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Issue 0645
The Many Worlds of
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ERBapa 75: Cover art by Tom BenhamERBapa 76: Cover art by Chris PepoApa 77 cover art by Joe FerrierERBapa 78: Summer 2003Apa 79: Autumn 2003 ~ Tony Menegazzo cover art ~ Out of Time's AbyssApa 80: Winter 2004 ~ 20th Anniversary Issue
ERBapa 81: Cover art by Tom YeatesERBapa 81: Back cover by Shaun HoadleyERBapa No. 82 Cover art by David BurtonApa 83: Fall 2004 ~ Thomas Floyd Cover ArtERBapa 84: Cover art by Joe FerrierERBapa 84: Back cover art by Thomas Floyd
ERBapa No. 75 Fall 2002
ERBapa #76 ~ Winter 2003
ERBapa #77 ~ Spring 2003
ERBapa #78 ~ Summer 2003
ERBapa #79 ~ Fall 2003
ERBapa #80 ~ Winter 2004
ERBapa #81 ~ Spring 2004
ERBapa #82 ~ Summer 2004
ERBapa #83 ~ Fall 2004
ERBapa #84 ~ Winter 2005
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ERB-APA #75    Fall 2002
COVER:  John Carter art by Tom Benham
Contents ~ Roster ~ Kaor ~ Rules of ERBapa ~ Page Count 263 ~ O.E. Shawn Cavender
Ferrier, Joe: Jackleg Logic (opinion) ~ Greystoke Guns: Tarzan and the Forbidden City/Tarzan the Magnificent ~ Grunts & Groans
Hyde, Bob: Photographs of My Collection: Part 2
Franke, Henry G.: ECOF 2002 Report
Menegazzo, Tony: Tarzan Meets Kong: Part 1 of 3 (fan fiction illustrated by author) ~ cartoons, etc.
Brown, Ralph: Hollywood  Collectors and Celebrities Show (Jan. 2002) ~ San Diego Comic Con (August) ~
                        Tarzana ECOF ~ Brown display at Sacramento Library: photos from all events
McGeeney, Bob: Opinion on recent ERB editions ~ "Linguistic Miracles": ERB heroes & languages ~ Mechem Tarzan art
Webber, Ken: Review Dark Horse Comics' "Superman, Tarzan: Sons of the Jungle" ~ Mailing comments ~ cartoons
Richardson, Darrell C.: My Friend George H. Jones: a memorium with photo
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: "La Ascendant" chapters 3-7 with related art ~ Mailing Comments
Three Shells: Tarzan's Sense of Smell ~ The Loathsome Hyena ~ ERB Potpourri: Fiji visit, distaste for Disney Tarzan, comments
Dumont, Richard J.: Pulp & Comic Con reports ~ Tarzan March of Comics Illustrated Index
Adams, David Arthur: Discussion on ERB Summary Project and suggestions for "Future Scholarship on the Life and Works of ERB
Huckenpöhler, J.G. Huck: Other Barsooms: The Martian Visions of ERB in Historical Context ~ map illustrations ~ Comments
Adams, Duane: Languages in the Dell Comics ~ 32 languages spoken
Hunton, Robert L.: The Illustrative Genius of J. Allen St. John ~ cover illustrations ~ Refs: Garrison, Hillman, Richardson ~ Comments
Martin, John: Postal Tributes to ERB - Part 4: One-of-a-kind Covers ~ Edward in the Jungle review ~ Converging Trails ~ sketch
Denkena, Kurt: Fuwalda ~ German clippings and art
Guidry, John H.: An Invitation to Dine: Looking back over 75 issues of ERBapa
Hanson, Alan: Tarzan and the City of Gold: A Tale Born in a Troubled Mind ~ Part 1 ~ Interior art
Howell, D.J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in Exile ~ Chapter 2 continued (fan fiction) ~ Postscript comments
Dunn, Laurence G.: ECOF 2002 in Woodland Hills, California. . . with cartoon by Brian Bohnett and photos
Conran, Mike: Dum-Dum 2002 report with photos and list of guests, awards, souvenirs and panelists ~ Collage of souvenirs
Hillman, Bill: Tarzana Adventures: Hillman Memories of ECOF 2002  ~ ERBzin-e URL Index Issues 351-400
Thompson, Jim: Memories and photo of Homewood Theatre, Homewood, Alabama ~ recent mags of interest
Burroughs, Robert J.: Precambrian Winter: Chapter 10 - Intermission (fan fiction)
Van Hise, James: ECOF 2002 ~ "Burroughs Imitators" by M.J. Moorcock ~ "Influence of ERB on Modern SF" by James Linwood
                        "Moving Time at a House of Horrors" (Ackerman) by Caitlin Liu ~ End of Ackermansion by James Van Hise ~
                        "Case of the Baroque Baby-Killer" early Forrest Ackerman piece on Ray Bradbury ~ Letter from Tarzan (PJF)
Wilcutt, Dennis: Review of Ray Cutherbert's pastiche, Jeanine of the Jungle ~ Manning ERB & Tarzan art ~ Foster art
Miller, Steve: Burroughs on Tape ~ audio books ~ cover art
Ross, Bill: ECOF 2002 photos
Gibbs, Murray: The Fighting Skills of Tarzan ~ Movie photos and comic art ~ Responses to APA 74
Cavender, Shawn: Mike Hoffman art ~ Werper review 3 ~ Quest for Dejah Thoris 3 & 4 illustrations: Cavender, text: Trey Causey
THE LAST WORD by OE Shawn Cavender: Comments on this edition's submissions

