Bill Hillman's
Bill Hillman's ERBzin-e: The First and Only Online ERB Fanzine
Volume 066

The Complete Index of ERB Chapter Titles
Compiled by Bill Hillman


This is an alphabetical list of all the chapter titles from ERB novels.
The code letters for the novels in which the titles appeared are given to the right of the title.
(Note: There are Burroughs titles starting with every one of the 26 letters of the alphabet)
For special sorts and searches this list should be copied into a word processor.
It is possible, however, to use the Find function of your Browser
to collate the titles into their respective novels groupings.
A-lur *TTe
Abducted *LiM, *TaMM
Abduction *El, TQ
Abduction of Nadara *CaG
Achmet Zek Sees the Jewels *JO
Across Space *SR
Adrift Over Strand Regions  *CM
Adventure's End *SMM, *JCGM
Adventurous Day  *MK
Affair on the Liner *RT
Again a World Upheaval *EL
Age-Old Barrier  *AM*
Air Battle *GM
Air Scout for Zodanga *PM
Alali   *AM
Alemtejo  *TaMM
Alone *LiM, *TaMM
Alone in the Jungle *BTa
Altar of the Flaming God *JO
Ambush  *JBJ
Amiocap *TP
Among the Maniacs  *TU
Ancient Dead *LG
...And the Savators *SMJ
And Wires are Pulled *GF
Angry King *MK
Another Change of Name   *CM
Anthropoid Apes *EL
"The Apache Devil!" *AD
Apes *TA
Apes of Toyat *LJ
Ara the Lightning  *LJ
Arab Raid *JO
Armageddon *MMa
Arrest of Julian 8th *MMa
Arrows Out of the Night  *LeM
Assassin in the Night  *CiG
At Bryam's Cabin  *DS
At Feinheimer's *EE
At Ghek's Command *CM
At the Arizona Cave *PM
At the Gale's Mercy *CM
At the Mercy of the Jungle  *TA
At the Moment of Marriage *CM
Athne *TaM
Attack at Night *FC*
Attack on Helium   *JCGM
Aurochs  *EL
Awakening *CaG, *TTr

Baboons   *TTR
"Baby Bandits" *M
Back to Amlot  *CV
Back to Ashair *FC*
Back to Barsoom *SwM
Back to Earth *AEC
Back to Sonora *AD
Back to Thavas *MMM
Back to "The Barsoom" *MMa
Back to the Jungle *JBJ*
Back to the Primitive *RT
Back to the Stone Age *EL
Back Toward Morbus *SMM
Ballot of Death  *TQ
Barbara Again *M
Barbara Captured by Head-Hunters *M
Barbara in Mexico *M
Barbara Releases a Conspirator *M
Barbed Shaft Kills *GL
Barney Finds a Friend *MK
Barney Returns to Lutha *MK
Barney to the Rescue *MK
Battle *CaG, *MK, *LeM, *TaMM
Battle for Teeka *JT
Battle in the Plain  *TMM
Battle of Jahar *FMM
Battling in the Arena *PM
Beast-Fires *EL
Beasts at Bay *BTa
Beauty and the Beast  *MMe
Because Nsenene Loved *LeM
"Before I Eat You!" *LiM
Before the Firing Squad *MK
Before the Walls of Opar *TI
Beginning of Horror *AEC
Belgian and Arab  *JO
Bellowing Herd  *BSA
Best Three out of Five *TTr
Bethelda  *MMa
Betrayed *Bta, *AM*, *MMa, *TI, *SMJ
Between Two Terrors *FC*
Billy Byrne *M
Billy Cracks a Safe *M
Billy to the Rescue *M
Billy's First Command *M
Bison-Men *BSA
Bit of Cloth *TaM
Black Pirates of Barsoom *GM, *LG
Black Scoundrel *BTa
Black Waters *FC*
Blaine is Jealous  *DS
Blood-Stained Altars *TTe
Boas, Boa *QT
Boat Builders *EL
Bolgani the Gorilla *LJ
Bound to the Stake *EL
Brain *SwM
Brass Heart *DS
Bread from the Waters *EE
Break for Liberty  *GM
Bride of the Ape *LJ
Bridegroom *BSA
Broken Wings *TJM
Brother General  Or-tis *MMa
Brother Men *TA
Brought Down *TEC,*FMM
Bruce Marvel *DS
Building the Boat  *CaG
Bull and the Lion  *LV
Bull Sees Colby *BHB
Bull Whip  *MMe
Bur *DS
Burials *TA
Buried Treasure *MMe
Butcher *MMa
By a lonely Pool  *TTr
By Jad-bal-lul *TTe
By Kamlot's Grave *PV

