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Luftwaffe Field Divisions - Then

Below are thumbnail images of photos depicting ground troops of the Luftwaffe.  Not all are easily recognizable as Luftwaffe field division members.  However, all most certainly saw action as infantry.  Included in the fourth row of the images is one photo of three members of the Hermann Göring Division.  It was added because of the uniqueness of the uniforms that the three are wearing.  It is the only verifiable photo that I have ever found showing the wear of the Luftwaffe version of the M43 feldbluse in combat.

011602.jpg 012501.jpg 022602.jpg 022606.jpg 05082.jpg 070201.jpg 070207.jpg
091804_scan0096.jpg 10705.jpg 121307.jpg 121308.jpg 121701.jpg 121702.jpg 121703.jpg
122102.jpg 122109.jpg 16feld.jpg 16feld2.jpg 16Feld3.jpg 818lwcamo.jpg drill.jpg
drill1.jpg drill2.jpg drill3.jpg drill4.jpg feldfarb.jpg File0001.jpg grave.jpg
italy.jpg kurland.jpg lfd16.jpg luft1.jpg luftprisoner.jpg LWGebirg.jpg lwkonvolut6.jpg
LWSoldier.jpg mp.jpg mp1.jpg mp2.jpg mp3.jpg mp4.jpg Normandie43.jpg
officer.jpg officer1.jpg original.jpg originala.jpg originali.jpg scan.jpg scan215.jpg
scan260.jpg scan76.bmp scanc.jpg scand.jpg scane.jpg scanf.jpg scanj.jpg
scank.jpg scanm.jpg scann.jpg scano.jpg scanp.jpg trop.jpg winter1.jpg
trop10.jpg trop11.jpg trop12.jpg trop2.jpg trop3.jpg trop5.jpg trop6.jpg
trop7.jpg trop8.jpg trop9.jpg winter.jpg xmas.jpg winterxmas.jpg 30lwmencamo.jpg
19lfd3.jpg 19lfd4.jpg 19lfd5.jpg 30camojack.jpg 30exhausted.jpg Feld3.jpg shovel.jpg
19lfd.jpg attachment.jpg lwfd1.jpg traction.jpg feld8.jpg


feld10.jpg feld11.jpg feld12.jpg feld13.jpg feld14.jpg feld15.jpg feld16.jpg
feld17.jpg feld18.jpg feld19.jpg feld2.jpg feld4.jpg feld5.jpg feld6.jpg
feld23.JPG feld24.JPG feld25.JPG feld26.JPG feld27.JPG feld28.JPG feld29.JPG
Bunker.jpg Rubberboots.jpg Grenade.jpg FDofficer.jpg Netted_M43.jpg Wolchow.jpg Cart.jpg
feld30.JPG Cart1.jpg            

Through research performed by several members of the forum Wehrmacht-Awards, several photos have been identified showing 5. Luftwaffen Feld Division and possibly its commander.  These photos have been provided to me through the courtesy of Bill Petz.  The photos were taken along the Crimean Peninsula.

petz.jpg petz1.jpg petz2.jpg petz3.jpg
petz4.jpg petz5.jpg petz6.jpg petz7.jpg

Jason von Zerneck has been kind enough to provide some additional identifed photos of 9.Luftwaffen Feld Division dug in along the coast of the Eastern Front.

vonz9.jpg vonz91.jpg vonz92.jpg

Despite being mainly horse-drawn units, many of the field divisions had a unit of self-propelled guns.  These were typically the Stug III.  Below are photos of Stugs that were used by field divisions on the Eastern Front.  The fifth photo with several Stugs in it are badged with the emblem of 5. Luftwaffen Feld Division.  The first four photos are of 6. Luftwaffen Feld Division.  In the fourth photo, the commanding general of 6. Luftwaffen Feld Division (Generalleutnant Rüdiger von Heyking) and the commanding general of II. Lw.Feldkorps (General der Flieger Alfred Schlemm) are visible (Schlemm is just off-center in leather great coat and peaked cap with head down; von Heyking is in the background in front of the StuG with leather greatcoat and peaked cap facing the camera).  These photos and information were provided courtesy of Jason Von Zerneck.  

lfd10.jpg lfd11.jpg lfd12.jpg lfd13.jpg vonz.jpg vonz2.jpg

Below is one of the best series of photos that I have had the fortune to find on the StuG abtelung of a Luftwaffe field division.  Based upon the officer's identification, it has been determined that all of the following photos are from the 21.Feld Division (Lw) on the Russian Front.  Note in the two group photos the mix of Luftwaffe and Heer uniform components.

feld31.JPG feld32.JPG feld33.JPG stug.JPG stug1.JPG
stug2.JPG stug3.JPG stug4.JPG stug5.JPG stug6.JPG
stug7.JPG stug8.JPG stug9.JPG    

I would like to acknowledge the following additional individuals for providing photos for this webpage:  Jack Angolia, Chris Guillon, Sven Marsch, Edwin and many others who I am sure that I have forgotten.  Without their assistance, I would not have been able to provide this reference.