ERBapa #76 ~ Winter 2003
COVER:  Pencil sketch by Chris Pepo ~ Nadara-like character from unpublished comic ~ David Adams art: Back Cover, Kaor & Last Word
Contents ~ Page Count 257 ~ Roster ~ Kaor ~ by O.E. Shawn Cavender ~ Rules of ERBapa  ~ Nkima sketch
Zeuschner, Bob: Fantasy Realms of ERB: Tarzana ECOF 2002 Report ~ Art: Thomas Yeates & Chris Schenck
Menegazzo, Tony: fan art & fiction: Tarzan Meets Kong ~ Part 2 of 3 ~ news clippings & carts ~ comments #73/74
Ferrier, Joe: Greystoke Guns: Tarzan and "The Foreign Legion" ~ gun illustrations ~ original & novel art ~ ExacERBator theories
Ross, Bill: ERB Collector ~ Who's Who Behind the Comics ~ Tarzan Marvel credits Issues 1-29 & Annuals ~ #1 cover art
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: La Ascendant ~ Ch.8-12 ~ La art ~ mailing comments
Webber, Kenneth: ERB, Etc. ~ Russ Manning Revisited ~ career art samples ~ bio info
Dumont, Richard J.: Lost In Pal-Ul-Don ~ Index of Dell/Gold Key Comics One-Pagers ~ issues -1 thru 206 ~art samples
Huckenpöhler, J.G.:  Now We Art Six: A Retrospective On The National Capitol Panthans ~ Newsletter illustrations ~ photos ~ Comments
Two From Thuria - Bob Hyde Tarzan FANatic Odyssey XX: Speech at 17th World SF Convention, Detroit, 59.09.06 ~ Hyde art
Adams, Duane: "Tarzan Kills" in the Dell Comics ~ listing of Tarzan's kills in issues -1 thru 79 & annuals ~ 1 art panel
Howell, D.J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in Exile: Chapter III ~ Postscript comments with acknowledgement of ERB's inspiration
McGeeney, Bob: New ERB collectibles ~ Additional Thoughts About the Humour of ERB ~ Illustration Mag review ~ CosmoGirl strips
Conran, Mike: ECOF 2002 report ~ photos ~ Info: sites/guests/awards/souvenirs/panels/activities
Hunton, Robert L.: Investigating Tarzan the Untamed: View of the Superhero & his Creator at the Height of Popularity ~ art: St. John ~ Comments
Richardson, Darrell C.: ERB and The International Mark Twain Society ~ ERB letter to Twain ~ art & certificate
Adams, David: "We Who Are About To Die, Salute You!" Gladiators in the Novels of ERB ~ Roman History Through 100 Novels
Klasek, Terry Alan: A Tale of Two Cities ~ Twin city themes in ERB novels ~ Ballantine cover art
Guidry, John: The Pit of Horror ~ unfavorable reviews on 4 Tarzan TV shows (TAPCAP)(Larson series)
Hanson, Alan: A New Life for The Tarzan Chrono-Log ~ Art: 2 Dave Hoover pieces
Dunn, Laurence G.: Toofani Tarzan ~ 1936 Hindu Bollywood film synopsis and review ~ APA comments ~ Tz cartoon
Denkena, Kurt S.: ERB in German ref. book: Adventure Encyclopedia (Abenteuer Lexikon) ~ collectibles ~ Art: Maxon & Disney ~ comments
Moody, James Michael: Beasts from an 1872 Viewpoint (chronology)~ art ~ APA Talk commentary
Franke, Henry G.: ERBapa Rap news ~ comments ~ 1974 letters: ERBdom & ERBANIA ~ clippings ~ Jan of Jungle Argosy colour cover
Miller, Steve: The Search: Tarzan Print Studio software program ~ Tarzan radio shows in MP3 format on CD-ROM
Wilcutt, Dennis: Preview Lubbers interview ~ Warren Tufts (Gold Key artist) Tribute & photos & art: Lance
Hillman, Bill: John Coleman Burroughs bio and links to full online Tribute, biblio and art galleries ~ ERBzin-e URLs Nos. 401-450
Myrhoj, Nels: New Thing - Identity - V.1 N.1 ~ Weissmuller piece  ~ review & cover ~ APA comments ~ Art: Johnston & Argosy cover
Cavender, Shawn: John Carter and the Prince of Space Pt. 1 ~ fan comic serial ~ sketch by Marat Mychaels
Brown, Ralph: Review: "Primordial" from WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD & OTHER TALES OF THE SEA by Morgan Robertson 1899
Shelhorse, Brooks: Down Memory Lane ~ first memories of ERB & Tarzan and fandom
Thompson, Jim: Review: Disney's Jungle Adventures on Ice  ~ January, 2003 ~ New publications of interest
Wild, Mary McGeehan: Normal Bean News #50 ~ JCB's Treasure of the Black Falcon review & detailed synopsis
O.E. Cavender, Shawn: The Last Word commentary on this issue's articles

ERBapa #77 ~ Spring 2003
COVER: Mummy illustration by Joe Ferrier ~ BACK COVER: Beast and Cabin illustration by David Adams
CONTENTS: Page Count: 248 ~ Roster ~ Kaor ~ Treasury Report by O.E. Shawn Cavender
Waiting List: Robert Woodley ~ William T. Morse ~ Bob Cook ~ Murray Gibbs
Menegazzo, Tony: Fan Fic: Tarzan Meets Kong: Part 3/3 ~ Illustrations by author ~ News clippings ~ Cartoons  ~ Comments
Ferrier, Joe: The Argonne Gun (Korak emphasis)~ Ripley's Believe It Or Not (African entries) ~ Grunts & Groans comments.
