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May we colonize space soon.

Colonization of space is inevitable.

Galactic Mining Industries, Inc. is a company established to colonize space.

Read our new 2005 SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research)
NASA proposal by clicking on this link.

ISRU Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) as a low-energy,
high-performance metals extraction and fabrication substitute for
Heavy Industries in support of Manned Exploration

Read Bill Jenkins new article on
Iron Recovery and use on the Moon by clicking on this link.

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technology is used to deposit coatings of metals such as nickel and iron to produce products such as pressure vessels, mirror contours, structural members and other components for manufacturing space bases and space stations.

Galactic Mining Industries and Telepossession and Galactic Mining Industries. CLICK HERE TO READ THE TELEPOSSESSION ARTICLE. This paper provides an insight into the key concepts of TELEPOSSESSION.


Our colonization will proceed at a much faster rate when funding is secured. Leveraged financing can be arranged if property rights can be secured through TELEPOSSESSION OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL RESOURCES. Near Earth Asteroids are the obvious and available feedstock for manufacturing and colonization efforts. Legal issues regarding ownership of asteroidal resources are central issues in the success of the company. TELEPOSSESSION of asteroidal and cometary and debris resources in space will be established using unmanned LANDING PROBE AND SATELLITE SETS.
LOOK AT THE NEW ARTICLE - Space Station With Gravity

Read the paper that our team presented at the Space Resources Roundtable, held at the Colorado School of Mines. Click on this link - BENEFICIATION OF SPACE RESOURCES - This article describes metallurgical processes the company will use to process lunar and asteroidal ores to produce products such as pressure vessels, structures, housings and other components to build lunar settlements and space stations. WILLIAM C. JENKIN writes about the Carbonyl process and it's application in the colonization of space. Bill has been a team member for a long time, and is the world's premier expert in the utilization of nickel carbonyl vapor - metallic coating techniques. He has extensive experience with INCO, the global nickel mining company.

We are currently developing carbonyl processing technologies to process the iron in lunar ores for the planned Moon missions of NASA. Carbonyl technology will be used to produce products of iron and various steel compositions on the lunar surface. Come back to this site for articles which we will be posting regarding this very important work.

FUTURE SPACECRAFT PROPULSION SYSTEMS - Future Spacecraft Propulsion Systems is an article which models current and future propulsion systems. The main propulsion system discussed is a Nuclear Electric Propulsion (NEP) system utilizing a deuterium fusion reactor, superconducting power generation and transmission, and Dual-Beam Ion Thrusters (water as an exhaust product).
Galactic Mining Industries, Inc.
4838 Stuart St.
Denver, CO 80212-2922
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