Caged  *SMM
Call of the Jungle  *JO
Call of the Primitive *TA
Came Tarzan *TU
Cannibal! *QT
Cannibals *LV, *TaM, *TTw*
Cannibals of U-Gor *FMM
Cannibal Feast *TaMM
Capital  *MMa
Captive *P, *LeM, *TQ
Captive of the Natives *LE*
Captives of Amhor *SMM
Capture *CaG, *MK, *JG
Capture of Tarzan *JT
Captured *CM, *TTr, *BSA, *TaMM
Captured by Arabs *EL
Captured by Great Apes *TaMM
Captured by the Cannibals  *TaMM
Caraftap the Bully *AM*
Carson Napier *PV
Carthoris and Thuvia *TMM
Castaways *RT
Catastrophe *PV
Cat-Man  *SwM
Cats by Night *CiG
Cave Man Finds His Mate *EL
Cavern of Clovi *TEC
Cavern of Danger    *FC
Caves of Houtomai *CV
Chained in a Dungeon *LE*
Chained in Warhoon *PM
Chamber of Horrors *GL, *JCGM
Chamber of Mystery *GM
Champion and Chief *PM
Change of Masters *AEC
Characters and Places *TaM
Charge of Cowardice *CM
Charging Lions *LeM
Charnel Caves *BSA
Cheetim Strikes *AD
Child-Raising on Mars  *PM
Chivalry or Villainy *Bta
Choice *CaG
Choice of Tara *CM
Christmas Eve *EE
Circumstantial Evidence *EE
City of Gold *RT, *CiG
City of Rats *JCGM
City of the Dead *LV
Clews *TaM
Cloak of Invisibility *FMM
Close Work *CM
Clue *LeM
Come Back! *WC
"Come with Me!" *LiM
Coming of Tarzan *TJM
Common Criminals *BHB
Compact *MMM
Comrades of the Wild *LJ
Conclusion *TA, *TP, *JP, *LV
Condemned to Death  *MK, *SwM
Condemned to Torture and Death *JO
Conquest *MMa
Conquest and Peace *P
Conspiracy *M
Converging Trails *LeM
Coral Reef  *QT
Cornered *FMM
Coronation Day *MK
Corridors of Peril  *GM
Corson Speaks *BHB
Costly Recapture  *PM
Countess Explains *RT
Court Martial *MMa
Coward *LiM
Cross  *LJ
Crucifixion *TTr

Dance of Death  *BTa
Dancing Girl of Sidi Aissa  *RT
Danger *MMM
Danger Ahead *JBJ
Danger in Sahara  *CV
Daring Plan *JCGM
Darkness Beyond  *TP
"The Dead Men Fly!"  *TQ
Dead Men Who Spoke *LeM
Dead Return *GL
Deadly Game *LE*
Deadly Peril of Jane Clayton *JO
Death *LiM, *TaM
Death, The *FMM
Death at Dawn *LiM
Death by Night *SwM
"Death! Death!" *CiG
Death in the Arena *FC*
Death Sentence *GM
Death Steals Behind *GL
Death's Doorway  *CaG
Decency  *GF
Defeat  *TQ
Delirium *JG
"The Demons Are Coming!"  *LeM
Depths of Omean  *GM
Descent From the Mountains *LE*
Desert Clans *MMa
Deserted  *BSA
Desertion in the Haunted Mountains *LE*
Despair *FMM, *LiM, *CV
Desperate Chance *MMe
Desperate Deed *CM
Desperate Measures *FC*
Diamond Hoard *GL
Diamonds! *LiM
Dian the Beautiful AEC
Diana of the Jungle *Tte
Dick's Trophy *TTw*
Disaster  *TP, *LiM, *CV
Dissension *LiM
Doarty Makes a Pinch  *GF
Doomed to Die *GM
*Down into the Darkness *TQ
Down River  *LeM
Down the Escarpment *LV
Down the Flood   *CiG
Down the Ugambi *BTa
Down to the Sea *TP
Down Trails of Terror *TI
Dropped from the Sky *TU
Duare *PV
Duel *RT
Duel to the Death  *PM, *SMM
Dungeon *AM*

Earthquake *EL
Eddie Makes Good *M
Efficiency Expert   *EE
End *JBJ
End of Bukawai *JT
End of the Corridor *TaM
End of Two Worlds *SMM
Entrapped *CM
Escape *Bta, *M, *P, *MK, *MMM, *TEC, *TTw, *SMJ
Escape and a Capture *GL
Escape  from Opar *JO
Escape From the Dungeon   *LE*
Escape of the Dead *PM
Escape on Mars  *LG
Escape Us Never *SMM
Eshbaal, the Shepherd
Exit Wainright *BHB
Exodus *Mma
Exodus and a Battle *MMa
Eyad *LiM
Eyes in the Dark *GM