Ross, Bill: ERB Collector: Semic International with Malibu Comics (biblio & covers) ~French editions ~ US/FR comparisons
Cavender, Shawn: Title collage ~ Werper's Abominable Snowmen: review/cover ~ JC & Prince of Space: graphic fan fiction
Howell, Dorothy J.: Fanfic: Ashtar Ch. IV ~ Return of Tarzan Meets the Legal System ~ Postscript comments
Webber, Kenneth: Unauthorized Tarzan Films - Part 6: Tarzan Contra El Mau-Mau (3 pics) ~ Mailing Comments ~ Cartoon
Ferrier, Joe: Greystoke Guns Series: Tarzan and the... Tarzan Twins ...Castaways ...Champion ...Jungle Murders ~ Exacerbator comments
Conran, Mike: Tarzan & Jane: Disney's 18 Promotional Displays with photos
Ferrier, Joe: Greystoke Guns Series: Tarzan and the Madman ~ Grunts & Groans comments
Hunton, Robert L.: Perspectives in Burroughsiana: Reading, Appreciating and Interpreting Selected Works of the Creator of Tarzan ~ Comments
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: La Ascendant - 14: Naked, Alone & Chained - 15: Map - 16: Jeanine of the Apes - 17: Return of La - 18: Beasts of Jeanine ~ talk ~ illos
Burrows, Robert J.: Precambrian Winter - Ch. 11: A Plan is Made ~ Ch. 12: New Dimensions ~ illos ~ APANOTES comments
Richardson, Darrell C: Conversation Between Two Veteran Tarzan Collectors: George H. Jones and Darrell C. Richardson
McGreeney, Bob: Recent items added to personal collection ~ Disney Dayz poster ~ Rick Larson art: "Green Man and Princess"
Dunn, Laurence: Friend or Foe?: Outlaw of Torn historical commentary ~ illos ~ Pinnacle cover
Huckenpöhler, J.G.:  Rearranging the Tarzan Stories: An Alternate Chronology ~ APA comments
Hanson, Alan: Tarzan of the Trees - Pt. 1: Native Element, An Airy Bedchamber, Caches, Lonely Highway, Senses, Thrill Ride ~ Foster illos
Martin, John: Answers from Llana of Gathol ~ Converging Trails comments
Three Shells: Tarzan of the Movies ~ Tarzan Rocks (Disney Animal Kingdom) ~ ERB Potpourri ~ Special importance of Foreign Legion
Van Hise, James: Transciption of Mars In The Media - ECOF 2002 Panel: Tracy Griffin, Ted Elliott, Chuck Pogue, Marv Wolfman ~ Illos
Guidry, John H.: Across Space: Reflections on 20 years of ERBapa ~ Kane's Foster
Adams, David: John Carter, Gladiator (Pt. 2 of Gladiators in the Novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs)
Adams, Duane: The Dell Tarzan Feats of Strength
Denkena, Kurt S.: ERB fandom in German ~ Fanzine covers
Franke, Henry G.: ERBapa Rap ~ Barsoom Role Playing Game ~ Going Apa: Elvis, new WB series, St. James encyc. entry ~ Colour illos
Dumont, Richard J.: Tarzan film reviews in Cinefantastique 1981 & 1984 ~ Paul Amazing cover illo
Two From Thuria: Jack Daley mailing comments ~ La Tribune des Amis d'ERB
Griffin, Tracy: What I Did on My ERBAPA Vacation: Bedazzled, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, Honda, Dark of the Moon, FilmFax, fanzines
Thompson, Jim: Joog-Con 2003 ~ Magazine refs: New Left, Cinefantastique, FilmFax, This Old House ~ Denny's Gorton puppet
Hillman, Bill: Russ Manning Tribute: Bio, Biblio, Art, Photos, Links to expanded online version ~ ERBzin-e Index Nos. 451-500
Wilcutt, Dennis: DC/Dark Horse Superman-Tarzan cover art and comment ~ Barrett's Tarzan of the Funnies ~ Comments
LAST WORD by OE Shawn Cavender

ERBapa #78 ~ Summer 2003
COVER: Tarzan by Hal Blane ~ Special I Am A Barbarian Issue
CONTENTS: Page Count: 234 ~ Roster ~ Kaor ~ Reports by O.E. Shawn Cavender
Waiting List: William T. Morse ~ Bob Cook ~ Murray Gibbs
Richardson, Darrell C.: Inside Story of "The King of the Pulps" ~ New book on H. Bedford-Jones
Ferrier, Joe: Greystoke Guns: Dark Heart of Time & Lost Adventure ~ Grunts & Groans commentary
Brown, Ralph: Neverending Story news ~ eBay ERB letters, pinback, diorama kit ~ Tarzan guitar picks
Howell, D. J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in Exile: Ch. IV Ashtar cont. ~ Barbarian commentary ~ Postscript comments
Hanson, Alan: Tarzan of the Trees - Pt. 2 ~ with Hogarth illos ~ Mailing Comments for APA 77 ~ Chrono-Log Promo
Webber, Kenneth: ERB-ETC.: Gordon Scott, Barbarian ~ Foreign Tarzan ~ Tarzan WB TV series ~ Disney Musical ~ Comments
McGeeney, Bob: "Barbarian" comments ~ Barbarian in SF&F Titles
Ross, Bill: ECOF 2003 Photo Gallery and Captions ~ Hanover, Maryland
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: La Ascendant: Ch. 19 Catching Up ~ Ch. 20 There Was Morning and There Was Evening.~ Mailing Comments
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fuwalda ~ Tarzan art ~ Barker Bio ~ Derr Mann, Der Tarzan
Adams, David: Tarzan and the Gladiator: Significance of this role in varioius Tarzan novels ~ Nkima's Farewell : -(
Richardson, Darrell C.: Joe Bonomo: Hercules of the Screen ~ Call Me Tarzan
Menegazzo, Tony: Barbarian Comments ~ Clippings ~ Tarzan and the Vampires of Africa Strip: story and art by Tony
Conran, Mike: Laurence Con V: Pittsburgh Comics Con & National Capital Panthans 2003 ~ Photos ~ Captions
Adams, Duane: The Dell Gladiators ~ Tarzan as gladiator in Marsh comics
Dumont, Richard J.: Location of Tarzan's Estate ~ Book Clues ~ Deductions ~ Maps
Hunton, Robert L.: ERB Encounters a True Madman: Perspectives on the Life and Times of Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
Huckenpöhler, J.G.:  A Bibliography of Bibliographies: General ~ Specialized ~ Catalogues -- Submission Comments ~ Cover Illo
Hyde, C.B., Albert, Walter & Daley, Jack (Two from Thuria): Odyssey Ch. LVI ~ All-Story Contents Jan. 1912 ~ La Tribune no. 44
Klasek, Terry Alan: Papyrus Scroll of Erich von Harben: The 1920s Time Portals
Moody, James Michael: Backdrop for Beasts ~ APA Talk
Shelhorse, Brooks: I Am A Barbarian: The Fear of Crucifixion ~ Commentary ~ Quotes ~ Illustrations
Burrows, Robert J.: Precambrian Winter (fiction): Ch. 13 Through the Black Hole ~ Ch. 14: Assessment -- APA Notes
Dunn, Laurence: Beyond 30 ~ LaurenceConV ~ ECOF Gathering, Baltimore 2003
Hillman, Bill: ERBzine v03n11: JCB Archive ~ Japanese art in Barbarian ~ ERB correspondence hilites 1940-41 ~ Index v.501-550
Guidry, John: Grand Hunt: Brian Kane's Foster Bio: Prince of Illustrators, Father of the Adventure Srip
Martin, John: "Barbarian yarn might put Roman noses out of joint" ~ Illos ~ Vocabulary ~ ERB Postal Collectibles ~ Comments
Three Shells: WB TV "Gone Too Far" ~ Student observations on Tarzan ~ Barbarian Commentary: Julian-Claudian Family Tree, Roman Map
Moody, James Michael: ERB-APA Talk ~ Commentary on submissions
Zeuschner, Bob: Pages from Society of Illustrators Catalogue 1919 with showings by Schoonover, Bull and Stahr.
