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from Guy Alan Bockmon's 1997 book

E. R. Doolittle, banker and one of Madison's leading civic leaders, made a prediction in which he prophesied a great future for Madison. "Watch us grow!" (1931).

Proposed corporate limits.

The "Heart of Madison" about 1947. The aerial photo shows: [A] what either was or was not smoke from a coal-fired, north-bound locomotive on the tracks beyond which lie not much more than open fields; [B] the Cartwright place, where within ten years Madison Square Shopping Center would come to be and to the south of which lie open fields; [C] City Road Chapel across the Pike from the semi-circlular driveway of the Presbyterian Church; [D] Stratton School and, behind the building, part of the original Madison Horse Show ring; [E] Madison Street, between the bank and Estes Texaco; [F] the Madison Theatre; [G] Harris Street; [H] Walker's Branch; [I] Harrington Street; and [J] Neely's Bend Road.

The Gallatin Pike bridge over the tracks (1952).

Aerial view, The Tennessean 22 May 1955.

Madison Square, opened September 1956. "Yesterday's orchard became 'a magificent example of modern structural design'".

With river access a drawing card, farms on Neeley's Bend became subdivisions to which came families to which came children.

from The COMMUNITY NEWS, 1 November 1956,
"Neely's Bend School Anticipates Growth"

Neely's Bend School, ideally located in the bend of the river, is anticipating the addition of four new rooms...

The future looks bright in the bend of the river for there will be a great recreation center with a boat dock and swimming pool located at the end of Neely's Bend, and skiing, swimming, boating and fishing bringing more residents to the expanding area...

Very special thanks to our friend, Guy Alan Bockmon.

Hillbilly Day 1959 | Montague Beach

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