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The Poconos

In April, 2009 we made the questionable decision to spend spring break in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, despite the fact that spring had yet to arrive there. After spending the weekend in New Jersey, we spent a rainy day exploring the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in Pennsylvania. The highlight of the day was seeing many spectacular waterfalls. My favorites were found on a short hike at Bushkill Falls.    (Photos) From there, we traveled west, and made our first visit to the Pine Creek Gorge (aka the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania)    (Photos) Unfortunately, our hiking plans were thwarted by a suprising early spring snow storm!

Bridalveil Falls

The Pennsylvania Wilds

Fungirl's family lives in north-central Pennsylvania, so we take a couple of trips up there every year. On some of the trips, we find time to explore the wildlife-rich forests of the Pennsylvania mountains. Aside from nice scenery, the area has Elk, which were reintroduced some years ago. Some of the hikes we've done in that area include:

A search for Elk in December, 1999.
A nice hike with views and interesting rock formations on the Fred Woods Trail, in May, 2000.
A long dayhike on the Quehanna Plateau in July, 2001.
A nice hike in nasty weather in the Quehanna area in December of 2001.
A hike with a thrilling wildlife sighting near Sinnemahoning on the Bucktail Path in July, 2002.
A hike in the snow on the Snowshoe Rail Trail along Red Moshannon Creek in December, 2002.
A hike in the virgin forests of Cooks Forest State Park in June, 2003.
A hike along Mosquito Creek in May, 2004.
In December, 2004 I hiked part of the Allegheny Front Trail through Black Moshannon State Park.
A mountain bike ride on a new rail-trail along Clearfield Creek in July, 2006.
A July, 2006 hike near Sinnemahoning along Lick Island Run.
A December, 2006 hike with Saucony to Rockton Mountain.    (Photos)
A December, 2006 hike with Christy to the top of Mount Nittany, which is just outside of State College.     (Photos)
A December, 2006 hike in Black Moshannon State Park connecting Black Moshannon Creek, Red Moshannon Creek, and Six Mile Run.     (Photos)
A hike with Boone on an ice-covered section of the Quehanna Trail starting at Parker Dam State Park in December, 2008.>     (Photos)
An April, 2009 hike along Rock Run on the Allegheny Front Trail in Moshannon State Forest.     (Photos)
An April, 2009 hike on the Quehanna Trail in Elk State Forest.     (Photos) My August, 2011 hikes on the Quehanna Trail in Elk State Forest and Parker Dam State Park.     (Photos)
My August, 2011 bike ride on the Little Toby Creek Rail Trail, a short hike in Cook Forest State Park, and a visit to Presque Isle State Park.     (Little Toby Creek Photos)     (Cook Forest and Presque Isle Photos)
My December, 2012 solo dayhike along Six Mile Run in Moshannon State Forest.     (Photos)
December, 2013 and December, 2014 walks on railroad tracks and railroad grades near Clearfield.     (Photos)
My October, 2017 solo dayhike to five waterfalls on Miners Run near Williamsport, PA.     (Photos)
My October, 2017 solo dayhike to 22 waterfalls in Ricketts Glen State Park.     (Photos)
Our October, 2017 visit to Sinnemahoning, including a hike on the Fred Woods Trail.     (Photos)
Our December, 2017 visit to Clearfield, PA, with hikes on the old Pennsylvania turnpike, at Bilger's Rocks, and on the railroad tracks near Clearfield Creek.     (Photos)
Our December, 2018 hike to Three Falls on Pennsylvania's Quehanna Plateau, plus solo hikes to Alum Rock Falls and Freedom Falls near Clarion, PA.     (Photos)

A deer near Sinnemahoning

Pennsylvania Canoeing Trip Reports

In June of 2003, Christy and I traveled to central Pennsylvania for her family reunion. We knew we'd have plenty of time, so we brought the canoe along. Fortunately it had been a wet spring, so many of the streams that would normally be impassable in June had enough water. Our first two trips took us through an unexpected wilderness along Clearfield Creek and the Susquehana River. A few days later, we paddled the Wild & Scenic Clarion River.

Fungirl & Nathan at
the Susquehana River

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