My Original Songs

My newest Creation as of 11/11/02.
This one's good too.
I call it Deepest Mood
My first Song
Very short song, but, it's very fun.
No name yet, but, it's an old tune my dad and I messed with. one of my favorites!
Over the rainbow, just a start. It's my own arangment.
I called it cat's on a rainy day.... don't know why
*New* My best song ever, song 9
*New* Variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (12/2)
best song 9 special edition, new ending
This would be number 12. it's 2min 20seconds long. it's in a rock style.
Written in 7 sharps. Short, but good.
Another Simple Tune My Dad and I did. Unfinished.
Another Favorite, It has a slow dance feel.
This is a new version of The First tune my Dad and i wrote. The change: Drums were added.
New *3/26* A sax Quartet! sort of
New *4/13* A quintet of 5 odd intstruments. Short but good.
New *4/13* Another quintet with the same 5 instruments. Longer, and better.
New *4/13* Just flowers and Leaves, for my friend's musical. A lullaby.
New *4/14* FINISHED Over The Rainbow Arrangement.
New*8/10/2003* The Contemporary Creation Day 3 (not finished)
Magnetic Poetry, the best song so far (written also by Amy)
Mega Man x3, ending music, done to taste. I'll say, it tastes good.

Megaman x2 redo

Tango to Evora, didn't write it, but, we're singing it in Main Street

*November 4th, 2003* The newest thing to come out of my head. Classical overtones, and frankly just a nice peice (might neeed work)

*12/3/03* The Clarinet Ditty (30 sec, unfinished)

*12/3/03* Titled Disonense, it's weird!


*12/3/03* "The Toy March", an interesting song, sort though

*12/3/03* You Game Show nuts might recognize this song

*12/17/03* PIANO piece, REALLY COOL check it, word

NEW *12/22/03* NOT TO SAY GOODBYE; the most moving peice I can think of right now

*2/5/04* Music from Super Mario in an ... interesting techno format. enjoy!

*7/9/04* Clockwork: I declare this my best song ever!