Face In the Doorway *SwM
Face of Death *AEC
Fair Captive from the Sky *PM
Fair Goddess *GM
Fair Race *TMM
Fal Sivas *SwM
Farewell Forever!  *JG
Fatal Drops *GL
Fate of a Nation *JCGM
Father of Diamonds *FC*
Fattened for Slaughter *BSA
Fear-Phantom *TA
"Fifty Apaches" *WC
Fifty Frightful Men *RT
Fight *EL
Fight for Freedom  *LE*
Fight for the Balu *JT
Fight for the Treasure *JO
Fight in the Desert *RT
Fight in the Palace *M
Fight on Market Day *MMa
Fight That Won Friends *PM
Fight with the Kalkars *MMa
Filled with Despair *JBJ
Finding the Airplane *TU
Fire *LV
First Mate Stark *CaG
"Five Hundred Dollars Reward"  *M
Flag *MMa
Flaming Xarator *CiG
Flight *JG, *TTr, *LV
Flight and Pursuit  *PM
Flight from Xuja *TU
Flight Into Jeopardy *SMM
Flight of "The Barsoom" *MMa
Flight of the Slaves *BSA
Flight of Werper  *JO
Flight to the Jungle *JO
Flood and Flame *GM
Flotsam *CaG
Flying Death *FMM
Flying Terror *JCGM
"Follow the Rope!" *WM
"For Every Jewel a Drop of Blood!" *LJ
"For the Murder of --" *GF
Forbidden City!  *FC*
Forbidden Garden *TTe
Forced to Betray  *LE*
Forest Battle *GM
Forest God *TA
Forest of Death  *BSA
Foreword *PM, *GM, *TEC, *FMM, *LV, *CV, *EV, *LG
Forging Bonds of Hate and __? *RT
Forty Minutes!  *CV
Fou-Tan  *JG
Four Dead Mahars *AEC
Fourflushers, All   *DS
Freedom  *AEC
Freedom for All *LE*
Friend in Need  *GF
Friend or Enemy  *FC*
Friends or Enemies *TaMM
Friendship and Treachery *P
From Ape to Savage *RT
From Joy to Death *PM
From Plight to Plight *P
Fugitives *AM*

Garden of Eden *AEC
Gathering Tarel *PV
Gathering the Strands *TTr
Gathering the Threads *TTr
Gaz *BSA
Gefasto *AM*
Gentleman of France *M
Geronimo and Crook *AD
Geronimo Goes Out *AD
Ghek Plays Pranks *CM
Ghost  *LiM
Ghostly Disappearances *SR
Gian-nah-tah Relents *AD
Giant Again *TA
Giant Stranger *TTe
Girl in the Garden *PV
Girl in the Tower *LV
Gloomy Castle *LV
Glossary  *TMM, *TTe, *WC
Glossary of Names and Terms Used in the Martian Books *TMM
Go-Yat-Thlay *WC
God  *LiM
God of Tarzan *JT
Goddess of Life Eternal *GM
Gold  *TaMM
Gold and Death *TaMM
Golden Ingots *GL
Golden Lion *GL
Golden Locket *TU
Good-bye, Africa! *LiM
"Goodbye, Kay"  *DS
Good News - And Bad!  *FC*
Gorbuses *BSA
Gore and Dreams *P
Gorilla King *LiM
Grand Hunt *CiG
Grand Jury *GF
Gratitude of a King *MK
Great Cats *TEC
Great Cave-Bear *EL
Great Fissure *TTr
Great Fleet *SMM
Great Nagoola *CaG
Great Tourney *LJ
Great Tur *MMM
Green Magic *TaM
Green Man's Captive *TMM
Green Men and White Apes *TMM
Gron's Revenge  *EL
Guest and Prisoner *JG
Gulf Between *M
Gulf That Was Bridged *TI
"Gunner" *TTr
"Gunner" Walks *TTr
Gura *TP
Guy and a Skirt *TTr

