Aaron DeAngelis
"Captain Bob"

DeAngelisium Storefront
DeAngelis Industrial Urethanes & Moldings. Manufacturer of resin starship models.

Bad Attitude
My blog detailing my efforts to become a Private Pilot.

My Logbook
My logbook, online.

Inevitable Personal Profile
It's inevitable.

On the Bench: INSS MacArthur
From The Mote in God's Eye.

On the Bench: SSC Missile Frigate
A heavy ortillery scratchbash.

Domain of the Mighty Ten-12
Galleries and articles by those that work in the Chosen Scale of 1:2500

2500 Forums
The forum devoted to modelling in the Holy scale.

2500 List
Listing of plastic models, resin models, toys, and gaming minis in the Grand Scale.

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