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Helic Zenevas
Spiderzoid Hellrunner
Tyrannazoid Slitherzoid
Aquazoid Slime
Kannon Zunder
Stegazoid Hellcat
Kroc Redhorn The Terrible

This small Zoidzilla clip is viewable on Dreamcast browsers too!
Zoidzilla MPG 367kb

Blue Zoids 1982-87 Red Zoids 1982-87
Terrazoid Terrared
Mantazoid (119kb) Scarab
Blue Superzoids Red Superzoids
Kroc Slime
Trooperzoid (72kb) Z-Ray
Scorpozoid (kb) Zark

Blue Powerzoids Red Powerzoids
Tank Serpent

Blue Giant Zoids Red Giant Zoids
Great Gorgon (94kb) Mammoth the Destroyer
Mighty Zoidzilla (kb) Krark Prince of Darkness 100k
Gore the Lord Protector (84kb) Red Scavenger
Giant Zrk Redhorn the Terrible

Picture of my own zoids (jpg 55k)
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Other Zoids Pictures
Zoids Display jpg 60k
Zoids jpg 29k

Why Zoids
Zoids were one of my favourite toys, and I had a small collection back in the Eighties when they were on Sale in Scotland. They were plastic dinosaurs and creatures that had to be constructed by snapping together pieces and fittin caps on parts. The reason they were cool though was that they could move. The small ones had wind up motors and the bigger ones used batteries. Nowadays the name Zoids is assosiated with the Japanese Anime which features people and Zoids. There have been several computer games over the years featuring on such formats as Commodore, Spectrum, SNES, GameBoyColour, etc.

Credits and Useful Links (working when last checked - July 2007)
Tomy's Japanese Zoids Page

Phenotype's Zoids Site

Smeat's Zoids Site

Jeroen's Zoids Site


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Please note, I found a lot of the Zoids pictures when i first discovered the internet and didn't know about legal issues. Can't recall where i got them but they were all public domain. Apologies in advance if you are the original owner of any and if you would like a credit and/or link just email me.
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