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MHS Lives! Oct. 5, 2002

back to school!


Formerly the MHS Alumni Association, now devoted to just plain fun folks.

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Please ask your class representative(s) to contact the Madison High School Alumni Association, P. O. Box 836, Madison, Tennessee 37116, or this website:, so information about your class reunion may be published and advertised.

Class of 1973 Reunion PhotosAug 16

2002 All Class Reunion

more new '02 foto-additions!


The 1972 Reunion was held Saturday August 24, 2002 at the Banquet Hall of Nashville, in Metro Center Fountain Square Food Court. Photos HERE!

Annual Awards Dinner and Meeting
took place Saturday July 20, 2002 at
Pleasant Green in Goodlettsville.

"Alma Mater"         (Hear MP3 here)

Standing proudly there before us,
With your glory all around;
Truth and justice be your watchword,
And may you in love abound.

Open wide your doors of knowledge
Welcome all who enter here;
Gain in wisdom, joy and honor.
Stand for all we hold most dear.


Madison High we love you dearly;
Proudly do we hail your name;
May your name go on before us
Into life's great hall of fame.

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Alumni Personnel Available to Assist You

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Myron Bryant class of '67
Sandra Hollingsworth class of '61
Tim Watrous class of '57 (615) 859-6583
Bob Young class of '63 (615) 851-4622
Betty Parks Dickens class of '65 (615) 824-5126
Jerry Armour class of '66 (615) 865-4977
Janet Blackmore Lester class of '85
Dick Davisclass of '64(615) 384-7026

Anyone having any photo material you'd like to see on this site, feel free to email the images. We need pictures! Especially scans from MHS Ram annual yearbooks!!

WANTED: 1970 Yearbook! Write asap.

since 2 july 2002

Madison High School

MHS Assembly
Madison Gym, late 1969
L/R: Billy Troy Graves, Arthel Neville, Roger Ferguson, Stan Goad, Stevie Moore & Randy Scruggs