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*Merry Meet*

Please enjoy your visit here. Feel free to roam about.

Take what you need and feel free to share.

The Library

Research, Books of Shadows, Search Site, and Library Submissions

Temple of the Animals

Animal Totems, Animal Healing, Anything Animal

The Kitchen

Recipes to warm the heart and fill the tummy, Recipe Submission

The Family Room

Family Book of Comments, Message Boards, Tell a Friend, Barter List, Events, Free Rainbow Greetings, Game(s), Order from one of our Many affiliates


The Healing Room

The Burden Basket, Healing Book of Shadows

The Garden

Planting Rituals, Herbal Information

The Moon Room

Moon Phases, Lunar Magick, Moon Spells, Moon Names

Dragon's Lair


Graphic is ©Robin Wood

The Rainbow Room

Lessons of colors, chakras, Witchcraft and Wicca 101, and more


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