Hall of Doom *TMM
Hands Up! *MMM
Hard Pressed  *AD
Harold Plays the Raven *EE
Harold Sits in a Game  *EE
Harriet Philosophizes *EE
Hate and Lust *TQ
Havatoo *LV
"He Dies!"  *BSA
"He is Buck Mason" *DS
Head-Hunters *CaG
Headless Humans  *CM
Heart of the Moon *MMa
Heavy Chest *MMe
Height of Civilization *TA
Hellhounds *Mma
Hello, Hollywood! *LiM
Helpless! *FC*
Heredity  *TA
Hero in Kaol *WM
Hi Bryam *DS
Hideous Crew *Bta
Hindu *TI
His Own Kind *TA
Holdup *BHB
Holocaust *LiM
Home  *JO, *Tte
Home Again *M
Homeward Bound *CaG
Hooja's Cutthroats Appear  *P
Horibs *TEC
House of the Dead *MMM
How Tarzan Came again to Opar *RT
Human Quadrupeds *MMa
Human Sacrifice  *TaMM
Hunted *WC, *CV, *TaMM
Hunter *JG, *LeM
Hyena's Voice *TJM

"I Am Coming"  *Mme
"I Am Going To Kill You"  *TaMM
I Become a Zani  *CV
I Elude My Watchdog *PM
I Find a Princess *FMM
I Find Dejah *PM
I Find Janai *SMM
I Find My Master  *SMM
"I Hate You!" *TP, *LeM
"I Have Come to Save You"  *EL
I Horsewhip an Officer *MMa
I Learn the Language *PM
"I Love You" *BHB, *LJ
I Would Be A Traitor *SMJ
Imposter  *LiM
In Again - Out Again *EE
In Cold Blood *TaMM
In Conference *LiM
In Durance *WM
In Futile Search  *TI
In Hiding  *LV, *TaMM
In Pesita's Camp *M
In the Alcove *TU
In the Arena *SMJ
In the Atmosphere Factory  *PM
In the Beyt of Zeyd *LJ
In the Clutches of the Enemy *TTr
In the Crucible of Danger *LeM
In the Dark Cell *SwM
In the Darkness of teh Night *BTa
In the Death Cell of Opar *TI
In the German Lines  *TU
In the Hands of Savages *TU
In the Hands of the Va-gas  *MMa
In the House of Gar Nal *SwM
In the House of the King *JG
In the Kor-ul-gryf *TTe
In the Kraal of Udalo *TQ
In the Nick of Time *JBJ
In the Palace of Beng Kher *JG
In the Palace of the Queen *CiG
In the Queen's Palace *CiG
In the Royal Dome *AM*
In the Temple of Chon *FC*
In the Temple of Thoos *CiG
In the Toils *EE
In the Toils of Horror *CM
In the Tower of Diamonds *SwM
In the Village of Elija *TTr
Indian's Treachery *M
Ingratitude *TaM
Insult to the King  *LE*
Into an Ancient World *LE*
Into Savage Borneo *MMe
Into Slavery BSA
Into the Jungle *EL, *JBJ
Into the Lion's Den *TI
Into the Mouth of the Crater *MMa
Introducing the Tarzan Twins *TTw
Introduction *TP
Invincible Warriors *SMM
Invisible Foes  *SwM
Invisible Men of Mars *LG
Invitation to Dine  *EE
Island of Discontent *QT
Island of Love *TP
Issus, Goddess of Life Eternal *GM
Ivory Raiders *RT

Jack of Spades *AD
Jad-bal-ja *LJ
Jana and Jason *TEC
Jane and the Beasts of the Jungle *JO
Jane Clayton Again a Prisoner *JO
Jane Clayton and the Beasts of the Jungle  *JO
Janzara's Boudoir  *AM*
Jat Or  *SwM
Jealous Enemy  *LE*
Jeddak of Lothar *TMM
Jeddak Speaks  *SMM
Jetan, or Martian Chess *CM
Jewel-Room of Opar *JO
Jimmy Hunts a Job *EE
Jimmy Lands One *EE
Jimmy On the Job  *EE
Jimmy Tells the Truth *EE
Jimmy Throws a Bluff *EE
Jimmy Torrance, Jr. *EE
Jimmy Will Accept a Position *EE
Jobless Again *EE
John Cladwell, London *RT
John Carter *MMM
John Carter Comes to Earth *CM
John Carter Disappears *SMM
Joog, the Giant *JCGM
Journey on a Gryf *TTe
Judgment of the Jeds *SMM
June's Employer *GF
Jungle *JG
Jungle Battles *TA
Jungle Call *TJM
Jungle Craft *TTe
Jungle Island Again  *Bta
Jungle Joke *JT
Jungle Toll *TA
Just One Chance!  *FC*
Just Three Words  *GF