Franke, Henry G.: ERBapa Rap ~ ERB World news ~ Barbarian commentary ~ Valley of Gold commentary.
Thompson, Jim: Report: Jefferson's Monticello ~ ECOF 2003 Baltimore ~ OJT-Con II in Washington, DC ~ Maryville TN friends
Wild, Mary McGeehan: I, Britannicus or Upstairs, Downstairs at Caligula's Place ~ Barbarian summary & comments
Miller, Steve: The Gulf Between ~ Tarzan Returns to Manhattan ~ Mailing Comments ~ Illos
Wilcutt, Dennis: Summary of daily strip stories from 1950 to 1968 by Bob Lubbers and John Celardo ~ Mailing Commetns
Van Hise, Jim: Stepsons of ERB and Otis Adelbert Kline discussion ~ Jan of the Jungle art
Cavender, Shawn: Thoughts on Barbarian ~ Werper's Winged Invaders  review ~ JC & Prince of Space strip story
LAST WORD: OE Shawn Cavender's comments on this issue's submissions
ERBapa #79 ~ Fall 2003
: Out of Time's Abyss by Tony Menegazzo
CONTENTS: Page Count: 216 ~ Roster ~ Kaor ~ Reports by O.E. Shawn Cavender
Waiting List: Nels Myrhoj, Shaun Hoadley, Bob Cook
Ferrier, Joe: Jetan Chessmen discussion and sketches ~ '70s photo of author USAF ~ Grunts & Groans
Webber, Kenneth: Tarzan Sunday Pages: Bob Lubbers - Pt.One: Bio and strip summaries ~art ~ Mailing Comments ~ cartoon
Menegazzo, Tony: ERB Corner: Mystery Face collage ~ Tarzan & Vampires of Africa: art & story by Tony ~ Newspaper clippings ~ Mars article
Hanson, Alan: Tarzan of the Trees addendum: It's Not All a Jungle ~ discussion on Tarzan's "Jungle": St. John art ~ Stalin in ERB fiction
Dumont, Richard J.: Lost in Pal-ul-don: Photos and discussion of African animals
Ferrier, Joe: Hanson's Handbook: Review and Discussion of information gleaned fromt he Hanson book ~ Bomba Bites The Big Apple: WB Tarzan TV
Brown, Ralph: Never Ending Story: Louisville Dum-Dum 2003: observations and photos ~ TV Guide page on the screen Tarzans
McGeeney, Bob: The Fun Addict: Dum-Dum 2003 Experiences ~ King of the Jungle by William E. Wing: review, chapter summaries, cover illo.
Richardson, Darrell C.: Pulp articles: Story of Tarzan by ERB ~ Tarzan Fans by Al Herman ~ Kid Tarzan by Charles Dorman ~ Fame of Tarzan ~ photo
Klasek, Terry Alan: Papyrus Scroll of Erich von Harben ~ The Klasek/ERB connection through the years.
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: Burroughs Boom and Boomlets: A Statistical Analysis ~ graphs~ Panthans attempt to view Mars at its closest  ~ comments
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fulwalda #59: ERB info from Germany: ad brochure ~ Tarzan comic art from cover and interiors
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: Mailing Comments ~ Mark Schultz Barsoom art ~ Gene Ha caricature of Raymond.
Ross, Bill: ERB Collector: A Bibliography of Bibliographies (Overlooked Biblios from ERB Collector and Tarzine)
Hunton, Robert L.: "Mr. Hunton, What's a Stygian?" ERB classroom activities described ~ Comments
Conran, Mike: ECOF 2003: Hanover, Maryland hosted by National Capitol Panthans: Journal of activities and events
Guidry, John H.: Lost Fanzine of Jasoom:: Zerka: eMail spellchecker suggested alternate spellings for ERB characters
Burrows, Robert J.: FanFic: Precambrian Winter: Ch. 15 Liberation
Dunn, Laurence G.: Dum-Dum Louisville 2003: journal of events ~ Inscribed photos of Jim and Joan Burroughs Pierce
Zeuschner, Bob: Louisville Dum-Dum of 2003: journal of events ~ Photos: Danton Burroughs ~ Bob with Boris and Julie Bell.
Van Hise, James: Burroughs Newsbeat: A Guide to the Modern Revival: history of the Newsbeat fanzine ~ OAK pulp promo page
Hillman, Bill: Major George Tyler Burroughs, Sr. Tribute: bio & memoriam: letters, photos, link to online illustrated version & comments ~ ERBzin-e Index 551-600
Woodley, Robert A.: Under the Moans of Mars: ERB parody in 10 pages.
Three Shells: ERB Evangelism ~ Thoughts on WB Tarzan ~ Tarzan an the Devil Ogre: Review: First Marsh Tarzan story in Dell Comics 1947
Cavender, Shawn: WB's Tarzan impressions and photos
Franke, Henry G.: Dum-Dum 2003 journal and description of Huckster wares & colour photos ~ WB Tarzan thoughts ~ Talk with Paul Norris
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Ishi, the Last Stone-Age American: influence on ERB?
Hyde, Bob (Two for Thuria): Odyssey of a Tarzan FANatic Ch. LVII: 1989 events: Tarzana ECOF ~ Chicago Normal Beans 75th
Daley, Jack (Two for Thuria): Mailing Comments on #72:  Problems with Tarzan the Magnificent
Shellhorse, Brooks: The ERB Line: WB Tarzan impressions ~ Comments ~ Tarzan ceramic figurines from Italy: Epiphany cakes
Thompson, Jim: ECOF 2003 journal of activities ~ Recent publications of interest
Howell, Dorothy J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in Exile: Synopsis - Ch. V Into Exile - Post script ~  Comments
Wilcutt, Dennis: Review of La Ascendant ~ Cheetah pics & clips ~ Lubbers strips ~ Dum-Dum 2003 thoughts & pic ~ comments ~ WB Tarzan & McWhorter articles

ERBapa #80 ~ Winter 2004  ~ 20th Anniversary Issue
: Art by Shaun Hoadley: Front: Tarzan's Croc Fight ~ Back: Tarzan and the Golden Lion
CONTENTS: Page Count: 260 ~ Roster ~ Kaor ~ Farewell Report by O.E. Shawn Cavender
Waiting List: Shaun Hoadley, Bob Cook
Ferrier, Joe: Greystoke Gospel: Tarzan of the Apes and The Return of Tarzan ~ Illustrations by the author ~ Grunts & Groans comments
Hunton, Robert L.: The Meanderings of an Antiquarian Junkie: A Chance Encounter with Howard E. Green's The Tarzan Chronicles . . .
