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Armed Response Training Academy

Education, Training & Experience

Armed Response Training Academy is owned and operated by Jamie Spaulding. Jamie believes the surest way to combat violent crime and preserve liberty is to promote the private ownership of firearms. He is committed to teaching the safe and responsible use of firearms, both for sport and personal protection, to ordinary citizens. Though the Tennessee Handgun Permit class is the most requested class, Armed Response offers all the NRA Basic Marksmanship classes as well as the NRA Personal Protection, Home Firearm Safety, Metallic Cartridge Reloading and Shotshell Reloading classes. For more experienced shooters Armed Response offers Advanced Tactical Pistol, Advanced Concealed Carry, and Low Light and Night Firing. Jamie is also available for public speaking to your civic organization or community club. Email Jamie to sign up for a class or to order our popular T-Shirts!


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