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Cardassian Lap Dogs

Cardassian Union

Cardassians are a reptilian-like race from the planet Cardassia,also known as Cardassia Prime.Cardassians were once a peaceful and spirital race but because of their planet's poor resourses,that all changed.With the rise of the military to power,new territories were acquired through violence.Among the planets the Cardassians raped was the planet Bajor,near the wormhole to the Gamma quadrant.After over 60 years of fighting,Bajor liberated itself and sought the protection of the Federation.The old Cardassian strip mining station Terok Nor was acquired and remaned Deep Space Nine.Terok Nor also had a sister station named Emok Nor.DS9 is owned by Bajor but is administrated by the Federation,guarding Bajor and the wormhole from the Cardassians.Cardassians are a most dishonorable race,torturing innocents for the sheer pleasure.The Cardassian legal system is also without honor.Defendants are guilty until proven innocent and are not allowed to attend the trial until they are found guilty.In recent times the Cardassians have become even more hated by joining the Dominion,a alliance of planets bent on taking the Alpha quadrant.Although they are seen as puppets by the Dominion,the Cardassians seem to think that they will have a share of the conquered territories.Towards the end of the Dominion war Cardassia turned on it's Dominion allies and paid the price.Cardassian Prime was left in ashes and rebuilding will take years.Klingons and Cardassians are bitter enemies and due to their dishonorable and comtemptable ways,they are hated by most races in the galaxy.