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Writer for most of the adaptations was Marv Wolfman
(Annuals and issues 1-15)

1977 King-Size Annual
“The first and greatest epic-adventure hero in a
special novel-length world-spanning thriller!”
When Walk the Ancient Dead (Buscema & Chan)
(Loosely based on "The Ancient Dead"

1978 King-Size Annual
“Only John Carter stands between a ravaging
horde of headless beasts --
and the safety of his adopted world!
But this time the Warlord of Mars is hopelessly
The Headmen of Mars (Chan)
Ch. 1: Gale!
Ch. 2: In the Land of the Headless Humans
Ch. 3: Strange Companions
Ch. 4: Rescue
Ch. 5: Horror!

1979 Annual
“Altar of the Amazons!”
Pt. 1: Amazons of Mars! (Weiss & DeZuniga)
Pt. 2: When Walks the Goddess... (Dejah’s Story)
Barsoomian Chronicles letters page

June 1977
“Action-Packed 1st Issue!
Savage Fury from the Creator of Tarzan!”
The Air Pirates of Mars (Kane & Cockrum):
Chapter One
Welcome Back, Carter - text editorial

July 1977
“One Earthman Battles Alone Against the Savage
White Apes of Mars!
And to the Victor -- The Hand of Dejah Thoris!”
The Air Pirates of Mars (Kane & Nebres):
Ch. 2: From the Shadows... Stara-Kan!

August 1977
“You kidnapped Dejah Thoris!
You sent this beast to murder me!
For that and more -- you will Die!”
The Air Pirates of Mars (Kane & Nebres):
Ch. 3: Requiem for a Warlord
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page
A Barsoomian Portfolio art page by Alex Nino

September 1977
“The First and Greatest Hero of Them All!
To Rescue Dejah Thoris, John Carter Must
Save the Fiend He’s Sworn to Kill!
The Air Pirates of Mars (Kane & Nebres):
Ch. 4: Raiding Party

October 1977
“Giant Battle Issue
‘Stand back!
John Carter and Stara Kan must fight...
To the Death’”
The Air Pirates of Mars (Kane & Nebres)
Ch. 5: ...and One Shall Die!
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page

November 1977
“Alone Against a World!
‘Every warrior on this planet is out for my blood...
...but any blood spilled will not belong to John Carter!’”
The Air Pirates of Mars (Kane & Mesina)
Ch. 6: Hell in Helium!

December 1977
“Dejah Thoris is Back!
Now Nothing Can Stop John Carter’s Wrath!
This is the Big One! Showdown!”
Air Pirates of Mars (Kane & Sutton)
Ch. 7: Dejah Thoris Lives

January 1978
“The Greatest Martian Epic of Them All!
As Helium Crumbles, John Carter Must Battle...
The Beast with the Touch of Stone
The Marvel Explosion Begins Here!”
Air Pirates of Mars (Kane & Nebres)
Ch. 8: Flesh May Wither... and Stone May Crumble!

February 1978
“Giant Battle Issue
‘This is it, Tars Tarkas!
Now we fight -- to the Death!’”
The Air Pirates of Mars (Kane & Nebres)
Ch. 9: Armageddon... At Last!
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page

March 1978
“Is This the Death of Barsoom!
You’ll be shocked when you read the
final chapter of the Air Pirates of Mars!”
The Air Pirates of Mars (Kane & the Tribe)
Ch. 10: Confrontation

Cover Images of Marvel Issues 11-28 Are Displayed In
Comics Gallery Room 18

April 1978
“Special Issue!
The Origin of Dejah Thoris!”
The Story of... Dejah Thoris (Cockrum & Nebres)
A Special Saga of Barsoomian Proportions
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page

May 1978
“City of the Dead”
City of Skulls (Infantino & Nebres)
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page

June 1978
“’There can be no escape! John Carter must Die!’
Tars Tarkas Battles His Best Friend --
To The Death!
March of the Dead!”
March of the Dead! (Infantino & Nebres)

July 1978
“’Tars Tarkas! Barsoom is crumbling around us!’
This is the Day Helium Died!”
Tonight is the Night Helium Dies! (Infantino & Nebres)
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page

August 1978
"The Prince of Helium Returns To His Home World! EARTH!
The History Holocaust (Simonson & Nebres)
Tales of Barsoom! (Andru & Giacoia)

September 1978
"'Woe be unto all Barsoom... John Carter is Dead!'"
The Master of Assassins (Colon & Nebres)
Ch. 1: John Carter is Dead

October 1978
"Trapped by the Savage Orovars!
What Price Victory?"
The Master Asssassin of Mars (Colon & Layton)
Ch. 2: What Price Victory?

November 1978
"Tars Tarkas Battles Alone"
The Master Assassin of Mars (Miller & McCleod)
Ch. 3: Meanwhile, Back in Helium!
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page

December 1978
"War With The Wing-Men!"
The Master Assassin of Mars (Colon & Springer)
Ch. 4: The Valiant Die But Once!

January 1979
"Battle At The Bottom Of The World"
The Master Assassin of Mars (Colon)
Ch. 5: Battle at the Bottom of the World
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page

February 1979
"The Claws of the Banth!"
The Master Assassin of Mars (Colon & Springer)
The Lady and the Lion!
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page

March 1979
"What lurks at the end of Carter & Dejah's treacherous
eight mile climb from the Canyon of Despair!"
The Master Assassin of Mars (Vosburg & Villamonte)
Ch. 7: Climb to Freedom
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page

April 1979
"Murder on Mars!"
The Master Assassin of Mars (Vosburg & Villamonte)
Ch. 8: The Man Who Makes Murder
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page

May 1979
"From the creator of Tarzan comes
Science-Fantasy's mightiest heroes!
Witness the excitement as John Carter, Dejah Thoris and
Tars Tarkas battle for their lives against the
Master Assassin of Mars! BETRAYAL!"
The Master Assassin of Mars (Vosburg & Villamonte)
Ch. 9: Betrayal!

July 1979
"He's Back!
Inferno! If Carter Fails -- Helium Dies"
Hide-'n'-Seek! (Vosburg & Villamonte)

August 1979
"'Death!' cries the Guild of Assassins"
The Master Assassin of Mars (Vosburg & Chan)
Ch. 11: Night of the Long Knives!
Welcome Back, Carter - letters page

September 1979
"Death Marathon"
The Master Assassin of Mars (Vosburg & Hands)
Ch. 12: Marathon of Death!
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page

October 1979
"Guardians of the Lost City!"
The Weapon-Makers of Mars! (Hama & Villamonte)
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page announcing end of series

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