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    Scott's Casualties.

1.    First casualty was Dennis Leary at Columbus, Kentucky - Fall, 1861 - arm amputated.

2.    Shiloh casualties - 20 wounded, 0 killed. Includes Lt. Scott (musket ball in the neck) and  Lt. McDavitt (grazed in head).

3.    At Murfreesboro Corporal A.J. Townsend and one other killed, several wounded.

4.    At Chickamauga Lt. Marsh was wounded - refusing to have his arm amputated it never healed. He refuses a discharge by Gen. Johnson, served as chief of Artillery on Gen. Strahl's staff but was killed at Franklin Nov. 30, 1863. Marsh was buried at Ashwood.

5.    At Missionary Ridge (Nov. 30, 1863) the battery was surrounded and captured. The men "literally hewn down at their pieces, dying at their posts while attempting to discharge their guns." Many were killed or died of wounds. Many were prisoners but few escaped.

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