McGeeney, Bob: Fun Addict: WB Tarzan TV Trivia ~ Review of ERB's An Auto-Biography
Hanson, Alan: Henry Hardy Heins: A Retrospect ~ Photos ~ Letter ~ Mailing Comments
Menegazzo, Tony: Dum-Dum 2003 Photos ~ WB Tarzan articles ~ Trivia Quiz ~ Photos ~ Denny Miller at Oak Park Historical Society ~ Comments
McGeehan, Thomas and Mary McGeehan Wild: An Incomplete Listing of the Works of Otis Adelbert Kline
Ross, Bill: Burroughs Bibliophiles Dum-Dum 2003: Photo Gallery with captions ~ Group Photo of ERBapians
Brown, Ralph: Never Ending Story ~ Plans for ECOF 2004 in Sacramento ~ eBay Highlights ~ Johnny Weissmuller Kings of Sport Series
Dumont, Richard J.: Tarzan in the Great War: Influence of ERB's reference book, Marching On Tanga by Francis Brett Young ~ with map
Howell, D.J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in Exile: Ch. VI Exile ~ Postscript Comments
Richardson, Darrell C.: The Pulp Era reprint: Why I Wrote The Bantan Novels by Maurice B. Gardner ~ Dave Prosser art ~ Title List
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: Tarzan in Mouse Ears: Some Thoughts On The Disney Version ~ Listing of Disney Tarzan Books ~ Comments
Klasek, Terry Alan: The Papyrus Scroll of Erich von Harben: Text written for ERB display at the Saint Louis County Library, Nov. 2003 ~ Photos
Conran, Mike: Journal on Dum-Dum 2003, Louisville, Kentucky ~ Photos ~ Info on Guests, Awards, Souvenirs, Panel, Sites.
Two from Thuria: Bob Hyde, Jack Daley, Walter Albert: Hyde Odyssey  (1990) ~ Hogarth art ~ Daley's 20 Years After ~ Albert::  What Happened to Walt
Guidry, John H.: Chapter 80: Across Space ~ Looking back to how the author lauched ERBapa 20 years ago.
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: WB's Tarzan ~ Episode Summaries and Credits ~ Mailing Comments
Burrows, Robert J.: Precambrian Winter: Chapter 16 - Modern Interlude (fan fiction) ~ Apa Notes
Moody, James Michael: (Greystoke Chronologist)  Between Apes and Beast
Webber, Kenneth: Tarzan Sunday Pages - Part Two: Bob Lubbers ~ Art examples ~ The Far East Tarzan Films- Unauthorized Films #7 ~ Comments
Moody, James Michael: Greystoke Chronologist ~ "Kidnapped" ~ Beasts of Tarzan chrono Oct. 1, 1895 - Nov. 9, 1896 ~ APA Talk Comments
Zeuschner, Bob: ERB Reference Books: A Descriptive Appreciation: Heins, Zeuschner, Huckenpohler, McWhorter, Erardi, Bergan, Bohnett, Barrett
Dunn, Laurence G.: Tarzan. . . Warner Bros Style. . .  Review and Comments ~ Colour Photo of Stars ~ UK Antique Car Rallly tie-in with TA ~ Genevieve colour poster
Martin, John: Tarzan QSL Cards: illustrations ~ Farewell to a non-Tarzan (WB) ~ Tarzan Around the World: NZ, Texas, New Jersey, CA ~ Converging Trails
Franke, Henry G.: Shawn Cavender Visit ~ WB Tarzan's Short Life: comments ~ APA Bits: Related ERB books, art & memorabilia ~ ERB Ghostwriters?
Miller, Steve: Dancing Girl of Sidi Aissa: 50's OTR Tarzan series Intro: Synposis of six radio show episodes
Cavender, Shawn: John Carter and the Prince of Space: Part 4 ~ Facing the Prince: graphic novel series by Shawn
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fuwalda: Illustrated report on ERB comics, books and memorabilia in Germany
Gibbs, Murray: Savage Return after a four issue hiatus ~ Fighting Skills of Tarzan Pt. II illustrated ~ In Response comments
Hillman, Bill: All-Gory Pulp Parody the first 20 chapters of the Ratnaz Files (including summary of Tangor chapters) ~ ERBzine Index 651-700 ~ Home from ERB/Danton Burroughs archive
Shellhorse, Brooks: 20 Ann. of APA ~ Discussion of non-ERB Tarzan stories ~ Jane, Fa La-La ~ Request that ERBzine be backed up on CD
Thompson, Jim: ECOF 2003 - Day 2 ~ Items of ERB Interest: Playboy Nov 03, Movieline's Hollywood Life Jan 04, AARP The Magazine Jan 04
Myrhoj, Nels: ERB road trip of 19 days and 11000 kms ~ book shops, Hillmans in Brandon, Cuthbert in Winnipeg, Family, Pulpcon in Dayton, McGeeney, Lukes
Three Shells: Jen: My Picture of Frank Frazetta ~ Bill: Tarzan TV Series, "New" ERB Book SF Book Club, Movie Script Suggestions ~ Frazetta art
Wilcutt, Dennis: Comments on NASA direction ~ Williamson art ~ Tarzan Daily Stories by Bob Lubbers (cont) 4th Story #3511-3573 ~ Sample strips
Griffin, Scott Tracy: King of the Jungle Revisited ~ background, clippings of the 1927 serial
Morse, W.T.: On Safari: News on ERB, Inc. film projects and legal wins ~ Report on Dum-Dum 2003 and Vallejos ~Tarzan & Valley of Cain UK 1972 reprint & illos
OE Shawn Cavendar's Last Word comments and farewell from editor stint
ERBapa 81: Spring 2004 ~ Issue No. 81

Covers: Front: Thomas Yeates art from the Henry Franke "Snowmen of Jupiter" Collection ~ Back: Dejah Thoris by Shaun Hoadley
Contents Page: ERBapa Roster ~ Page Count: 182 ~ Kaor from new OE, Henry Franke ~ Kaorspondence letters page ~ e-Mail addresses ~ Wait List: Bob Woodley & Bob Cook
