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Maya Symbol of Movement

Movement Symbol From New Mexico

Movement Symbol, Gila River, Arizona

Highway Sign From 1920's

Navajo Sandpainting

In spite of our emotionally charged negative reaction to the symbol of movement, based on association with the atrocities of Hitler, most cultures have ancient references to the cross in motion. Sometimes it is shown rotating clockwise: other times, counterclockwise. The rotation of the cross is symbolic of universal energy and motion, including migrations of people and the motions of celestial bodies. It is the energy of the opposites in life- the Negative and the Positive, the Yin and the Yang, the Good and the Evil, that provide the power source for this rotation, and for the continuation of all life. This formula is fairly universal, with different applications, in different cultures.

Understanding the symbol of movement begins with the image of the simple cross. The cross represents the 4 sacred directions . Imagine this cross beginning to rotate (it always has been rotating, actually, as it represents all motion in the universe) It takes on "feet" like trails, at the end of the two lines. One of the two lines in the cross/swastika represents the physical, and the other the spiritual.

The vertical line provides an axis around which the horizontal cross rotates. The central line intersects the two horizontal lines, connecting the underworld with the upper world. On an individual level, the motion along this vertical path is the source of energy for individual/personal ascent to the beyond world. When applied to migrations, the north/south line is associated with the Milky Way (or pathway of the spirit people), while the East/West line is associated with the physical journey of this life; the journey being mostly from east (birth) to west (death).

Now we are going to make a quantum leap, from the individual/personal level of the cross/swastika, to the rotation of celestial bodies, including their relationship with each other in the "Big Picture". The Hopi have a cosmological view, which is common, in different formats, around the world. The Hopi say that Creation of the Universe began at a single point, and began to spread in all directions. The three dimensional cross (horizontal and vertical) had within it all possible directions and, in effect, became the entire universe. Add motion at the moment of creation ,when the lines of the cross begin to form, and this became the movement of life and the celestial system itself- everything then came into existence.

There is a both a positive and a negative way to interact with the natural motion. The Hopi have story involving Adolf Hitler, searching the world over for the “perfect emblem” to represent the Third Reich. Hitler sent anthropologists to many parts of the world to search for this perfect image. Eventually, he adopted the rotating cross/swastika. However, although advised by the Hopi in have it turn in the proper way (the direction of the sun, or positive energy) Hitler set his cross/swastika to turn in the wrong or negative direction of night. Color is also important. The celestial cross is depicted as red in color. Adolf Hitler chose to make his cross/swastika black; thereby prophesizing his own doom. The Third Reich Swastika did rise for a time, but fell soon after, literally burying itself into the ground.