Kalkar City *MMa
Kar Komak, the Bowman *TMM
Kavandavanda *TQ
Kay White *DS
Kidnaped! *P, *FC*, *TaM, *DS
Kidnapped *BTa
"Kill, Tantor, Kill!" *TI
King Big Fist *CaG
King Comes *TaMM
King Deposed *LE*
"The King is Dead!"  *TTe
King of All the Apes *TaMM
King of Lutha *MK
"King of the Apes" *TA
King Thandar *CaG
King's Guests *MK
King's Ransom *MK
"The King's Will is Law" *MK
Knives Reappear  *TTw
"Korsars!" *TP
Ko-tah Is Killed *MMa
Ko-tah Threatens the Princess *MMa
Kru *BSA
Kulan Tith's Sacrifice *TMM

La *RT
La Seeks Vengeance *JO
La-Ja *BSA
Laid Up *EE
Land of Midian * TTr
Larry Divine Unmasked *M
Last Knot is Tied *TTr
Last of the "Kincaid" *BTa
Last of the Renegades *AD
Last Second *LV
Last Victim *LiM
Last War Trail *AD
Law of the Jungle    *BTa
Layth *MMa
Leopard God *LeM
Leopard Pit *TaM
Leopold Waits for Dawn *MK
Leper King *JG
"Let the Fire Be Hot!" *FMM
Letari *TP
Letter  *MMM
Letter from Murray *EE
Life and Death  *TA
Light of Knowledge *TA
Lillian Manill *BHB
Line Fence  *DS
Lion *JT, *Am*
Lion Hunt *DS
"The Lion is Coming!" *TQ
Lion-Man *TI
Lion Pit of Tu-lur  *TTe
Lion's Cave *TU
Lions of Cathne *CIG
Little Canyon *BSA
Little Eden *CaG
Little Eva *EE
Little Men *LeM
Little Nkima *TI
Living Death *BSA
Lizard *EE
Lonely Grave *LJ
Lonely Land  *QT
Lonely Sea *QT
Long Night *TTr
Looting of Zoodanga *PM
Lord of the Forest  *QT
Lord Tarzan *LJ
Lost *LV
Lost City  *QT
Lost in the Jungle  *TI
Lost in the Sky *PM
Lost is Found *LE*
Lost on Pellucidar *P
Lost Trail *LE*
Lost Treasure  *TA
Lottery of Death *RT
Love *WC
Love and the Brute *JG
Love and Treachery *TP
Love of a Priestess *TI
Love-Making on Mars *PM
Lunar Storm MMa

Mad Buffalo *TaMM
Mad Treachery *GL
Madman *LiM
Madman's Cargo *QT
Madmen and Leopards *TQ
Madness  *TP
Maenck Blunders  *MK
Magnet Switch  *WM
Mahar Temple *AEC
Mammoth Men *BSA
Man Against Apes  *FC*
Man and Beast  *LiM
Man and Man *TA
Man in the Lion Pit CiG
Man into Hormad  *SMM
Man or Monster?  *MMe
Man Who Stepped on a God *CiG
Man's Reason *TA
Maniac *TTe
Map *LiM
Map of Blood  *GL
Marooned *BTa
Marvel Buys an Outfit  *DS
Masquerader  *TTe
Masqueraders *AM*
Matter of Memory  *GF
Meeting of Mystery *GL
Men are Devils *QT
Men of the Bronze Age *SP
Menace of the Dead *CM
Menofra * TaM
Merry Company  *TQ
Message  *TQ
Message from Mars *MMa
Messenger of Death *TTe
Mighty Jed of Gooie *SMM
Mission of the Warlord *SMM
Mistaken Identity  *FC*
Moon Maid Escapes  *Mma
Morgors of Sasoom *SMJ
"Most Remarkable"            *TA
Mow   *TP
Mucker at Bay  *M
Mucker Sees a New Light   *M
Mud  *LL
Mugambi *BTa
Murder and Pillage *TU
Murder in the Dark *SR
Murder in the Night *TQ
Murder Trial  *M
Murder Will Out  *TJM
Muso's Message  *CV
Mutiny   *PV
My Advent on Mars *PM
My Lord the Tiger *JG
Mysterious Footprints *TU
Mysterious Hunter *EL
Mystery   *SR
Mystery of the Closet *SR
Mystery of the Past *GL

Nadara Again *CaG
Naked Hunters *AM*
Nat-ul Is Heart-Broken *EL
Necktie Party *BHB
Nemone  *CiG
Net Draws Closer  *CV
New Allies *WM
New Day *TTw
New Face *MMe
New Friends *AM*
New God *TaMM
New King in Lutha  *MK
New Land *CV
New Ruler *WM
New War Chief *WC
Night Attack *TU
Night Flight *SMM
Night of Terror *JO
Nightmare *JT
999 Priscilla *MMe
Nkima Forgets *TQ
Nkima Plays a Game *TQ
"No Sabe!"  *AD
"Now, Go!"  *BHB
Nu and the Lion *EL
Nu Goes to Find Nat-ul *EL
Nu of the Niocene *EL
Nu the Sleeper Awakes *EL
Nu's First Voyage *EL
Numa "El Adrea"  *EL