Hoadley, Shaun Raymond: Beyond Thirty poem
Ferrier, Joe: Pearl Harbor Hero ~ a review of Max Allan Collins' The Pearl Harbor Murders (mystery novel featuring Ed and Hully Burroughs) ~ Grunts & Groans
Cavender, Shawn:  Thankyous from departing  OE ~ Review and covers: Adventure of the Peerless Peer ~ Mailing Comments
Brown, Ralph: England visit with L. Dunn ~ Frances Dee RIP & autograph ~ Dan Parsons Interview & Art & ECOF 04 Poster
Managazzo, Tony: ERB Corner with cartoons ~ JW photo ~ Graphic Novel cont. Tarzan: Where's Jane?, 7 art & story by Tony
Richardson, Darrell C.: Kline vs Burroughs Discussions by Sam Moskowitz, Frank Belknap Long, Richardson, Oakleaves ~Ralph Milne Farley pic & letter
Conran, Mike: Non-Tarzan Tarzan Comic Books discussion with sample pages
Ross, Bill: ERB Collector: Who's Who Behind the Comics: Dark Horse Part I biblio ~ 7 covers
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: Collecting ERBapas Pt. Two ~ 5 covers ~ Mailing Comments
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fowalda No. 61 ~ German Tarzan Brochures with much Hogarth and Foster art
Huckenpöhler, J. G.: And Then What Happened? The Sequels Burroughs Never Wrote: Comments on Issue 80 Submissions
Hyde, Bob and Walter Albert: Hyde Odyssey Ch. LIX 1991 ~ Photos with ERB artists/writers ~ Tarzan in Paris from 1950 French comic book Collection Tarzan: 4-page supplement to Foster's 1929 Tarzan
Webber, Kenneth: Bob Lubber's Tarzan Comic Strips - Part 3 (summaries and art) ~ ads for 2 foreign Tarzan films ~ cartoon ~ Comments
Guidry, John H.: The Two Kings: Book & Film Reviews of Stoneman's King of the Jungle and Mulvihill's Sands of the Kalahari
Hanson, Alan: The Talking Tarzan "...a man of few words" ~ A Quiet Dignity, Value of Silence, Useless Talk, Useful Talk
Van Hise, Jim: 2002 San Diego Con Interview: Mark Evanier, Julius Schwartz, Ray Bradbury, Al Feldstein ~ Planet Stories Jan. 1954 art
Franke, Henry G.: Visiting KY and TN ~ Reviews: John Dunning ~ Otto Binder discussion ~ Cheeta's painting with pic ~ apabits
Dunn, Laurence G.: Atheistic Bastards... a rebuttal ~ John Carter and the Gods of Mars (discussion of religion)
Shellhorse, Brooks: Lost Lands of ERB (preparing for the Lost Lands Summer Symposium) ~ JW photo & Manning art ~ Comments
Howell, D. J.: Jer'ok in Exile: Synopsis & Ch. VII Desolation ~ Comments: Hogarth Estate vs. ERB, Inc.: Appeal Aug. 29, 2003
McGeeney, Bob: Bursley Tarzan Club & '30s Tarzan radio show with radio ad copy
Three Shells: Jennifer's farewell from APA
Hillman, Bill: Excerpts from many letters from Yale 1886-87 by George and Harry Burroughs ~ New addresses ~ Archive issues 0701-0750
Wilcutt, Dennis: Bob Lubbers' Daily Tarzan Stories summarized with art from 7 strips ~ New Tarzan DVD releases ~ Comments
Morse, W. T.: News ~ Hogarth legal loss ~ Comments ~ Tarzan story reprint from British Annual 1977 with cover and art
Thompson, Jim: Brazilian book on eBay: A Primera Aventura De Tarzan Em Quadrinhos ~ 100 ann. of ERB
Franke, Henry: The Last Word: Comments on this issues contents by the OE.

ERBapa 82: Summer 2004 ~ Issue No. 82 ~ Special Lost Lands Symposium Issue

Cover: David Burton's oil on canvas painting of A Princess of Mars (colour)
Contents Page: ERBapa Roster ~ Page Count: 266 ~ Kaor from OE, Henry Franke ~ Passing of Bill Shell ~ Kaorspondence letters page with tributes to Bill Shell ~ e-Mail addresses ~ Wait List:  Bob Cook ~ Princess of Mars Film Update ~ e-Mail addresses of APA Members (see )
Ferrier, Joe: Jackleg Logic commentary illustrated with sketches ~ Grunts and Groans
Dunn, Laurence: LaurenceCon VI account with Panthans Journal illos ~ Visit to Machu Piccu: Lost Andean City of ERB's Tales with photos
McGeeney, Bob: Lost Worlds: Tarzan and the Lost Empire discussion
Dumont, Richard J.: Index Dell / Gold Key  Tarzan Comics Back Covers with 10 illustrations
Menegazzo, Tony: Jungle cartoons ~ Mars Word Search ~ Obit: J.W. Widow ~ News Clips ~ "Hybrid of Horror" by JCB & JRB ~ 20 pp ~ 1940
Richardson, Darrell C.: Tribute to Paul C. Allen (Barsoomian) ~ "Burroughs Item" by Julian  Chambers reprint ~ Allen news clipping 1967
Guidry, John H.: Outlaw of Torn discussion ~ Gregory Walcott Interview bit: Film Fax 1998 (How he lost Tarzan role to Gordon Scott)
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: Hidden Lands of Virgil Finlay & J. Allen St. John ~ Chester D. Cuthbert and the pulps ~ 12 illos ~ Mailing  Comments
Huckenpöhler, J. G.: Pithecanthropus: From "DuBois to Burroughs ~ 3 illos (ERB notebook sketch, skullcap photos, Burian) ~ Submissions Comments
Klasek, Terry Alan: Lost City of Opar ~ 3 comparison illos of La ~ Ballantine ad 1965
Hanson, Alan: Plundering of Tarzan's Africa with 2 illos
Conran, Mike: Non-Tarzan Comic Books ~ Part 2: Sports Thrills: How J.W. Became a Champion Swimmer and Tarzan: 5 comic page illos.
