Arkansas Trip Reports

In September, 2016 a work assignment in Arkansas gave me the chance to hike in the Ozarks for the first time. I reached out to Spencer and Stephanie for suggestions for an after-work hike since I knew that they had researched the area extensively for their current trip. They told me that they would be in the area at that time, and invited me to join them for an evening hike. We hooked up for a fun little hike to the Tea Table Rocks. It was great hiking with them in an unexpected place! The next day I followed in their footsteps and did a couple of short hikes at Petit Jean State Park.     (Photos). A work trip in April, 2018 to Hot Springs, Arkansas gave me the opportunity to do a couple of evening hikes in Hot Springs National Park.     (Photos)

In April of 2017 Christy and I spent most of our Spring trip in the Arkansas Ozarks. On our first afternoon we hiked to the unique and breathtaking Glory Hole Falls.     (Photos). The next day we explored the headwaters of the Left Fork of Big Creek.    (Photos). We found beautiful streams, wildflowers, waterfalls, and caves. We also did a short evening hike up Round Top Mountain before another round of massive thunderstorms rolled in. The next day I hiked solo to Thunder Canyon Falls and we hiked together to Eden Falls in Lost Valley.     (Thunder Canyon Photos) and (Lost Valley Photos). On our final day in Arkansas Christy went mountain biking while I hiked from Compton down to Hemmed in Hollow Falls. I then continued on to the Centerpoint Trailhead, but took a short side trip out the Goat Path to Big Bluff along way. Big Bluff offers one of the best views I've ever seen.     (Photos).

Arkansas Photos

Fungi at Bear Rocks

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