O-220  *TEC
Oath of Geronimo *WC
Oda Yorimoto *M
Off for Mars *PV
Off for Phundahl  *SMM
Off to Africa  *TTw*
Old Man of the Pits *CM
Old White *BSA
On Board the Sofal *PV
On the Arizona Hills *PM
On the Balcony *SwM
On the Deck of the "Kincaid" *BTa
On the Kaolian Road *WM
On the River Iss *WM
On the Road to Opar *JO
On the Trail *M, *EL, *DS
On the War Trail *WC
On to Thuria *SwM
One Hundred Thousand Dollars *DS
One Turn Deserves Another *M
Only a Man May Go *TEC
"The Only Friends He Has" *EE
Only Hope *BSA
Only Two Left *TQ
Our First Home *TaMM
Out of Gas *TQ
Out of the Grave  *TI, *TTr
Out of the Niche *TU
Out of the Past *TaM
Out to Sea *TA
Outnumbered *AM*, *FC*
Outpost of the World *TA
Over the Precipice  *MK
Ozara *SwM

Palace of Mu Tel *MMM
Pan-at-lee *TTe
Panic  *JCGM
*Passing of the Ape-Man *RT
Patient Tiger  *QT
Paulvitch Plots Revenge *BTa
Peace  *Mma
Pellucidar *TEC
Pendant World *P
Perfect Brain *CM
Perfidy  *MMe
Pew Mogel *JCGM
Phantom Bowmen *TMM
Phelian Swamp *TEC
Pho Lar  *SMJ
Phor Tak of Jhama *FMM
Phororhacos of the Miocene *TEC
Phoros *TaM
Phundahl *MMM
Phutra Again *AEC
Piracy  *M
Pirates  *CaG, *CV
Pirates of Barsoom *GM
Pit of Horror *BSA
Pit of Plenty *WM
Pithecanthopus *TTe
Plan That Failed *TaMM
Planned Escape *LE*
Plant Men *GM
Play to the Death *CM
Plea for Life *LE*
Plot That Failed *RT, *CiG
Plotting *EE
Plotting an Escape *TTw
Plotting Revolution *LE*
Poisoned Arrows *LiM
Power of Mafka *TaM
Preferment *MMM
Prelude - John Carter Comes to Earth  *CM
Priestess but yet a Woman  *JO
Prince in a Zoo *SMM
Prince of Science *SR
Princess Janzara  *AM*
Princess Sborov *TQ
Prison Isle of Shador *GM
Prison of Death  *CV
Prisoner *PM
Prisoner with Power *PM
Prisoners *TP, *TEC
Prisoners of Brulor *FC*
Prisoners of the Bagalla *TTw*
Professor of Astronomy *LV
Prolog *AEC, *P
Prologue *TP, TTr, *SwM
Prologue (to the Man-Eater) *BTh
Prologue - The Conquest *MMa
Prologue - The Message from Mars  *MMa
Prologue - 2190 A.D.  *SR
Prophecy and Fulfillment *JO
Pursued *SwM
Pursuit *AEC, *TP
Pygmies  *LV

Queen's Quarry  *CiG
Queen's Story  *TU

Raban *Mma
Race to Lutha *MK
Racing for Life *P
Raid!  *QT
Raid on the Cave-prison *P
Raided *WC
Rand  *TaMM
Rapas the Ulsio *SwM
Ras Thavas, Master Mind of Mars *SMM
Ras Thavas, the Mind of Mars *SMM
Rateng the Hunter *TaMM
"Rats Desert --"  *GF
Real Leopold *MK
Red Assassin  *SMM
Red Flower of Zoram *TEC
Red Fools and White Scoundrels *AD
Red Hero *AD
Remorse  *LiM
Renegades  *BHB
Repellent Sight *CM
Reptile Pit *JCGM
Rescue  *M, *CaG
Retribution *TaM
Return of Sobito *LeM
Return of Ulala *LJ
Return to Jeopardy *QT
Return to Pellucidar *SP
Reunion  *MMa, *TaM
Reunited *TEC, *TaMM
Revolution *MMa
Rewards  *WM
"Ride Him, Cowboy!" *BHB
Rift  *MMe
Risk for Love *CM
River Devil *AM*
Roundup *QT
Round-up *BHB
Runaway Horse *MK
Rushing Toward Venus  *PV