Franke, Henry: Lost Lands ~ Visit to Moskowitz Papers at Texas A&M ~ Jules Verne Society ~ Tarzana Visit ~ Going APA Bits ~
Hillman, Bill: Back to ERB's Tarzana Ranch 1921: Docu-Novelette  ~ Text adaptation of illustrated feature in ERBzine 1041  ERBzine Index for Nos. 0751-0800 ~ Preview of ERB Library Project: September 2004 Release in ERBzine (1,100 titles ~ 60 Webpages)
Van Hise, James: "Palos of the Dog Star Pack by J.U." Giesy 1918 plus "...Zitu" "Jason..." ~ A Burroughs Imitator? ~ 4 illos by Frank R. Paul
Denkena, Kurt S.: Weissmuller 100-Year Exhibit in Germany with photos & bio ~ Pellucidar map from Dictionary of Imaginary Places
Webber, Ken: Tarzan Sunday Strips: The John Celardo Years - Part One with 6 illos
Burrows, Robert J. Precambrian Winter (fanfic): Ch. 17 - Action and Reaction ~ Ch. 18 - Back to the Lab ~ APA 81 Notes
Ross, Bill: Burroughs Bibliophiles 2004 Dum-Dum at Fort Collins, Colorado: Photos and report
Martin, John: Pellucidar: Lost but not least ~ Romania honors Tarzan, Weissmuller with plaque and postal collectibles (illustrated)
Cavender, Shawn: Tarzan DVDs: MGM Set, Platinum Set, Tarzan the Ape Man ~ Artist: Juan Jose Ryp with illos ~ "JC & Prince of Space 5" (fanfic graphic story)
Howell, Dorothy J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in Exile: Ch. 8 Tempest (fanfic) ~ Postscript Comments
Gibbs, Murray: Fighting Skills of Tarzan III ~ Gibbs Fold-Out Colour Art: "Tarzan vs Mr. Train"  and a 1-page b/w illo (Elmo Lincoln fight)
Miller, Steve: The Delirium: Report on Tarzan DVDs ~ Synopses of three 1951 Tarzan radio shows (Commodore)
Moody, James Michael: A Revision of Kidnapped submission in No. 80 ~ Chronology Oct 14, 1896 - Feb 27, 1897 ~ APA 81 Talk
Thompson, Jim: ECOF 2003 Day 3 report ~ OJT-ConII Washington DC  log ~ John Tyner's Collection
Hyde, Bob  Odyssey of a Tarzan FANatic Ch. LX 1992: Lukas & Denby in Toronto, Barrett in Wichita, Denver ECOF (McGuigan, Whites), Achievement Award, Dayton PulpCon, Hamilton monument to Symmes ~ 3 photos
Daley, Jack: Lost Land Discussion on Favourites with one sketch
Zeuschner, Bob: Lost Civilizations of ERB discussion with Art: Yeates, Whelan, Hoffman, St. John, Hogarth
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Tarzan Breaks the Comics Blockade ~ Discovering ERB through the years ~ Dorothy Hart LA Times obit article with photo
Shelhorse, Brooks: Lost Lands of ERB: My Favorite ~ 4 illos
McGeehan Wild, Mary: Women in ERB Pt. 3: Burroughs' Best Girl -- The Girl from Hollywood ~ analysis ~ 3 Girls (Burke, Lathrop, Sackett)
Three Shells Farewell: Farewell to father, Bill Shell, and membership.
THE LAST WORD by OE Henry Franke: Observations on this issues submissions ~ Departure for Iraq in January 2005
ERBapa 83: Fall 2004 ~ Issue No. 83

Cover: Panther Girl cover by Thomas Floyd
Contents Page: ERBapa Roster ~ Page Count: 201 ~ Kaor from OE, Henry Franke ~ Explanation of late mailing ~  Kaorspondence letters page ~ e-Mail addresses ~ Wait List:  Bob Cook, S. Bradleigh Vinson, Peter Geissler  ~ e-Mail addresses of APA Members (see )
Ferrier, Joe: "On the Bosom of Barsoom" poem with illustrations by the author ~ Grunts & Groans
Richardson, Darrell C.: Foreign Comics On The Tarzan Theme: covers & comments ~ Those Macabre Pulps
Hoadley, Shaun Raymond: Flashing Blade and Copper Princess (ERB influences) ~ ERB portrait & JC art by the author
Menegazzo, Tony: Dum-Dum 2004 photos ~ "He, Tarzan" Coloradoan news article ~ Mailing Comments
Dumont, Richard J.: Tarzan and "The Foreign Legion" article with maps of routes
Webber, Ken: John Celardo Tarzan Sunday Strips - Part II ~ sample art
Huckenpöhler, J. G.: A Retrospective: Ten Years of Dime Lectures ~ list of articles~ WordCon Report ~ ERB Achievement Award ~ Comments
Ross, Bill: ECOF 2004 Sacramento ~ Report and photos
Moody, James Michael: Tarzan on Jungle Island chronology
Hanson, Alan: A Basic Burroughs Reference Library: i.e. Porges, Heins, GT McWhorter, letters, fanzines, Hanson.
Dunn, Laurence G.: Disney Madness Strikes Again: 3 pages of Disney merchandise in colour ~ Comments
Guidry, John: Four "TAPCAP" summaries ~ Recommendation of "A Princess of Earth" by Mike Resnick (Asimov SF, Dec. 2004).
McGeeney, Bob: Fun Addict finds ~ Comments about Grunts and Groans ~ Joe's Dope Sheet ads with Jazzan comic pages.
Denkena, Kurt: Tarzan-related news items and comic art from Germany
Conran, Mike: Dum-Dum 2004 report with photos ~ another in the "facts" series: sites, guests, awards, souvenirs, panel, events.
Howell, D.J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in Exile ~ Synopsis ~ Ch. IX Captured ~ Postscript
Brown, Ralph: ECOF 2004 report & photos ~ Conventions past ~ Photo: Amanda Brown with Bill Ross ~ Westwood 1989 letter.
Thompson, Jim: Scandals of Tarzan ~ Tarzan in erotica (10 items) ~ Recent pubs of interest: Cinefantastique & Natural History
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: Mark Schultz - The New Scribe of Prince Valiant ~ art illustrations ~ Mailing Comments
Hillman, Bill: The ERB Personal Library: 1875-1950 Collated by Themes ~ Part I with article excerpt by ERB from ~ ERBzine Archive Volumes 0801-0850
Burrows, Robert: Precambrian Winter: Ch. 19: Never A Time To Sleep ~ Comments
Miller, Steve: On the Balcony: ERB films on DVD: Tarzan Commodore OTR March 8, 1951 summary.
