me start from the beginning.

Ever since I could talk there was always one thing on my I had asked my parents before probably for the first time when I was around 6 or 7 and the always replied, "Honey, you're not responsible enough (nice parents huh?). I worked and worked and each night I would ask them if I was responsible now...we'll see (yet another response I grew to hate).

I made song, I wrote stories and poems, I agreed to work real hard and save up enough money...but no. I even cried for a dog and fasted (which lasted for about and hour), but no dog. One day when I was 12 in the end of the summer my dad e- mailed me at his work. I asked for a dog and he said yet again we'll see. But, then he sent me a link to a dog website saying pick out which one you want. What was this?!

I clicked on the link and decided on a maltese. My dad came home that weekend and took me to a woman by the name of Vanlandingham. There in her living room were two of the cutest dogs I had ever seen. I played with them and let them nip me and held them and love them. But finally, I had to make up my mind and I choose the bigger one.

All the way home he was crying...but I just thought it was cute, and stroked him. My friend came over and we decided on the name Jake. Later, Riley for his middle.

Jake is one of my biggest acomplishments, and best friend.