Sacrifice  *LeM, *JBJ
Safari *TJM
Sagoths *TEC
Saku the Nipon *MMa
Sammy the Sleuth *GF
Sanara  *CV
Sanoma Tora *FMM
"The Saracens!" LJ
Savage Home *TA
Savage Pellucidar  *SP
Savage Quarry *CiG
Scalp Dance *WC
Scent of the Hunter *QT
Sea *MMa
Search *CaG, *JCGM
Search Begins *FC*
Search for a Lost Expedition *LE*
Search Party *TA
Secor's Fiancee *GF
Secret Door *SwM
Secret Formula *AM*
Secret of the Marshes  *SMM
Secret of the Temple *CiG, *FC*
Secret Tower *WM
Secret Way  *TTe
Seeker *CaG
Sentence of Death *TTe
Sentenced *TaM
Sentenced to Death *TaM
Sentenced to Die  *FMM, *FC*
"Set the White Man Free!"  *TaMM
Seven Doors *LV
"Seventy Million Dollars"  *TQ
Shaft of Death *GL
Shanghaied *M
She is Mine! *TTr
Sheeta BTa
Sheeta, the Leopard *TQ
"A Ship!"  *PV
Ship *SwM, *TaMM
Ships That Pass *RT
Shooting the Chutes - and After *P
Shot Down *TI
Shoz-Dijiji  *WC
"Shoz-Dijiji is Dead!"  *WC
"Shoz-Dijiji Knows!"  *AD
Silently in the Night  *TTe
Sing Speaks  *MMe
Sir James *LJ
Sir Richard *LJ
Skeleton Canyon  *AD
Skruf of Basti *BSA
Slave Girl *AM*
Slave Raider *TTr
Slavery  *TMM
Slaves  *AEC
Slaves in Chains *LE*
Sly One  *AEC
Snake *TQ
Snake Look *AD
Snake Strikes *LJ
Sobito, the Witch-Doctor *LeM
Sola Tells Me Her Story *PM
Sola's Story  *GM
Soldier of the Guard *JG
Soldiers of Liberty *PV
Some Loose Threads *GF
Son of the First Woman *AM*
Sorrel Colt *DS
Soul of Number Thirteen *Mme
Sound Above the Storm *TQ
Spider of Ghasta  *FMM
Spoils of War *AD
Spoor of Revenge *GL
Spy *CV
Stalked by Numa *TQ
Startling Information *LE*
Stallara *TP
"Stick 'em Up!" *DS
Storm *PV, *LeM, *JBJ
Storm Warning *QT
Storming the Palace *LE*
Strange, Flat Tower *GL
Strange Incense Burns *GL
Strange Tale *TaM
Strange World *AEC
Strangers *TaM
Striking From the Rear *JBJ
Subtlest Vibration *AM*
Sultan  *TaMM
Sun Worshippers  *JBJ
Supreme Sacrifice *M
Surprise  *LV
Surprises *P
Suspicion *SwM
Suspicions *BHB, *MMM
Swede  *BTa
Sword and Buckler *LJ