Hyde, Bob (Two From Thuria): Odyssey of a Tarzan FANatic Ch. LX, Pt. 2 ~ 1992 African Safari with photos ~ comments
Albert, Walter (Two From Thuria): La Tribune des amis d'ERB: contents No. 47 Dec. 2002 ~ No. 48 March 2003 with 3 illos
Franke, Henry G.: 2004 ECOF observations ~ Hillman Tarzana Ranch 1921 letter ~ Going APA & apabits new collectibles ~ cartoons
Hardy, David: How I met the Ape Man ~ memories of discovering Tarzan as a youth
Cavender, Shawn: New Tarzan DVDs: Greystoke, The Fearless, The Trappers ~ Comments
Morse, Bill: News ~ Comments ~ British Tarzan Annual 1977-78, Pt. II Castle of Fear Ch. 4 ~ Archer of Mons Ch. 5 ~ Duel at World's End Ch. 6 ~ illos
Shellhorse, Brooks: ERB: Businessman article
Woodley, Bob: ERB, Reality, and Modern Fiction ~ absurdities in fiction ~ ERB "grandfather of reality"
O.E. Last Word by Henry Franke: Comments on articles featured in issue #83.
ERBapa 84: Winter 2005 ~ Issue No. 84
Cover Art
: Joe Ferrier's Tarzan at Safari Camp ~ Back Cover Art: Tarzan by Thomas Floyd

Contents Page: ERBapa Roster ~ Page Count: 224 ~ Kaor from OEs Henry Franke and Shawn Cavender ~ OE Franke deployed to Iraq ~ Kaorspondence letters page: Voice of Disney Tarzan II - Bob Cook's health - Mary McGeehan Wild's resignation ~ e-Mail addresses ~ Wait List:  Bob Cook, Brad Vinson, Phil Normand, Peter Geissler ~  Rules for ERBapa ~  e-Mail addresses of APA Members (see )
Martin, John: Tarzan rides mailstream on Great ACE Day (Art Cover Exchange): 26 illustrated envelopes by mail
Ross, Bill: Who's Who Behind the Comics: Dark Horse Comics Part 2 ~ June 6, 1995 - May 2002 ~ 9 cover illos
Ferrier, Joe: Thelma, Barmaid of Bismarck by "Jay Gryfalken" with illos ~ Grunts & Groans comments on submissions
Dumont, Richard: Burne Hogarth Sparkler Comic Covers ~ Intro with 12 covers b/w
Menegazzo, Tony: Tarzan and the Lost City of Durad: Story and artwork by Tony (5 pages) ~ ERB Corner: clippings, cartoons, pics, Ape House zoo pics
Dunn, Laurence: Eleanor Holm -- destined never to be Jane. . .6 pics ~ 25 comics covers in colour ~ cartoon ~ Mailing Comments
Richardson, Darrell: Oakland Tribune clippings: Greetings from its featured artists and writers: ERB greetings and his drawn image
Conran, Mike: ECOF 2004 Sacramento report with many pics ~ ECOF credits: sites, guests, souvenirs, panels, points of interest
Webber, Ken: John Celardo Tarzan Sunday Strips III: Feb 3, 1957 - Nov 16, 1958 with 5 illos ~ 2 cartoons ~ Mailing Comments
Franke, Henry: Farewell: departure for Iraq ~ 10 pages of colour photos ~ visits to David Hardy, Laurence Dunn, Bill Ross ~ ERB-related pubs
Brown, Ralph: Acapulco visit to Weissmuller gravesite ~ 10 photos ~ Newspaper article (1 page with 2 photos)
Hanson, Alan: Clash of Cultures: A Look at the Role of Arabs in the Fiction of Edgar Rice Burroughs I: 8 pages with art by St. John, JCB, Maxon
Huckenpöhler, J. G.: ERB's First "Lost Race": The Mangani ~ 4 illos and 1 page Africa map ~ Mailing Comments
Thompson, Jim: OJT-Con III, Dayton, Ohio, Dec 29, 2004-Jan2, 2005 visit to Spargurs
Burrows, Robert: Precambrian Winter (fan fic): Ch. 20 - Refreshment of Interest ~ Mailing Notes on Nol 83
Van Hise, Jim: Pete Ogden's ERBANIA: Checklist of oldest ERB fanzine ~ 89 issues: April 1956-Summer 2004 ~ 5 covers
Guidry, John: TAPCAP reviews of Tarzan TV series: Jewel of Justice ~ Night of Horrors
Wilcutt, Dennis: Update ~ Bob Lubbers daily Tarzan strips ~ MGM DVD set reviews ~ obits ~ many strip illos ~ Mailing Comments
Cuthbert, Raymond: Neal Adams: Tarzan Artist: bio, 2 art illos, autograph ~ Mailing Comments
Gibbs, Murray: The Fighting Skills of Tarzan in the Movies II - the talkies ~ Murray art ~ Pierce, O'Sullivan, Hart stills ~ In Response comments
Hillman, Bill: ERB's Remarkable Summer of '93 (docu-fiction) Ch. 8: Ed and His Electric Flier ~ 3 illos ~ ERB Library: Themes Collation II ~ ERBzine Archive nos. 851-900 ~ Nevada News clipping 1939: "Fake Tarzans are Warned by Famed Author"
Howell, D. J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in Exile: Synopsis ~ Ch. IX Captured (cont.) ~ Postscript comments
Hyde, Bob: Odyssey of a Tarzan FANatic Ch LXI flashbacks: 1993: Gray Morrow & Denny Miller photos ~ Dum Dum Poster ~ Lubbers art ~ Safari map
Daley, Jack: (Two from Thuria)  Dancing at the Dum Dum ~ Comments on the success of Bob Hyde's 1993 Dum-Dum
Moody, James Michael: Greystoke Chronology: A Jungle Chase Begins Feb 13 - 23, 1897 ~ Comments to three contributors
Denkena, Kurt: Tarzan-related news items and comic art from Germany ~ cartoons ~ Weissmuller info
Cavender, Shawn: Updates ~ Franke visit ~ 4 photos ~ Suggestions for casting John Carter: The Movie ~ Mailing Comments
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Tarzan and Hollywood: Another Shelf in the Completist's Library: Part I: Leading Men and Ladies, Firsthand ~ Periodical refs
Miller, Steve: Lamont Johnson short bio & photo ~ Tarzan OTR: Mar 22, 1951 Jungle Legacy synopsis
The Last Word: Issue comments by Henry Franke and Shawn Cavendar ~ ERB Fan & Writer, Bill  Tredinnick dies

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