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Who You Love


Endgame universe. Janeway and Nechayev form a relationship when Voyager returns to Earth. Feminist snark. (Janeway/Nechayev, PG-13)


Tarnished Armor (the ancient history redux)


Janeway narrates on a dead B’Elanna situation. It wasn’t my idea: a remix story, yo. (J, P/K, P/T, vague J/T, PG)




A companion piece to Putting the Bitch On. A crewman remembers Janeway’s career as an ensign. (J, OC, R)


Putting the Bitch On


Janeway thinks back on her career. (J, PG)

Mother Tongue

Janeway, Seven and the pitfalls of spoken language. (J/7, PG)


Do you feel something? Janeway/Torres, between Extreme Risk and Nothing Human. (J/T, PG-13)


Janeway helps Tuvok through his Pon Farrs. Set in the Endgame universe. (J/Tu, PG-13)

Lost Years

Miral Paris reflects on her sister's disabilities. Written for Ventura33's Neurodiversity challenge. (Miral, OC, T, PG)

Family Value

Gretchen Janeway wonders where she and her eldest went wrong. (Gretchen, J, PG)


During Endgame, the Borg Queen goes through Admiral Janeway's memories. (Admiral J/Borg Queen, R)

Concerning Flight

Janeway and Chakotay take a trip to the beach. Happyfic written for my beta, Djinn. And decently long, as well. (J/C, PG)


Immediate post-Shattered cruelty. Janeway and Chakotay drink cider. Third place in the 2004 ASC Awards for Janeway Pairing! (J/C, PG)

Numbering the Stars

After Voyager gets home, Janeway reconnects with Owen Paris. Written for the Janeway Fest. A longish story. (J/Owen, PG-13) Director's Commentary

Gray Mode

Neelix deals with melting crewmembers during Course: Oblivion. (J/N, R)

Two Lives

A pair of deadletters. Janeway and Chakotay write each other after her death in Repression. (J/C, PG)

Ashes of Soldiers (the war stories remix)

Janeway reflects on her relationships with Owen and Tom Paris. Written for the Remix/Redux II. (J/Owen, J/P, R)


During the war with Cardassia, Janeway attempts to understand her CO. (J/Owen, R)

Shared Fate

Kashyk thinks about Janeway. (J/Ka, R)

Mother Crazed

Has Janeway become a mother to the crew? Third Place in the 2003 ASC Awards, Single Person! (J, PG)

Out of Sight

Janeway and Picard meet before she goes out for the Admiralty. (J/Picard, PG-13)

Past Time

Lwaxana Troi helps Janeway out with a few of her demons. (J/Lwaxana, NC-17)

Every Word a Star

A Telfer/Celes deadletter fic. (Telfer/Celes, PG)

Rapture of the Deep

B'Elanna visits Janeway post Alice, and tries to form a connection with the Captain. (J/T, PG)


Janeway and Chakotay's fraying relationship... (J/C, PG)


B'Elanna Angst. (T, P/T, PG-13)

Songs Never Written

Janeway contemplates Seven and Chakotay's relationship. (C/7, J/C, J/7, PG)


Janeway family portrait. A beach, distorted by time. (J, J/Justin, J/Mark, PG)

Imperfect Communion

Janeway and Picard. Some inner pain and inner turmoil. (J/Picard, R)

A Long Night

Janeway and Chakotay have dinner together. (J/C, PG)


A rather dark portrait of Janeway back in San Franciso. (J, PG)


Janeway and the Doctor pal around at Seven and Chakotay's wedding. (C/7, J/C, J/Doc, PG-13)



A Janeway music video set to Gold Dust Woman.


Yet another Endgame-centric video, this time set to Fallen.


An action filled Janeway video.

Janeway mood set

For livejournals, etc. Twenty-seven 80x60 pixel pictures. Stuffed with Aladdin's DropStuff, let me know if there are issues. Windows users (I am not one) should rename to .zip, I think.

Non-Voyager Fic:

Five Things Sam Carter Shouldn’t Do in Uniform

Sam commits five uniform violations in one day. Stargate: SG-1 (Sam/Janet, PG-13)

Early Formation

Janet takes some stupid chances during her initial training. (Janet/f, R)

Drowning Machine

Mulder and Scully search the Potomac. The X-Files. (M/S, UST, PG)

Queen of Spices

After the events in the movie, Landy visits Bourne in India. The Bourne Supremacy (Landy, Bourne, G)

Penny Catechism

It's easier to study the incomprehensible when it's spelled out as for a child. Joan of Arcadia (Joan, God, G)


The Janeway Fest

The fest I ran, now complete with ten stories!

The Archipelago of Angst

In the unlikely event that you haven't found it previously, go read. Now.

Alex Voy's Fic

Lots of Janeway. Go visit.


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