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In June of 2006 a business trip in Birmingham gave me the opportunity to finally hike in Alabama for the first time. I choose to hike in the northeast part of the state, focusing on DeSoto State Park and the Little River Canyon. I visited DeSoto Falls for the first time that day, hiking to an overlook from a distant cliff. I returned in February of 2007, and found a route down to the immense pool at the base of the falls. In December 2015, Christy and I took a long weekend trip to the Cumberland Plateau, including Noccalula Falls, the Little River Canyon, and De Soto Falls in Alabama and Foster Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Rainbow Falls in Tennessee.     (Photos) . In March, 2016 Christy and I took our Spring vacation on the Cumberland Plateau. After a couple of days in North Carolina and Tennessee, we headed for northern Alabama. First, we did a dayhike to The Walls of Jericho, a remote canyon featuring waterfalls, cliffs, and caves.    (Photos)     Next we spent a couple of days car camping, dayhiking, and mountain biking in DeSoto State Park and the Little River Canyon.    (Photos)     In April, 2018 Christy and I took another trip to the Cumberland Plateau. We spent one evening visiting our friends Tim and Carly in Huntsville. The next day, Christy, Tim, and I visited Stephens Gap Cave.    (Photos)

DeSoto Falls

In February of 2007 another business trip gave me the opportunity to hike in the Sipsey Wilderness in northwest Alabama for the first time. For my first visit, I chose a hike along the Sipsey River and Borden Creek, as well as a brief visit to Upper Caney Creek Falls. That hike featured two beautiful waterfalls, thousands of icicles, and an otter sighting. The next week, I hiked from the Thompson Creek Trailhead to Ship Rock, the Eye of the Needle, and on to East Bee Branch Canyon. That visit included a waterfall, the largest tree in the state of Alabama, and a rare mink sighting. In September, 2014, another work assignment gave me the opportunity to revisit Caney Creek Falls.    (Photos)    

Upper Caney Creek Falls

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