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Portsmouth Diocese
Further Education Network

This website was built during my time as FE Adviser for Portsmouth Diocese, a role which has been taken over by others since I left the Diocese in 2004 (I am now working in Rochester Diocese). I have not updated it, but you may, nonetheless, find information and links here which are useful (apologies for any which are now broken). The site was built for all who have an interest in Further Education - both in the Diocese of Portsmouth and beyond. In particular it is a resource for those who work to support spiritual development amongst students and staff. You may also like to visit my website for schools and children's work, which has, among other things, a survival kit for teachers, and information on spirituality and spiritual development.



the Churches' work in F.E

Christian Students' Organisations and links

Not all of these would be my "cup of tea", but they may be just the thing you are looking for so I include them all without comment!

Page of links from Crossring
Student Christian Movement
Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship

General Further Education Links

F.E. Colleges in Portsmouth Diocese