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Welcome to Federation Colony of New Deridous, Norvan Star System

A Proud Member of Sixth Fleet

Founded at the start of the new year of 2383, after the natural destruction of the Deridous Star System, and located along the Gorn Neutral Zone, the planet of New Deridous (alternatively known as Norvan 3) is a planet absolutely teeming with life, adventure, and scientific discoveries.

New Deridous, and its primary settlements if Serenity and Camp Phoenix, is home to roughly 10,000 civilians and military personnel who survived Deridous's destruction at the start of the year

Join us on New Deridous as we carve our niche into this area of space. We will work together in building a viable colony on a remote planet. We will have a mix of military and civilian positions with an emphasis on the civilian colony.

We bring back old fashioned Role Playing and character development and interaction that can be difficult to maintain in a strictly military simulation.

Come now and join us as we truly, boldly go where no simulation has gone before.

For a complete history of the Colony please click HERE

For more Information e-mail the command team on

Commodore Derik Turner
Administrator, Serenity
New Deridous

Captain Ambler Furry
Tactical Commander, Camp Phoenix
New Deridous

To Join please go to The 6th Fleet Academy. NOTE: Current 6th Fleet members may join by e-mailing the Commanding, Executive and Second Officer, here.


ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We are back in service in 6th Fleet! We are rebuilding the simulation to "Get back to its Roots." If you are interested in making this colony great again let me know!!

January 2003 - New Fauna Discovered.

Crew and Civilian Resourses

Colony Manifest
NPC Manifest
Crew and Civilian Awards
Department and Organization Pages
Map of Colony Location and map of the Colony itself

Colony Resources

Planet and System Information
Colony History
Civilian Survival HandbookUnder Construction
Vehicles and Hoppers in use on the colony
Freighter run by Seamus McFadden
Plant and Animal LifeSloth Monkeys added

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