Taken Alive *TTe
Tambudza *BTa
Tandor Hunter *TP
Tanjong  *CV
Tantor *TaM
Tantor the Elephant *LJ
Tara in a Tantrum *CM
Tarmangani *LJ
Tars Tarkas Finds a Friend  *PM
Tarzan Again Leads the Mangani *JO
Tarzan and the Black Boy  *JT
Tarzan and the Great Apes  *TU
Tarzan Becomes a Beast Again1 *JO
Tarzan-jad-guru  *TTe
Tarzan Recovers His Reason *JO
Tarzan Rescues the Moon  *JT
Tarzan Stalks Brown *TQ
Tarzan Trio *JBJ
Tarzan's First Love *JT
Task for Loyalty  *CM
Tavia *FMM
"Tell Me That You Love Me!"  *BHB
Temple of the Gryf  *tTe
Temple of the Sun *WM
Terrible Game *FC*
Terror *LiM
Thandar, the Seeker *CaG
"That Would Be Eddie" *DS
Theft of the Jewels *JO
"Then the Door Opened *TaMM
Thread of Fate *TJM
Through Carnage to Joy *PM
Through Flood and Flame *GM
Through Smoke and Flame *LiM
Through the Carrion Caves  *WM
Through the Dark Forest  *TEC
Through the Forest Primeval *RT
Through the Night *BHB
Through the Valley of the Shadow *RT
Thuria  *SwM
Thuvia  *GM
Tide of Battle *WM
Tiger Girl  *SP
Timely Intervention *MK
To Kill!  *MMe
To Kooaad *CV
To Live or Die? *LV
To Save Dusar *TMM
To Spirit Land *WC
"To the Death!"  *TTe
To the House of the King  *PV
To the Pits *FMM
To the Rescue  *JBJ, *FC*
To the Thipdar's Nest *TEC
To What Doom  *TQ
To Zanor! *SMJ
Tommies  *TU
"Tomorrow Thou Diest!"  *LJ
Too Late *MMe
Torn Playing Cards  *DS
Tor-o-don  *TTe
Torture *LiM
Torture of Fire *GL
Tough Luck  *BHB
Toward Freedom   *TaM
Toward the Eternal Fires *AEC
Tragic Error *CV
Trail and Its End  *WC
Trailing  *TTr
Training of Jad-bal-ja  *GL
Traitor  *LeM
Traitor King *MK
Trap is Sprung *MK
Trapped  *LiM, *SwM, *TaM
Traveling with Terror *P
Treachery *TMM, *LiM, *TQ, *TaM
Treachery of Abu Batn  *TI
Treason *Mme
Treason Island *SSM
Treason Unmasked *LeM
Treasure Vaults of Opar *RT
Tree-Top Hunter   *TA
Trial *EE
Trohanadalmakus  *AM*
Tul Axtar's Women *FMM
Tur's Deception *EL
Turjun, the Panthan *TMM
"Turn Back!"  *TI
Twenty-Two Years Later *SR
Twins' Plan  *JBJ
'Twixt Love and Duty *M
Two Hostages  *FC*
Two Kings *MK
Two Safaris *TaMM
Two Suns *TP
Two Thousand Dollars for a Head  *AD
Two Thousand Parachutes *JCGM
Two Young Tarzans *TTw
Typhoon *M

U Dan   *SMJ
"Unclean - Unclean! *GF
Under Arrest *GM
Under Lake Horus *FC*
Under Suspicion *LV
Under the Mountains *WM
Unexpected Friends *LE*
"Unspeakable Boor!" *LeM
Up or Down?  *EE
Upon the Field of the Lions *CiG
Usanga's Reward  *TU

Valla Dia *MMM
Vanishing Knives  *TTw*
Vanishing Mr. Greeves *SR
Vaqueros and Warriors *WC
Vats of Life *SMM
Vengeance and Mercy *TU
Verdict *EE
Victoria Obeys the Call *EL
Victory and Defeat *GM
Village of Torture *TA
Village of Yoka  *M
Voice From the Wall *AM*
Voice in the Night *TaMM

Wages of Sin  *TQ
Walled City  *TU
War   *AM*, *JG
War Chief of the Be-Don-Ko-He *WC
War Dance *WC
War of the Seven Jeds *SMM
War Trail *AD
Warrior Women  *CV
Warrior's Reward  *SMM
Warriors from Pnom Dhek  *JG
Watcher  *EL
Water! *DS
Waters of Chinnereth *TTr
Waziri *TTr, *TTw*
We Attempt Escape *SwM
"We Must Both Die!" *SwM
We Plan Escape  *PM
What Happened in the Rue Maule *RT
What the Cave Revealed *EL
What the Footprints Told *GL
When Blood Told *TU
When Hell Broke Loose *GM
When the Lion Charged *TTr, *TaMM
When the Lion Fed *TU
When the Monster Grows *SMM
Where is Ras Thavas? *SMM
Where Trails Met  *LJ
While the Priests Slept *LeM
White and Red  *WC
White Ape  *TA
White Chief of the Waziri *RT
White Prisoner  *CiG
White Ship  *QT
White Slave  *TaMM
Who Killed Gunderstrom?  *DS
Wichita Billings *WC
Wild-girl  *LiM
Wild Man in a Cage *QT
Wild Men  *CaG
Wild People  *CaG
Wildcat Bob Goes Courting  *BHB
Witch-Doctor Seeks Vengeance *JT
With Dejah Thoris *PM
With the Yellow Men *WM
Wreck of the "Halfmoon" *M
Wreck of the "Lady Alice"  *RT

Xaxa  *MMM
Yah-Ik-Tee *WC
Ydeni, the Kuvuru *TQ
"You Are My Girl!" *M
"You Don't Dare!" *BHB
"You Must Sacrifice Him"  *GL
"You're Under Arrest"  *DS

Zerka  *CV

*AM* titles are from the original U.S. pulp magazine versions and later British book editions.
*LE titles are from the 1951 Dell paperback
*FC titles are from the 1952 Whitman abridged editions.
*TTw* and *JBJ* titles are from the 1963 Canaveral combined edition.

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