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Sub Drop, its not as bad as you think...

Sub drop is that feeling of "having the blues" that some submissives/slaves/bottoms get after a good night of scening or playing. The sub drop has no bearing on whether or not the scene or play was good or was even enjoyed, and is no reflection on the Top or how well they provided aftercare.

Although the lack of aftercare can attribute to sub drop. It is a general feeling of lethargy, sadness, loneliness, hopelessness, and sometimes even worthlessness. It can be as simple as just feeling a bit down. Subs will often question things in their minds, like whether or not they are a good enough sub, whether or not they should be in the lifestyle, and even their worth as a human or their purpose of being on earth (real extreme on the last)

Sub drop usually sets in anytime from the morning after to a few days later. Commonly the more intense the scene or play, the longer it takes sub drop to set in, sub drop tends to sneak up on a sub without warning signs. They simply may just wake up feeling kinda blue. Other times they may be energetic and in good spirits but then suddenly become very quiet and self reflective. Subs who are experiencing sub drop will often outwardly appear very calm and relaxed. Some get very depressed; some will be cranky or grumpy to those around them. Subs who have experienced sub drop can many times identify with it right off in others when they have it as well.

Sub drop usually lasts 1-3 days, the more intense the play or scene, the longer the sub may stay in "the drop". Most subs agree that one of the most important things they need in a time of sub drop is the company of their Dominant/Master/Mistress and a lot of reassurance and security. A lot of subs say that the following ways help them deal with sub drop: keeping a journal about all the unorganized feelings they are having, drinking plenty of fluids, eating healthy, and getting enough exercise and rest, talking about the scene or play, some even just need time away to themselves to reflect. Some need blankets, stuffed animals, or just anything of security that will comfort them. Some even need a light play or scene to pull them out.

Sub drop seems to go away as quickly as it appears and they will suddenly feel normal and up to par. She/he may feel a bit silly or embarrassed about having neglecting responsibilities for the past few days and most probably won't admit these feelings out loud, but try to compensate by doing more for a few days. They may need reassured that what they have been feeling is normal, and that their Top is glad to see them back to par.

Sub drop seems more common after play with a casual partner. New types of play, or extremely intense play. Subs should learn how to identify whey they are experiencing and try to figure out how to deal with it in a healthy way. Tops should try to learn to id it as well and ask specific questions on what is needed to bring their sub out of the "drop".

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